Where havemy customers gone? Anyone else DEAD?

My sales are R E A L L Y S L O W this week… anyone else in my boat??

Sales are down almost $1,000 thru this time last week and 26% down from the average of my last 7 weeks.
Not that I WANT anyone in my boat…I hope someone is busy, but misery loves company.

I’m stressed out!!!

How are sales compared to last year same week? That is more important than how they compare to the last 7 weeks. The seasons vary.

Geez, when you put it that way, we are doing just fine for the month, and the week is about the same. Makes me feel better since I was feeling a little pressure about sales dipping some. But we are ahead of last year October by about 6%. That’s with some events coming up and Friday Halloween. We should be a bit more than that ahead at month end.

Gotta get some marketing efforts out this week and/or next.