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62 and 2 two handicap

me again,
i am interested in this place,once again,how many parking spaces do you have.
what kind of equipment do you have,from the front to the rear.i mean every piece.

Once again, 62 and 2 handicaps. I couldn’t list everything here my inventory list is 3 pages long, in small font the way it is.

You can see a picture of part of the inside if you go to Yahoo Local and click on Pizza restaurants in the 62812 zip code.

We have the usual - 2 lincoln impingers, make line, cooler, 3 door freezer, chest freezer, panini grill, proofer/convetion oven, seating for 112 people, buffet stuff, racks, etc. I’m telling you there is way too much to list here on the message board.

How are you interested?

Interesting photos.

Here are a few comments based on observation of the pictures.

Buffet line is small and difficult for your pizzas to be delivered, a person has to cross traffic to place the pies and maintain, much easier having the line be facing the front but accesible to the back, so the worker just takes the pies, cuts them and puts them on the line. Cleanup and maintenance is easier too.

Foam cups and plates, have you considered purchasing plastic washable wares? would definately save money in the longer run.

Open and interesting layout, menuboard looks very small. Ever discussed an upgrade help with Coke?

Looks like a very nice place…interesting seeing photos after knowing the story.


You can find out from county tax commissioner or assessor what the current tax statusis on YOUR building, if you think it wise. Many counties even have it online. Might give you a heads up of any surprise coming your way.

$175K may not be such a bad deal if taxes are current . . . and your cash flow can support the note and maintenance.

Just curious if you got my private message?

Haven’t had the best dealings with landlords, and there are great ones out there, but as a landlord like yourself, when do you go in your pocket to fix repairs that are need to be fixed? In my lease, i am not responsible for the roof, the maintenance of the parking lot, the lighting in the lot, and the bailing of water in the basement?