Where are YOU personally getting your health insurance?

Going through the struggle right now. Rates are insane so we are going to go with a non-compliant plan. I was wondering what you guys are doing?

Canceled, 20k piss away’d over 4 years. Yeah.

If it was 20K over four years I would pay it happily. Our quote for the two of this year was $31,000 just for this year with a $14,000 deductible.

Blue Cross’ Florida subsidiary has a bronze level HSA plan which runs $800/month for my wife and I. A $6700 deductible for each of us.

We were paying close to 28k a few years ago with blue cross. We switched to Kaiser and it dropped by 50%. It’s creeped back to up to 18k this last year. Not sure of the decuctable but it’s low.

They charge us $300 to $500 a month for our employees. But they are much younger.

When the ACA first passed, i switched to Kaiser as well and saw my premiums drop by 50%. Then when within 2 years it was back to pre-ACA levels and now it is almost double that.

Single, young, non smoker and i don’t even have a primary care physician because i never have to go to the doctor.

I am finding some interesting options out there and learning things. Some may be particular to Colorado. Not really sure how consistent all this is from state to state but maybe worth looking into:

  1. If you do not qualify for an ACA subsidy but your quoted rates for ACA compliant insurance are more than about 9% of your line 37 income you can apply for a “hardship exemption” from the ACA requirements. This waives the penalty (which may already be waived due to the new tax bill). What it also does is allow you to buy a “catastrophic plan” even if you are over 30. I am going through this now. It is not possible to find out the rates for this until you get the exemption. The insurance follows many of the ACA program features such as no pre-existing conditions etc.

  2. There are quite a few options out there for non ACA compliant coverage. Google search that and you will find them. Our ACA quote for coverage was $31,000 for the two of us (I am 57 and my wife is 60). What we are finding is plans around $700 per month that at least cover us if we get a major illness.

  3. Accident insurance covers things like falls, car accidents etc. Pretty cheap. $500 deductible, $15,000 coverage. $700 per year for the two of us. That covers the deductible if we go for a regular plan with 15K deductible and protects us for the things I think are more likely. I guess I think it is more likely that I would be injured in some way than I would get cancer.

  4. Healthshare organizations. The best one I have found so far is Alierahealthcare.com It is a bit different but looks like it covers most things and it is a LOT less expensive. Our quote is about $400 per month. Downside for us is that none of the doctors we know are on the plan… Might be worth changing though. Also, you must agree with a statement about belief in God to participate so if that is a problem for you this is not the way to go. There are other similar ones that actually require your pastor to certify your membership in the church. This one does not.

I had Harvard Pilgrim last year and it was $400 or so per month for myself. (I’m 52)
High deductible, etc. Really just catastrophic more than anything else.
I’ve been “unemployed” since I sold my last store in 2015.
When it came time to renew (last week) my guy said “dude, you make no money and actually qualify for Medicaid!” or something like that.
My $400 plan was going to $600/month and he convinced me to do the marketplace thing- I think that IS the ACA.
I just spoke to the insurance company (setting up payment, etc) and I said to the lady on the phone “Is this sorta insurance for poor people?” She said “well, sorta… I mean if you don’t get it at work…”
So, I feel a little insecure about it- just seems weird.
Policy is $78/month… $78?
Having said all that, and my Conservative “I pay my own bills” mindset aside, health care is so &^%$ed up in this country and such a sickening scam full of big pharma and lobbyists… as well as a non-stop barrage of ads on TV that… I don’t know how to feel.

Our ACA quote for coverage was $31,000 for the two of us (I am 57 and my wife is 60).


This is what pays for your $78 policy.

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Agreed, that’s what I don’t like about it.
By the same token- his quote WAS ACA so… confused.
Health care bills were comically high when I still had a store.
And… things were absurd long before the ACA.
5 years ago my sister and her adopted daughter were paying $4000/month with no wildcards- meaning no health issues, etc.

2018 rates in British Columbia max out at 75.00 per month for a couple…No co-pays or deductibles…And yes we do get “zinged” at bit on taxes but no where near the overall costs of what you pay in the US…Every one gets care and despite what you hear on the news most care in Canada is not so bad…My wife had a kidney transplant within 8 hours of a donor kidney coming available…Here 1,000s of $s of drugs each month are 100% paid…

That is a manager’s monthly salary…

How is that even practical?

Did you just age 5 years in the last 1 minute??
your earlier post you said you were 52. :slight_smile:

I was quoting another post. Though I do feel like I age that quickly!
I agree- my sister lives in NYC and costs are comical but doubt that affects health insurance rates.
Some of the numbers, and quotes, people tell me they are getting are comical.
Friend just told me a number for his family (2 adults, 2 kids) and he’d need to make 50K/year just to net enough to pay JUST that premium- just that ONE monthly bill.

We looked at getting coverage for our two kids added in. They are 21 and 24 so we could include them if we wanted to… but if our combined income (kids included) went over about 90K we would have to pay $45,000 for the year. No way we can justify that!

URNUTS, an ACA compliant plan is one that meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If you receive a subsidy based on income the amount you would actually pay is a lot less but it is an all or nothing thing. In the case of a married couple if you make more than $64,000 you would need to pay the whole thing yourself. In our case, the cheapest ACA compliant policy is $31,000. As long as we made $63,000… no problem but if we made $65,000 we would suddenly owe the $31,000! It is people in the middle who do not have employer provided health that are really getting the shaft.

How much do you have to make to be able to afford a plan that costs 30K? Even at 150K it is 20% of your before tax income.

Prior to ACA Our plan for my wife and I was under $225/month with a $5000 ish deductible, but an 80/20 copay till that $5000 was hit. Now we’re a few years older and it’s quadruple the price, no copay and a 35% higher deductible.

Compound rates of growth are catching us all. In actual fact the % increase of insurance costs has not been faster during the ACA years than it was before but those %s are being applied to bigger numbers. Back to back 25% increases from a $200 premium would take you to $312. +$112 per month. Back to back increases from $1500 takes you to $2344 an $844 increase!

While a $112 per month increase over two years probably will not change your standard living but an $844 increase certainly will for most people.

rub it in why dont cha!

I wasn’t going to say anything but Alberta there is no premium for health care services.