The ways employees steal thread

I was talking to someone from a different shop and was amazed at how nieve he was towards theff.
I wanted to put together a thread on employee theft and ways to combat it.

Having a front end person in business with kitchen person. This is easy. The order goes in half and the kitchen help makes entire order and they split the difference. A lot of times, registers have a far left coin slot that doesn’t get used. Instead they throw in a penny for every $5 scammed so they know at the end how much to skim.

Always check that far left for items like pennies and take note


I’m making an effort to step back from my store to quit micromanaging and, instead, be a decent father and husband. I just finished installing a new CCTV system with internal DVR, night vision, motion detection for off hours, color cameras with expanded peripheral vision and online access. I can review every transaction, watch the late night slice operation for freebies and any customer actions really easily. Throw in a decent inventory system and you should be pretty much set.

What camera system did you get? I’m looking at getting one soon and if you have a recommendation I would love to hear it.

You can get an education on some amazing ways your employees can steal from this book: … 937&sr=8-4

Talk about an eye-opener! Amazon is out of stock but I’m sure you can get it elsewhere.

Free food is my biggest fear. People tend to think taking food home for family/friends or giving discounts isn’t stealing.

I’m just happy I have only family working with me right now. When they take food, I don’t feel bad. I just tell them take it easy on the expensive items. … ss_product

I already had an old system with all the cables run, so it was a pretty easy job. Even if I would have had to run the cables though, I could have done it in an afternoon without any help. The peace of mind after just one day (installed it yesterday) is priceless. Not having to pop in a VHS tape every 8 hours is nice too.

On the stealing process… I remember one from when I delivered pizza many many years ago. I refuse to admit nor deny being involved… but a lot of drivers carried “extra” coupons with them too use when customers did not have their own. I know most of you ask and put it in the system when the order comes in…but how many get too the door and the customer hands you a $3 off coupon at the last minute? This was way before POS systems but I am sure could still be done quite easily. Might just want too look at your drivers and coupon redemption a little closer! :idea:

Why do you have thread in a pizza place anyway?

That was pretty darn funny :lol: