I currently have a website and it looks old and out dated.

I want to develope a new site that will compliment our 45 year old business.

Anyone out there have any recommendations? Have a great site and want to share it with us and let us know who constructed it. We don’t want to build our own…If everyone did everything for them selves, like make pizza we would all be out of a job… :smiley:



Our website is developed and maintained internally so I can’t comment on personal experience but one of my favorite pizza shop websites is:
From looking at the bottom of the site, there is a link to the company that designed it:
I would suggest getting in touch with them and seeing if their prices are reasonable for you. I’d also always suggest shopping around.

When I have looked for website design companies in the past, I have found the strategy I mentioned to be very effective. Just find sites that you think are well designed and look down in the very bottom for a link to the designer. Good luck!

I am very happy with my own website and all the other websites that CFM Concepts has done for their customers. I looked at all the websites that they did before choosing them. I think the price was $1200 for a five page design. It looks fresh and clean. They work with you to get your vision and concept across to your customers

I would bet that’s a $15k website – at least. Obviously prices are all over the map but based on some of the companies I have talked to that develop such sites . . .

check out

They do an awesome job and are pretty affordable. A friend of mine owns the company. They’ve also just come out with a content management program that makes it easy for anyone to make their own website. It works just like a word processor. I’ve tried a demo version and it is really simple to use. The package deals start at $49 a month and include: domain name registration, hosting with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, email marketing (similar to Constant Contact) Check it out at:

The company owner’s name is Rich. Tell him his friend Roger referred him to you and I’m sure he’ll hook you up.

While I do really like this site I have been told that it is unwise to do flash websites especially in todays world with the new mobile phones (you cut down the available users I may be wrong please chime in if anyone knows different or have an opinion as I am doing a complete top to bottom remake and input is always the key

Every link I click on this website requires time to load on my computer, and its not like I have an ancient Commodore 64 or something. I have absolutely zero patience for any website that makes me wait at each and every link. If someone spent big money to have a website that is designed in such a way as to get users like me to exit the site, I would say they got ripped off.

The one feature that I really like with this website that is missing from most that I see is a full printable menu that won’t leave you with a wet sloppy piece of paper and an empty ink cartridge. Their downloaded menu has their logo in color and the rest in black ink with no background color.

Most of the stuff included is pretty basic things that can be done cheap or even for free. I certainly wouldn’t spend that much on a site I had to make myself.

While I agree that the site I posted a link to is probably a very expensive site, it does not mean that the design company does not offer less expensive options. I like looking at good sites and finding out who developed them because it shows what they are capable of.
Rockstar: There is some validity to your comment about Flash websites. It really depends on your budget because you can usually make a mobile version of the site that will render automatically based on the device accessing it. My personal opinion is that Flash websites are nice for “brochure-type” sites. This is opposed to an e-commerce site where navigation, load time, and functionality are paramount.


I totally agree with you. Anytime I am out of town I do all of my pizza research/ordering with my smartphone - if there isn’t an available menu for me to look at I order from/go somewhere else.

I do agree with your strategy of looking for other sites and tracking th developer. I have found a few times through others’ experiences that developers who can do fancy-shmancy, expensive sites are not automatically talented in less elaborate projects. Elegance through Simplicity is usually a separate art from coming uot big and flashy.

I have found a few times through others’ experiences that developers who can do fancy-shmancy, expensive sites are not automatically talented in less elaborate projects. Elegance through Simplicity is usually a separate art from coming uot big and flashy.

Good point Nick. That is definitely something to consider.

Not sure you want to get involved with a company that primarily deals with bigger budgets either.

Nick and Rockstar…
who do you use to host your website?
do you both have the ability to update your own site?

I use yahoo sitebuilder, which works pretty well, for about $10 per month.

we use yahoo right now as well…i also have found a great way…i got together a layout to define exactly how I want my site and I am shopping it around…499 best price so far

I have been very happy with Hostgator for hosting and NearlyFreeSpeech for domain registration. I prefer to keep the two separate so that if you have to change hosting companies, you do not have problems with domain name issues. You just set up with the new hosting company and point the domain to their nameservers.

If anyone is looking for a hosting company, or even a fairly simple website, I can help. I have my own dedicated server that has lots of room on it still. I have my box managed by a company in Chicago. Back up generators, 3 connections to the backbones, etc… been really good to me over the past 10ish years. I just moved from a shared host to my own box after I got up to about 20 of my own sites. I’ve got room for at least 30 more still before I have anything to worry about.

When I was on the shared box, they had 200 domains on the box. My sites pull a bit of traffic though.

shoot me your layout…I’ll see if I can beat your cheapest price.

i just want to make a point about using Flash on your site… I have seen a lot of sites that ask you right at the home page if you would like to continue in Flash or HTML, depending on the depth of your site, it’s not that difficult to offer both. The majority of people that look up your site are on a regular PC, so a fancy flash site is the way to go… but like what was said, most mobile phones dont use flash… so in order for people to see the site on your phone it has to be html.

I really like this site give me some feed back as I was thinking of doing my site like this one, also Is there a way to offer both, something like dual where the phones bypass the flash?
and thesite looks so simple
nathan email coming