When will pizza just be free??

We have $5 pizza because Americans have changed from a nation of producers to a nation of consumers. No one seems to take pride in or appreciate craftsmanship. It is all about how much you can get for as little as possible… i.e. the mentality of Walmart.

Just my curmudgeonly opinion.

You seem a little sensitive there, Charles. I did not imply that a national health care system which may have less choices would be better or worse than the fiasco we currently have. Only that under this administration we may take a step towards socialized medicine. With the way our government runs things, its hard to imagine that would be an improvement. I was simply stating that we currently have many choices of suppliers for health insurance.
Since we are derailing this thread, my guess on why we have such a high infant mortality rate would be that we have children having children out of wedlock, many times while using drugs and living in drug infested he$$holes!

Yeah woah. I’m not sure how his post is crapping on the president…

We have 5 dollar pizzas b/c they over-saturate the market with 1000’s of stores which allows them to market/advertise nationwide, buy at a lower price tier than everyone else (food, boxes, printing etc), and give the mass population what they want… CHEAP. Its not rocket science.

I just quoted on an order for a small chain…40 cases of 2,500 magnets (long shot) for 130.00 per case versus a single case price of 375.00…The order will be shipped to the food service broker and go out with their orders to save freight to 40 individual locations…This is how group buying power drives all the costs down…

PS…I think their boxes come from South America…

How about delving into why this statistic exists rather than just repeating it because it fits your belief system?

United States is the leader in the category of infants that die the same day they are born because much effort, time and expense is made to save premature babies. Many countries, including Cuba and many in Europe, do not even attempt to save such babies. The US records these deaths as “live births” while these other countries, that do not even attempt this, record these as fetal deaths. Many of these countries simply list any baby under a certain weight as a fetal death. In fact, the World Health Organization itself recommends that for official record keeping purposes, only live births of greater than 1,000g should be included. Most likely then, these underweight babies are not eve being recorded by Cuba while the United States records “every single” baby born alive – regardless of weight.

I do not just accept statistics and am always open to factual discussion. I have looked into your statements and you are indeed correct. I am surprised that the results have not been standardized and am curious how our system of health delivery would fit if it was.

The only “belief system” I have regarding health delivery is that it is a moral obligation of a wealthy society to ensure basic healthcare for its citizens. How it is delivered should be based on a combination of market forces and governmental promotion.

I was a rabid libertarian at one time. Then I realized that it is just a utopic system like communism. You simply will never have a pure case of either. Societies are too complex and the people that constitute them often lack integrity. Power becomes consolidated among the few and they exert an unfair anti-competitive position. To believe that market forces are “free” and untainted is sophomoric.

I am a little sensitive there. From personal experiences with friends on how our healthcare delivery system failed them.

I am just so sick and tired of people from the extreme right doing nothing to fix the system and taking potshots at a new president that is at least trying. It is so easy to just say he wants “socialized medicine” which is as much nonsense as it was when the term was invented decades ago. People need to help find a solution to this mess which is destroying our economy rather than just disrupting town hall meetings and calling the president Hitler.

I agree our health care system is not perfect but its the best in the world. People travel all over the world to come here for care. Socialized/government controlled health care in other countries is wonderful until something serious happens.

The health care business is no different than the pizza business or any other. Free market competition brings prices down. Health care providers do not have a free market. The government tells the insurance companies what kind of policies they can sell and where they can sell them. In most instances, you can buy the type of home owners and car insurance you want. Do you just want liability, hurricanes, fire, theft or medical – or a combination of? You cannot buy a health insurance policy that only covers what you want to have covered. Its loaded with many services you would either never need or want to have because it is mandated in the policy thereby costing you more money. Insurance companies are also prohibited with competing with each other across state boundaries. Less competition is the result here. If the health care market was truly free it would be impossible to charge too much because another business would just come along and undercut it.

How about all the illegal aliens that flood our hospitals? All the ambulance chasers that drive up our costs? Workman’s comp fraud? All the people walking around on supposed disability?

I haven’t heard Obama say anything about fixing any of this. He throws a lot of words around like competition and markets but does not address any of this. Whether your views are left or right I can’t see how anyone would think things would be better if government just controlled more. What incentive is there for government to control costs and provide better care? By you being in business Charles, I would think you would have witnessed enough government bureaucracy, waste and taxes to see that more government can’t be the answer.

Well I was going to stay out of this but I must chime in…

Yes folks from all over the world travel to the US for health care…And for those that can afford it, it is the best in the world…But so many can not afford it and that causes great extremes in levels of care available…

My wife was on dialysis for many years and 1 1/2 years ago got a transplant…So in the past 8 years were were at the hospital 3 times per week…And over that time we met many Americans who were coming to Canada for treatment…We are 2 1/2 hours north of Spokane…For many the full cost of care here was less than the co-pay down there…And for those that had no insurance, they could buy care at 1/4 the price down south…

And as much as I think changes are needed in your system I do not see a good fix at either end of the spectrum…Even if you somehow control the insurers you still have to bring down the costs…And private and public options can not co-exist…

Healthcare in the US costs 15% of your GDP and many folks go without or have coverage gaps (co-pays & exclusions)…In Canada it is 10% and we all get care…Yes sometimes there is not enough but we also are not leaving a massive debt for our children…

You folks have some tough decisions…And as the costs go up, employers will reduce or eliminate coverage and/or take their jobs offshore…

I am not going to argue any more about this. I am too tired. But you should check some of your claims as you checked mine. Just take some time to see the other side of things. I did. The healthcare industry is world’s apart from the pizza industry in the way people pay for it and how its market works. Or doesn’t work.

I don’t agree to everything he wants. But I do appreciate him tackling the issue. How do you propose to fix the system? It is so easy to just pan other people’s ideas. That was my point. Give the man some respect for trying.

So in all these discussions which started about cheap pizzas and denigrated into a slanging match about
US healthcare can I conclude that cheap pizzas are unhealthy or did I miss something in translation
??? :lol:

Now back to the topic on hand …


Back on topic, the key to competing against those that go the low cost route is to differentiate yourself as much as possible by adding value to your product and service. Settle for fewer customers and wider profit margins per sale. Cherish your good customers and don’t worry about the cheapskates that go down the road to the latest special.

Maybe the think tank could use an Off Topic or Lounge section for discussion of things other than pizza related issues. Two of car forums I belong to do this. It seems that some lively discussion could take place between friends as long as it stays civil.

My experience with forums is that any discussions of political or religious issues degrades quickly and does nothing to help a community bond. I would just have a rule that we disallow either.

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what part of ‘lively discussion could take place between friends as long as it stays civil’ would fit the characteristics of the delivery driver forum?

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I have seen three INDYS adverstise 3 Large Cheese Pizzas for 14.99. I feel for them as I would never stoop that low as opposed to offering something other than a pizza…


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