whats the story with the blodgett 3270??

I found a double stak of blodgett 3270 conveyor ovens for 750 bucks i think there from 1996

are these a good oven, seems like a good price

any flaws with these ovens compared to a lincoln 1000

sorry 3870

I owned Lincoln Impingers and the 3870, and hands down the 3870 sucked. A large part had to do with poor and untrained service techs, probably 65%, but the rest was just do to poor manufacturing. We had problems of all kinds with the install. They installed them in with the wrong pipe sizes, the key pad came pre-programmed with the wrong length conveyor (a 5 minute bake time on a 54.5" cooking chamber is NOT the same as a 40.5" cooking chamber), the cheap plastic door handle broke, and the emergency switch has a bug that kills the oven of an indeterminate amount of time every time someone bumps in the inconveniently thigh level emergency button.

We imported 14 of them to Japan for Little Caesars back in 2000, and had nothing but problems. When LC went bankrupt in Japan in 2002, I bought 2 double stacks, and knowing the problems they had, still felt ripped off paying over a grand for them.

Blodgett sent over techs to Japan to do the initial installation, so you would assume that they would have done an impeccable job. How often do you get the oven maker in your shop to oversee an installation? The ovens were showing problems they had never even heard of. If that set you found is anything like the 14 we had, they stay the hell away. No deal is worth the lost sales and down time we experienced.

Well i have had similar problems with my lincolns and i am tried of them in general.
Blower motors burn out really fast, capacitors burne out, displays dont work at all.

Blower fan thing in the control box takes 10 min to lite the oven sometimes longer. thermo couplers burn out every 6 months etc…

My middleby ps360q have never ever missed a beat not once. not even close i love those ovens

I just wanted something other than a lincoln, i do all my own oven repair and i can pretty much fix anything on a lincoln 1000

the repair guy wanted 1400 bucks to swap out the main blower fan i i did it with a friend in 2 hours.

I still think i may try the Blodgett as my lincolns are haggard, bad. The last guy that owned it rewired it with wire nuts and speaker wire, its all messed up

We are in agreement about Middleby 3PS60s. Even the PS200s are great. I did most of my own maintenance as well, and my Lincolns were a pleasure to work on compared to the Blodgett. I don’t know about the 1996 models, but there was just too much computer in the 2000 model, making them near impossible to service.

One other thought though, even at a great deal, why would you really want a set of 15 year old ovens? $750 is almost in the disposable oven category.

If these Blodgetts have never been reconditioned, then they may have the old-style burner tubes in them. That means that when the oven is loaded up with pies, it struggles to maintain temperature and can result in undercooking during a rush or a big order.

I buy reconditioned Blodgetts with new Dart controllers, have extra ventilation added across the blower motors, and install high efficiency valves in them. They cook consistently and our biggest maintenance cost with them is replacing one of the four blower motor control switches as they take turns burning out (and then let the fan motor run backwards on startup 50% of the time).