AS i stated earlier will give you the domain name not a sub domain and host up to 500meg for free. Most informational website use very little space. ALL For FREE…

Techiedude from what I understand if you build a site on OfficeLive there is no way to move that content to another webhost…Can you please advise further on that…


Correct. But Wordpress can do CMS with some plugins. Creating static pages etc, and then you can still use it to blog on the backend. Which is why I like it.

Well i dont know about moving to another hosting site because my sites are there for free and i dont need to move them. If you forsee doing things that there basic site dont allow there are other plans that are available. I only brought up the thread because i was wanting to look at you guys shops or menues and could not find alot of your sites. Micro softs site that i use are easy to set up and again i say they are free.

Cool! I like Wordpress a lot. And I knew it was pretty configurable. After seeing your site last night, I am sold on its ability to look like a “real” site and not a simple blog.