Wages and payroll %

What is everyone paying their:
Counter Help, pizza makers, cooks, prep/dishwashers?

And what is your target payroll %? With minimum wage increases I feel the need to bump up wages all around. Also beginning to expect more for my money.

How are you calculating your payroll? I am an owner/operator so I include my salary. Any other thoughts. Thanks as always

Currently right now i shoot for 18 to 20% labor. I am also an owner operator and that is without my salary included (Revention does not handle salary well so i just set my pay to $0.00). We have a local min wage of $9.30 that by law goes up $0.90 each year until 2020, then it will be tied to inflation. If inflation is negative, the new law forbids the min wage from going down.

I pay all my drivers min wage now, insiders get anywhere from $9.75 to $11.00, Ast managers/shift runners get $12.00 at the moment (managers and shift runners get bonuses). Now my store is a bit different as we have a tip jar that pull in on average an extra $2.00 or more for each inside employee. So in reality my insiders are making at min $11.75 and managers are making $16.00 or more an hour.

All of these values will of course change next year, and the year after that. If you do not give all of your employee’s above min wage at least a pay bump equal to the min wage raise, then you have effectively cut their pay by that amount.

Because of this new reality, twice a year (jan and june) i re-evaluate my menu pricing and coupons. As labor goes up, food costs have to go down to maintain my profit margin. If we do not maintain our profit margins, we do not stay in business. Getting customers to understand this seems a daunting task sometimes.

(as a side note, 5 years ago my labor goal was 12 to 14%, ahh how times have changed)

We currently run 35%. That includes all people at the store level and the commissary bottom to top. Also includes payroll taxes, workers comp insurance and health insurance. Insiders and drivers make $11 to $13. Crew Leads make $13 to $15. Assistant managers make $15 to $18. Assistant GMs make 40K to 70K and GMs make 70K to 150K.

Our minimum wage is going up $1 a year for the next 5 years so its going to get interesting paying young kids $18 hour. They way I have it mapped out our labor is going to go up 3% and our food cost is going to drop 3%.

I think if the economy stay goods people will pay the extra. If the economy tanks like it did in 2008 we are in trouble.

Hi d9phoenix,

Revention does handle salary. You can spread the weekly salaries across each week by operating hours to evenly distribute the fixed cost. The salaries will then be factored into your hourly and daily labor reports as well as the dashboard. Customer Service can assist you with the set up. If you have additional ideas on reporting salary, feel free to reach out to me directly.

Yes i know how the system works. It just does not work well, that is why i said i do not use it.

haha! You know what else doesn’t work very well?? REVENTION! We have it at both of our stores and we have problems weekly…

If you look into a new system, be sure to check out speedline

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Oh i still have problems, and one that has not been fixed in over 3 years thru 5 different updates. I have just managed to work around them … for the most part.

What problems do you have with Revention? Do you pay for the montly support?

Got a call from Revention today because they saw what I posted. Haha. Private message me and I’ll give you the run down and answer any questions you may have. Yes, we pay, I believe around $1000 a year to be able to call for assistance 24-7 and that’s a bargain for how often we need help!

We have 13 stores using Revention for many years. I can’t remember the last time we called support for anything.

So you work part time for Revention I’m guessing??

Replying anonymously does not give me confidence you are who you say you are. More then likely you are the Revention employee who has been calling me after this thread started, or given my contact info by the person who is doing this.

And honestly, this is the worst possible way to build customer trust. Most of the other POS vendors on this site use a registered account and they are up front about what they do.

“Kevin” from Revention contacted us today and was ridiculously argumentative and rude. Literally said he would stop our service in the conversation because he was caught in several lies. We have invested over $80,000 in to the company and when my GM asked him 4 times who the customer was in this situation he never once said it was our restaurant… completely ridiculous. Revention was a problem before but “Kevin” is the biggest D-bag I’ve ever come across in this business. I’m in no position to tell Revention how to do their job but if we ever encounter this dick ever again or hear that he’s still employed there we will move on next March at the Pizza expo.

I know for a fact @Registered Guest is not a Revention employee. He has been a member of this forum since 2007 and has posted over 1000 times. If memory serves me correctly he took that handle back when the forum was in its wild west infancy and posts could be made by anyone who happened to find the forum. He beat someone else to the handle. If you are interested here is the thread where he makes his debut:

Represent yourself! After what I experienced with Revention recently, I don’t trust any of it. Take the time to make a profile…

Actually no. I don’t work for Revention. If you search my 10 years of posts here, you will see that I’ve been critical of Revention just as often as I’ve “defended” them.

I don’t doubt any of that.

Look, I’m no Revention groupie or employee. You posted that you have to call support at least twice a week for something. I posted that I haven’t had to call support for anything in years. Those are 2 extremes for sure - so the average person reading this should expect something in between if they are using Revention.

IMO, Revention is sort of like a giant Swiss Army knife. Sometimes it has the tool you want, sometimes the tool you want it there but doesn’t quite work like you want it to - or as advertised. Sometimes the tool you need is missing. It is big, expensive, and obviously popular. It is what it is.

I’m not replying any more anonymously that you are. Well, maybe a little since you have a website link. Odd that after all this time that you would think I was a Revention employee though.

My name comes from years ago when people who posted without being registered would get “Unregistered Guest” put under the name that they chose to post by. After some heated delivery driver discussion, during which my posts were often dismissed by others because I wasn’t registered - I registered with the name “Registered Guest”.

And suddenly my posts were taken as gospel and I’ve amassed 1000’s of loyal followers all over the world! (ok, not really)

Of course you aren’t a Revention employee. I was being sarcastic. Could you give me an idea of what your stores sales are per week on average? You private message it if you aren’t comfortable sharing publicly. We are trying to determine if volume is the issue. Thanks

@Registered Guest Well i do apologize then. And like you i have had good and bad experiences with Revention. But as Nate reported i got call from Kevin also, and his first voicemail said i was scheduled for “disconnect” and to immediately call him back.

When i did call him, i had to leave a voicemail. Then yesterday he called me and i had time to answer. He immediately went to discussing this thread. I politely told him i wasn’t interested in talking to him and ended the call. He then called me right back after i hung up and i sent it to voicemail.

I am actually in the middle of changing my CC processor over and knew that my account was not scheduled for “disconnect.” He lied plain and simple to get me to answer the phone or call him back.

I do not mind if they call me or message me about messages i leave in public about their system, but what has happened with Kevin is beyond imaginable. Next time i talk to my account rep i going to file a complaint about this incident.