Utter Newbie with a Sommerset sheeter question.

I’ve purchased a pre-owned CDR2000 and it works great, but I’m having trouble zoning in on where I’m supposed to be setting each of the rollers to get the results I’m looking for. The best I can find in the users’ manual is one usually “doubles” the setting of the primary roller when adjusting the secondary.

Any help in guiding me where I want to start with settings. We’re using it to do Tom’s “NY thin” style dough and will do a 12, 14 and 16" pie.

Sounds like you are wanting to make a N.Y. style pizza. The way we teach this, using a sheeter, is to sheet the dough out to roughly 2/3 of the desired diameter, then finish it by hand tossing to the desired diameter. This allows for a very nice raised edge, while maintaining a uniform thickness across the center of the pizza. As for the settings, there is no hard and fast rule as there are just too many differences in the dough. We set up a sheeter to roughly give us the targeted diameter, or just a little less, in length from the first pass. This will give you a long thin dough piece that is just a little short of the desired diameter in length. Then set the second set of rolls so that when the dough piece is turned 90-degrees, and passed through the sheeting rolls, it comes out nearly round at the desired diameter. If you sheet the dough out to the full diameter you won’t get that nice raised edge on the finished pizza.
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Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor