Hey everyone,
Being a tech guy i have noticed some of you do have websites and some of you dont. SOme of the ones that i have seen could use a little updating and the ones that dont have one should. If you have some computer skill and can almost drag and drop you can put one together for free. Microsoft has a site that will give you the domain name and free hosting. I have several sites that i make money from that cost me absolutly nothing.
The free hosting from Microsoft can be found at Those of you that would like help building a site i have a good friend here where i work that i have asked if he would help build, design for a very resonable cost. if you are interested just let me know.

I blogged about web sites today. Does your buddy know anything about SEO (Search Engine Optimization, if you were wondering)?

I am wondering how many people and/or shops come up first when they google themselves. If you don’t it is like free money to your competitors.

Does office live have a ‘no commercial use’ policy?

You could have at least clicked the link Gregster. Had you done it the site clearly has a big “Try for Free button”

So is that a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?

hahaha …


I dont think they do. They hope you will grow big enough to buy the next levels of service. Ihave three sites with them.

I have google adds on my pages and i make money thru clicks of the google adds. Plus you can put advertisers on the page and if someone buys from them you make a percentage.

Awesome Steveo922! Maybe the third time will be the charm! Too bad belly buttons don’t have windows!!!

I am at a loss for words for that post… Way over my head I guess…

is there any where I can get a free web domain name??


I’m sure you can find a place that lets you have a subdomain, or a directory under their domain for a website… but I have to ask WHY you want that. Domains are cheap. GoDaddy is like $10 for a year. Hosting can be found cheap as well. This is part of your brand and image. Don’t cut corners.


You can’t register a domain name for free, mostly because there are costs involved for the company acting as the registrar. This shouldn’t be much of a problem though - GoDaddy has domain registration on sale for $9.99. You can host your web site there very inexpensively too. They have a service called Website Tonight that gives you a zillion designs to choose from. All you need to do is type in your business information and you’re set!

The biggest challenge is the motivation to set up the web site. If you really want to do it you can!


Ask your staff if they know a kid that can build a website…A simple “Joomla” site can be up and running very quickly…
You can get a few free tutorials at Joomla is a "Content Management System and once you get the hang of it, you can add and subtract from your website very easy…There are lots of free templates to get you started…Once you are farther along you can buy something a little more custom or fully customized…Good luck…

Joomla is okay, I prefer Wordpress.

Cobblestone, register a domain, get hosting that is compatible with Wordpress and I’ll help you setup the site.


I can not talk much about Wordpress…Never used it but I hear it is pretty easy to use…I went from html to Joomla late last year and like it very much so far…It was a very easy transition for me…And many hosts offer both Wordpress and Joomla pre-installed to make it easier… I use

I like for domain registrations. Then I just point the domain to the hosting company I plan to use. Often a cheap hosting company charges too much for domains and a cheap domain registrar charges too much for hosting. Plus, if i have a dispute with your hosting company, I don’t want my domain name held hostage.

Hostgator has been very good for me for hosting. Servage was cheap but sucked. Ditto for 1&1. Could not stand GoDaddy’s interface.

Ya know, I went with godaddy b/c it was the cool thing to do, but after paying for it and actually using it. I HATE their interface as well. It so cluttered with so much crap its not even funny, and too many unnecessary windows pop open.

Joomla is a Content Management System and Wordpress is primarily for blogging. Not saying you cannot use Wordpress, but that is its primary design.