What is everyone paying for cheese?

Just curious, I paid a record high for a lb. of cheese at $3.19. My supplier says this is normal due to the start of school, but insists it will go down soon. I wonder if I am paying to much? Just curious what everyone else is paying?



3.46 Grande’ East Coast Blend diced. 9 years ago when I first started my shop it was 1.87. Being priced correctly and using portion control is so very important and now more than ever. hopefully this won’t last long.

$2.32 for what we have on the shelf. $2.40 for what we ordered this week. told it will be $2.70 next week so we ordered up a month’s worth.

The cheese market has plummeted the last week and a half and is now at prices not seen since the middle of August. We should see our prices start coming down in the near future. While the prices are still much higher than they are historically this time of year, I’m thrilled there is at least some relief in sight and hopefull that the freefall continues for another few weeks.

$3.19 for block provolone.

$2.91 Grande part skim mozz; down from $3.07 last week

It’s on the rise again… when it’s been down it certainly hasn’t stayed down for long. 2.38 for lmps.

Paying more than we should! I am at 2.56 for lmps. And I thought I had a good deal.

2.29 this week for LMPS

What brand? Shredded or block? We need details or else this is like saying what is everyone paying for cars?

Arrezio sysco brand, whole blocks

I am angry about this forum. It always gives poor pricing comments that are not real about the market. I started a thread about Cheese prices about a month ago and I am shocked about the prices I hear in this forum. Here are the prices for this week from Restaurant depot, Meatco delivery and BOVA

Gold medal full strength $23.29 RD , meatco $23.29 BOVA $24.20
Gold medal high gluten $29.27 RD , meatco $29.28 BOVA $29.50
Shredded provolone with mozzarella 5LB BAGS $19.97 RD , meatco $19.48 BOVA $21.50
NY Blend shredded mozzarella 5LB BAGS $21.12 RD , meatco $21.12 BOVA $22.50
POLLY O shredded mozzarella 5LB BAGS $27.48 RD , meatco $27.18 BOVA $29.50
PART SKIM shredded mozzarella 5LB BAGS $20.60 RD , meatco $19.80 BOVA $21.50
Whole milk shredded mozzarella 5LB BAGS $20.60 RD , meatco $19.80 BOVA $21.50
Whole milk R/W mozzarella $3.75 RD , meatco $3.72 BOVA $4.16
Part Skim R/W mozzarella $3.75 RD , meatco $3.72 BOVA $4.16
POLLY O R/W mozzarella $4.83 RD , meatco $4.80 BOVA $4.88
ZZ CHZ mozzarella $3.75 RD , meatco $3.72 BOVA $4.16
ZZ MOZZ P/S SORREN R/W $3.75 RD , meatco $3.72 BOVA $4.16

Tomato and hot sauce did not change much. Wing Dings and Wing ZINGS

Wing Dings $98.90 25Ibs
Wing Dings $62.89 15Ibs
Wing Zings $103.89 25Ibs
Wing Zings $61.00 15Ibs
Boneless Wing Dings 5Ib $25.68
Tyson Cooked breaded Whole wing $39.92 10/Ib
Tyson Breast Fillet breaded chicken breast Italian style Rib meat $58.96 10/Ib
Tyson Battered Bread Uncooked ICE GLAZED Wings 10/Ib $28.06
Tyson Grilled Fully Cooked Breast Fillet $54.41 10/Ib
Super Chicken Cooked breaded mixed 8-9/4pieces $42.75
Country Pride Chicken Nuggets 10Ib bags $25.67

Who and where are the suppliers that the same people in this forum talk about. Perhaps it is old cheese or may be they give those joints other products and do not care about the cheese. how much do you pay for the french fries or the case of soda or the napkins . May be they make money some place else …

$2.70 next week for 3 cheese blend, diced

Your market must be higher priced than most of the rest of the nation for whatever reason. The RD in California has never gone above $2.75lb for block Mozzarella during these cheese run ups.

I get LMPS Della Vita blocks from FSA, 2.39 this week. Roma prices me about a dime higher for the same stuff… RD is usually about .20 cents higher although at times when the price jumps real high real quick I can drive up and pick it up for below block price because they haven’t adjusted their prices yet. I get flour, pep, boxes and cheese from FSA… other stuff from Roma. I don’t think they make it up for me anywhere else as I go to RD for paper goods, spices, and cleaning supplies. I would never spend a dime on paper goods with FSA or Roma because their prices suck and my sales reps know they suck. Same with spices. I’m sure they make money on me somehow, perhaps in volume because I do order a lot of everything.

I am in Iowa.
Use PFG roma.
Block Raffinato provolone $3.15 lb I use no mozz on pizza.
Gold Medal Harvest King flour $16.67 50lb

no wings here for me as I do not have a fryer.
I get many paper products from pfg as Sams Club is actually higher on many items.
There are items I do not get from PFG cuz they do suck on many. Lemonade, milk, rotella buns, hinged containers, garlic, cottage cheese, soap, and a few others are my core items i make a trip to Sams weekly to get.

Prices quoted this past week to us for LMPS US Food $2.70, Sysco $2.77

Still using the inventory we loaded up on before the last price run up. Hoping the price will drop next week since the CME price dropped about three weeks ago.

[I]I paid $3.10 for sorrento diced whole milk
$3.07 diced Great Lakes cheddar blend
Both skyrocketed from $2.70 2 weeks ago

On the plus side flap meat is at 4.76 lb choice.
Chicken tenders are softening at $1.85 down from $2.65 over the summer[/I]

sorrento whole milk shredded 2.59