whats on your buffet

if i were going to start a buffet,what should i put on it

Pizza :lol:

what are you planing to charge,is it lunch or dinner.

dinner then maybe lunch.not sure what to charge,i do not have any butts in the seats right now,seat60,but i have a back room i could fix up,maybe 80 could fit there.

pepperoni, cheese, deluxe, alfredo, sausage, & dessert if somone wants something specail we will make them a smalla nd take to their table

well,last night we had-m&g-cream of potato soup-twice baked potato cass-mostaccioli-salmon-brd shrimp-fried walleye-roast beef-fried chicken-fett alfredo-garlic shrimp & pasta with vegies-4 diff pizzas

we like to mix it up here. always pizza of course, 3 types, mac n cheese, mini corn dogs, calimari, spinach lasagna, shrimp cocktail, mashed potatos, corn bread stuffing, butt steak, tube steaks, and pickle bread.

not always together!

how do you make pickle bread?

use dill dough of course … i’ll be here all week, try the buffet

how well does your spinach lasagna move?

it’s just like any other fiber. the old people like it, it keeps them “regular”

tonight well be having,m&g-polish sausage kraut/potato-spag with meat sauce-bbq pork loin cutlets-chicken alfredo primavera -ham&sweet potato-
roast turkey&dressing-fried chicken-roast beef-4 diff pizzas of course

sunday brunch-biscuits and gravy,links,bacon,corned beef hash,hash brown casserole,sausage&potato o’brian,baked ham,scrambled eggs,french toast,pancakes,salad bar[fresh fruit,cereal,deviled eggs, other salad stuff]

m&g,carrots,tomato soup,twice bake potato cass,spag w/meat sauce,sweat-n-sour pork cutlets,meatball rague,chicken noodle cass w/broccoli,fried pollack,roast beef,fried chicken,bbq chicken,fett alfredo,
greek style pizza[roasted chicken breast-feta-kalamata-peperoncinis-choped gyro meat]vegi pizza,pepperoni pizza,sausage pizza,strawberry cheese cake pizza[for dessert]

Can I ask your price point?

I bet even though you are loading up the buffet that your price point isnt far off from Gob’s price, yet you really arent a pizza buffet at all…with all those items your price point should be higher and people expect more when they come to your establishment.

,8.95 for lunch,9.95 for dinner drink included
sunday brunch,6.95 drink not included,fed 218 people b- 4 2 p.m.

tonight i have,m&g,beef barely soup,corn,twice baked potato cass.,masticcoli
sweet-n-sour grilled chicken breast,alfredo francesco,roast beef,fried chicken
bbq pork chops,beer batter walleye nuggets,baked ham,egg rolls,my new beer thick crust pizza,[its a hit]buffalo chicken pizza,pepperoni,sausage,vegi pizzas,
b romano

What’s “M&G?”

a buffet must have variety,this way i cater to a larger group of people,and in my market,i could not survive on pizza alone…i do all the buffet myself,make dough,sauce,grind a 3 cheese blend,chop all vegies fresh daily,do breakfast,
cut my own chops and steaks fresh daily,all myself,then i bring in people for work at 4 p.m. to line cook.i make pizza till close

m&g= mashed & gravy

sorry i was not logged in,been a little busy today,get a chance to sit down a couple of minutes to have 1/2 a smoke,then back to the grindstone