What machines to use to shred Mozzarellla?

So I have a Hobart 3/4 hp mixer with a pelican shredder attachment. It seems to be laborious for the prep guys, What are the other options out there?

You can get a vcm and dice it up. They make very quick work of the job.

if you can find yourself a used Cheese Hog it is your best bet for shredded

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Certainly the big problem is finding one. I got lucky finding one on eBay last summer. Looking for another to have a backup

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i sold mine for $2K recently since we switched to diced Bacio

I buy diced or shred whatever is cheaper.

How far ahead do you guys shred for? Daily?three days? The whole week?

It always seems like alot of work especially if ysing the pelican head. The VCM seems cool. Its just so easy to bring up 4-5lb bags of cheese thats just ready to go.

Also what do you shred it into? A bunch of bus bins?

If we have time, 5-6 days worth. But mostly can only get to doing enough for 3 days at a time. Yeah basically bus bins with lids. You can find both at RD

I’m a noob
What is VCM?
What is RD?

Please and Thank You.


RD is Restaurant Depot

when we shredded we did it on a daily basis. I should note that the pelican head use will def cause more repairs to your mixer. We found some heavy duty molded plastic nesting lugs with covers that work great for cheese. We place in walking uncovered for a few hours before covering. Having said all that. now that we are having serious staffing issues I am glad I made the switch to pre-diced and look forward to getting my Bacio rebate every month

What’s the Bacio run you a lb?

2.78 less .18 rebate = 2.60 net

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If the Cheese Hog is needed for your restaurant, we can help you out! Please check out our website and send us a message at ReddyMadeLLC@gmail.com. We are building new machines ready to help you out.

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