When will pizza just be free??

I could be wrong, but I’m thinking that she was talking about the delivery driver forum, specifically.

I think you are incorrect. She has said this before about us “Good ol’ Boys”.

even if she was ‘Disgusting and unprofessional’??? Maybe from one or perhaps two people but not everyone excpet Nick. I think Nick’s had a few savoury moments with Gregster.

Point taken! :slight_smile:

True, I’m disgusting, but I’m certainly professional while being it. :lol:

So am I one of the good Ol Boys? :lol: :lol:

Back to the original post our Dominoes just starting offering a 4.00 Large today. Not real sure what kind of special it is cuz it is so abbreviated on the sign…something about Customer Appreciation which is usually a large one topping. But that would counter their 5.99 So who knows. What was so humerous is the sign. Literally abbreviated everything. If I had a camera I would have taken a picture!


yes Kris you’re one of the meanest, disgusting and unprofessional of all the ole boys!!! :roll: (kidding of course!)

Back to the original subject it really makes me think how low will it go? (both price and quality) and more importantly how will it get back up? All the pundits have said that this is purely a function of the recession and will prices will rise but I for one have always been of the opinion customers are very quick to accept a saving but never to accept a price rise and there sure is some price rise to get back to normal levels again? Now this is a whole new debate I think…

Wiz, I have not been afforded the time to visit this forum, or what used to be a fourm. When I built my shop, this place was very professional and not with drama as it now is.


If you have not been afforded the time to visit then is it fair to judge us ‘unprofessional and disgusting’ by a brief glimpse?

As to ‘Drama’ I’m really not sure?

I’ve been on this site since 2003, back in the days of the old forum. People come and go but things seem pretty much the same to me, same questions, similar issues and similar answers. IMO same arguments, same personal opinions as well. If I recall there were some pretty outspoken people back then and a couple were banned as well! Haven’t seen anyone banned here for a while or needing to be.

Despite some strong opinions discussion seems to continue and people choose to discuss, argue but ultimately, I believe, learn from these exchanges and long may that continue.

Pizza Diva,

With all due respect, this forum is the best pizza forum around. Many of the newbies as well as the “regulars” have a tremendous amount of experience (good and bad) which I have been nothing but appreciative of. On occassion, the topics may drift off into other directions just as any other “conversation” one might have shootin the bull with others in the biz. But at the end of the day the posters here have brought so much to the table I feel blessed to have come to know all of them, even the ones I disagree with.

I encourage you to come around and get to know us, take some things with ya for your journey and leave some things for us for our journeys.

Life is too short.

Cheers to my fellow PMQ Think Tankers…I appreeche!


Just so every one know who the Boys Club is here is the list of the top 20(If you take Nick, Otis and j_r0kk out since Nick is deemed not to be and Otis and j_r0kk are no longer with us) All having posted over 500 times. I have learned a great deal from everyone of them.

1 NicksPizza 2855
2 Daddio 1425
3 paul7979 1362
4 bodegahwy 1269
5 Tom Lehmann 1266
6 Charles 1247
7 Patriot’sPizza 1080
8 royster13 1042
9 Otis Gunn (R.I.P) 949
10 j_r0kk 916
11 wa dave 863
12 steveo922 790
13 Rockstar pizza 777
14 George Mills 766
15 pizzapirate 714
16 td_VP192 700
17 Kris 687
18 snowman 649
19 Wizzle Wassell 568
20 Piper 559
21 pizzaguy 543
22 Registered Guest 530
23 Integraoligist 517

If each post took an average of 2 minutes to formulate there are over 800 hours of time generously donated. Thanks to each one of you for helping make my business a greater success.

Ohhh that is right I think it was 500 posts to get to use the corporate bathroom.

Either way sure does feel good to be a top poster! :shock: :lol:

Charles…got a picture for this occasion?



edited it cause my orginal had a thought that did not come across the way I meant!

PD, I think you just really miss the pizza biz and are unhappy. Gotta get back in the game :wink:

Disgusting and unprofessional at best? Where does that leave people like me?

Interesting thread… How could I miss it all the way to four pages?

Hard to call it a club of any kind let alone a boys club since there are no requirements for membership and any member can post as much as they want.

Disgusting? I must have missed those threads.

Un-professional? At times, Certainly; there are no qualifications for membership or posting. I, for one, have found a number of interesting things in the dialog here. Not least, I have a better understanding of how much these businesses that seem so similar are really different.

We have seen some idiotic posts and I know I am guilty of impatience with the same questions coming up again and again. On the other hand, I think that a no-holds-barred critique of a stupid idea is the best favor we can do for someone who is about to squander life savings and a year of time and sweat. As a SCORE counselor I have had the experience of asking questions that caused a “client” to drop plans for a business and having that person come back and thank me later.

In my city it has ended. Little Caesars has closed both locations. No more hot and ready $5 pizza. The sad thing is customers are still looking for that deal. I get people on a daily basis asking if we have anything “Hot ‘n’ Ready”. I tell them that for a pizza to be good it needs to be made to order.

Interesting (and good news for you). How long have they been in your city Daddio? We’re they new or old shop, new or old equipment?

The big three have allways sold on price. If the product results in a comprimise of quality to fit the price then they are happy with the end result. My issue is how they devalue pizza across the board. I charge $9.99 for a 16" cheese. The local chain in town , Papa Gino’s charges $ 13.99. But offers a Buy a gourmet pizza and get up to 5 large cheese pizzas for $5 each. People flock to them not caring that the large pizza is 14" or that they spent on average $16-$20 on a very mediocre pizza.
The Uber price concious people in my area tell me I am very expensive. My pizza is 30% bigger than my competion and I use mozzarella instead of cheddar. I offer free delivery ,too. When putting my menu togeher I got every menu in town to compare. After looking over everyone’s menu we determined that everyone in town charges about the same. The charge of being expensive has been levied at every other independent in town. I can only imagine the effect is from the big guys offering drastically reduced prices for crappy pizza. Just my ramblings as I drink my Coffee.

If I sold Dominos pizza I would sell it for Dominos price. Then again, the old franchisee here went bankrupt trying to offer the national specials with our local expense structure. Lost his house, sold the store for 40K and left town. Pizza Hut has announced they are closing the location here next year.

You do not have to match thier prices, but you do have to market to tell your customers why your product is worth more and your product does have to be worth more. Being made by a nice guy that is not a national franchisee is not added value. You really do have to use better stuff, make it carefully and provide great service. AND you have to watch your expenses, support local causes, market well and come up with interesting stuff. Hey, nobody said it was easy and you don’t DESERVE success… you earn it.

Honestly, I don’t know how some of us make pizza for $9 and deliver it with no delivery charge. I could not do it…

My basic costs are rent with NNN expenses of $25 foot, pizza cooks $11 per hour, assistant managers $13-14 hour. We charge $2.20 for delivery. I’ll assume all of our food costs are similar (except you guys that insist on paying the surcharge for Grande). We use good stuff and do not skimp on toppings, but we have to do that to justify charging the prices we have to charge to cover the rent and wages around here.

It’s funny how the chains will do low prices across the country and similar quality (low as their price level) but when they go into another country with demanding tastes and quality then they adjust.

We have an exceptional operator here (won the world pizza comp a few years ago) who opened a store about 18 - 24 months ago in Jakarta in Indonesia. He told me how the customers want and demand quality and service. They wanted good dine-in shops, no interest in delivery and little take out. When he advertised for staff over 1500 people applied, and the ones he hired worked tirelessly for mediocre (by our standards) wages.

He told me how Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns had opened stores in the format that was desired by the customers and how the quality and pricing was of a high standard.

It seems that they can put out a good product and have a higher price point in a market that demands such, but it appears to me, as an unlearned on the US market - and no disrespect intended - that they are serving up to the level that people want to pay. Pay crAp and get crAp.

As far as the old boy’s club well at least Daddio and I fill the requirements by being OLD, and leaving Nick out of the club … PD, you must not have seen all the verbal attacks that big bearded , long haired wanabe hippie has posted about me, attacking everything from being “down under”, to being short bald and fat, having a menu he cant read (not my fault he needs glasses) … the list goes on :cry: :lol:

Sorry PD but Nick is in the club as well or I’m out of it :stuck_out_tongue: