Using facebook?

Friends are telling me to creat a Facebook fan page for my store and use it to communicate specials, help wanted etc etc

Anybody doing this?

We started a page a few weeks back once we finally had official news we were in fact going to start this project. It’s been a great (GREAT) interest generator. We’re a small town of 3500, as you’ll see we’re around 300 “fans” currently in just a matter of weeks and everywhere I go in town people are commenting on a post so I know it’s been looked at.

We popped a couple of notices when it was time to start looking for applicants, in the last week we’ve taken in over 50 from Facebook contacts alone. About 6 of them worth considering, but that’s the way it goes!

We’ll continue to use FB as a way to drop in “secret” specials etc. just to keep the interest up. … 493?ref=ts

Well…I’ve got a bit of experience w/Facebook…Fanpages are one aspect, but Groups & Friends are best used to better inform/message…we run an event 5/6 times a week + post it on our fan page 2…I reckon it depends on your market, but a Fanpage has some limitations, but ALL business s/have a Facebook presence…we’ve got 2K Fans and nearly that many Friends…the upper limit is 5K for Friends/Group members

I plan on creating one soon. Golden Knights Pizza (who is also a Think Tank Member) has done a really nice job with their Facebook page:

They have even incorporated their online ordering.

Go gets you a vanity url Rockstar! I found out how to do it - the explanation is here: Re: facebook.

These threads had some good stuff on facebooking: facebook[/url] and [url=]The Power of Facebook…

It’s the best permission-based marketing out there (and it is completely free). I prefer to be “informative” with my page. My #1 competitor takes the “spammy” approach by having contests and playing games (or maybe that’s just being entertaining and I’m just an old fuddy). Anyway you approach it, it can be tailored to your market and your personality.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s completely free?

OK… we got started… Picked up about 50 fans the first day. … 973?ref=ts

we are up to almost 1K fans…,if you are just getting started hows about a FREE PIZZA, etc for every 50th fan as a way to boost your exposure

We just put up ours after a couple of lame tries. We got 80 fans the first couple days. I’m going to do some contests and giveaways for Facebook fans exclusively to try and rack up a huge fan base. IT"S FREE! And there is a ton of people who are on Facebook everyday. And people love to have their opinions heard. I was a bit nervous at first about people with grudges posting bad stuff, but as in other opportunities for the same situation there has never been anyone doing that. It really boosts our staffs enthusiasm as well, and I’m going to encourage our servers and cooks to start posting stuff and interact with our guests as well. It’s a win, win, win, situation. My staff will have a larger sense of ownership by contributing to the page, the guests can offer suggestions and menu wishes, we can monitor trends in our local market and so on, and son on. I have overheard someone in our local grocery store in line to check out ask the person in front of them, “hey, what’s that on your I-phone?” The person replied, “Hannah Bananas just started a Facebook page, our kids love that place, and now they are going to have contests to give a way food and stuff.” And then continued to give us a FREE testimonial about our restaurant to a perfect stranger. Freakin’ amazing.


Now go get a Vanity URL so you can make flyers telling people to check you out at instead of the mess of an address facebook assigns you to start with.

More like who isn’t using facebook…

Has anyone used the Wildfire Promotions application yet?

It looks interesting.

We started a FB page a few months ago. Tried messing around with Wildfire, thought it was free until I finished the registration. After getting tons of “how’s it going” emails I deleted the application.

After 5 days we are up to 150 fans and have gotten the vanity url. Thanks for that idea. Getting some more good ones too surfing some of the other sites mentioned.

Thanks guys.

Well, now it has been six full days and we are up to 240 fans. My goal is 1000 fans by the end of February. We are doing facebook ads to drive fans and a couple of face book promos to get fans to recommend our page to others. So far, so good.

I’m opening in the next few days (Health inspection is tomorrow) and have already accumulated 400 fans. I need to get the Vanity set up but for now it’s linked off my site. A few of my observations:

  1. Start a Twitter account and link Facebook to it. This gives you exposure to the Twitter users as well. Granted there aren’t as many BUT they tend to be 1. Older 2. More affluent 3. More receptive to Tweets/Updates.
  2. WORK IT. It is free, but the Facebook generation wants real interaction. This requires a time commitment. I disagree somewhat with Brad Randall’s approach (I think). The worst facebook sites are the ones that just blast specials out to fans as if it were an ordinary advertising mediums. The most successful reach out to fans for real input on the operation, decor, menu items, specials etc (in addition to blasting specials and informing people of your products). In support of Brad Randall’s position, I did put out an update one time about the quality of our cheese v. other pizzerias (explaining how Grande uses Grade A milk without fillers, etc.). I received lots of positive feedback and got several Retweets from people who had not ever otherwise participated.
  3. Be careful with FBML if you decide to do it. I’m looking into it but want to avoid looking too commercial. I think that if your FB page is just a mock-up of your website, you detract from the purpose.
  4. Definitely give free pies to next 50th or 100th fan. I started giving pies to every 100 fan at 200. I also give a free pie to the referring person. Remember that it become somewhat exponential - now I have 400 fans blasting requests out to all their friends instead of 300 (and so forth). I posted yesterday at 389 fans and already have 415 as of this morning.

I don’t know yet if this will payoff in sales, but I sure hope so. I know it’s been useful in getting my business set up.


How do you track who the 50th or 100th fan is and how do you know who referred them?

Its not too difficult to figure out who the 500th - 600th fan is because as the admin you get a list as to who has joined and in what order. Figuring our who referred that person? I would like to here some input on that also.

Oh, here’s mine

I joined your page a few days ago. Try not to overpost on FB, it can come off spamy. I try and limit it to 1-2 a day.

Figuring our who referred that person? I would like to here some input on that also.

I just ask. So far it has not been an issue.