What's your competition within a 2 mile radius?

I had 3 pizza shops open up this year within a 2 mile radius of my store plus a subway. I was talking to owner of my food vender and he said he has seen this before. When the economy is bad, everyone jumps in the pizza business but only a few make it.

The problem is that these newbies give away pizza at a very low price then get out. These places lower the bar for all of us.

What’s your area like?

Within two miles I only have a Pizza Hut, a local Italian restaurant that serves pizza and a newer regional pizza chain(Pizza Vito). If I expand that to a 4 mile radius of my store I have 4 Dominos, 3 Hungry Howies, 2 Papa Johns, 2 Pizza Huts, 2 Pizza Vitos, 1 Marcos, 1 Cicis, and 6 Indy’s that serve pizza, 4 of which specialize in pizza and 2 who are about 50/50 pizza and Italian entrees. On top of this I have numerous other delivery businesses offering chicken, sushi, wraps ect.

Small town of 3500, but we’ve got a Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, a regional chain Monical’s Pizza…plus 3 coffee shops/Mexican/Greek/Albanian restuarants, a “fine” German restaurant, and well…us.

5 other stores with an Italian restaurant that sells pizzas and a LC supposedly opening down the street from me next month. 10K homes in that area.

We have Eagle boys (Aussie major franchise bigger than PH) 100mts away, PH and Domino’s within the 2 mile radius, 1 indie a mile away and a restaurant that sells pizzas (dine in or take away) less than 1/2 mile away. A couple of indies went belly up over the past 6 months that were also in the 2 mile radius. About 15
,000 homes