Who is the Industry's most trusted POS?

Point of Success

I have to cast my vote for Point of Success also. We bought the software and all of our equipment ourselves and installed it ourselves. When we needed help from Point of Success (which has been very minimal), they were great to work with over the phone. Our system has been in since this past May and we have not had a single problem with it.

We love it!

We have also used and liked Point of Success.
My only complaint would be that it reprints EVERYTHING!

Also, I’ve e-mailed Jeff Ward about a couple of improvements. Hopefully, with the updated version we’ll see:

  1. An hourly report that shows number of products, number of deliveries/carryouts/dine ins along with the sales and orders.

  2. An interactive Flash Report that will allow us to insert deposit amounts and paid outs to calculate cash short/over.

  3. A “count up” instead of “countdown” for all orders. In other words, no more subtracting from projected delivery time to find out how old an order is.

Those are just a couple of the improvements I hope he’s working on. There are tons more from what I’m hearing. -J_r0kk

What do you mean by trust?

I have 20 + customers using Microworks Prism. Haven’t heard any complaints yet.

Using PCCharge via the Internet as the Credit Card Payment Module. Transaction times are “lightspeed” about 2-3 seconds.

Point of Success uses the PCCharge module as well

Ok, so I’m flattered about all the write-in votes for Point of Success. But I need to point out that we’re not the only brand not listed that could be considered a major supplier of pizzeria POS software.

What about:

  • Speedline
  • PDQ
  • Firefly
  • Microworks
  • OneSystem
  • Assal
  • PixelPoint
  • And some more that I’m certain I forgot.

Jrokk makes a good point about software enhancements. Everything we add to Point of Success is requested by users. We think you know more about what will make the software work better in your restaurant than we do! J, all of your suggestions are on our request list for the next major upgrade.

I’m not sure POS software can be broadly categorized as “best” or “most trusted” for anyone. There are as many opinions about what makes software best or trusted as there are pizzerias! It makes good sense for any restaurant to choose the software that’s best for them, based upon all the criteria they care about, than blindly sign up for whatever is biggest, best or most used.

Hello Jeff,

I just bought point of success software and have been inputting my menu. I’ve been struggling with my combo meals. My request would be for more combo meal templates and ease of cutom making combo meals. My meals are as follows:

#1: 1 slice with 1 topping (each additional topping is $.50), salad, and drink
#2: 2 slices cheese (each additional topping is $.50 per slice, and a drink

When I try the fisrt I struggle to allow the first topping to be free and put a charge per additional topping. What do you recommend I do for these?

Vinny’s Pizza
Los Angeles and El Segundo, CA

I think I can help you out with that one…

Slice - menu item (put the price on how much a slice is withOUT the topping)

Create a sub-menu… List all toppings with a price of 50 cents. (this will have to be done in your “Products menu”, creating a “slice toppings” list. Maybe your item codes would be SLPEP for slice pepperoni, SLSAU for slice sausage, etc.

So, when you’re on your main ordertaking screen, there will be a button that says, “SLICE”. By selecting that it will give you the price of just a plain slice of pizza without toppings. Then it will guide you to a secondary sub-menu where you select which toppings you’d like to put on your slice. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

I would have to agree with Michele about the reprints. If I could put a request out there for the next version it would be to somehow disable reprints when needed. The best example I have in our place is when a drink is added to an existing ticket. When the customer orders a drink after their food has been served or if they want a second beer, all of the prep tickets reprint and we have to make sure that the pizza station and the salad station realize it is a reprint (which sometimes they don’t notice especially when it is busy). Just my suggestion…



I’ll say a quick note on behalf of all the POS guys that have been around a very long time that were left OFF the poll while at least one company ON the list has been out of business for quite a while.

This poll is silly.

But if i had to vote i’d say PDQ. (shocker there)

Intura is the best. I used Diomand Touch and Microworks. I can easly say Intura is the most solid system you will find in Pizza Industry. It is the same version of Dominos Pulse sytem(very slight difference).
Why do you think Dominos Pizza uses this system? Becuse Intura is the simplest POS sytem to use with neccary tools to run your busines effectively.
They improved their customer service to match their excelent product. Go for Intura.

They should pay me some money for saying these things about their company.

It doesn’t do that any more. I’d love to help you, but this isn’t an appropriate discussion for this thread.

Email me at jeffw@inborne.com or start another thread and I’ll take care of it for you.


Do you have any customers that use Restaurant Manager POS and process with the PCCharge you mentioned?

I know my RBSLynx rep mentioned it to my reseller, but did not think they were eager to do the work. I guess they normally deal with Mercury Payment Systems.

By the way I am very happy with Restaurant Manager as my POS and would highly recommend for any takeout, dine-in, & delivery.

My vote goes for Pizza Director from Foodtec Solutions.

It is a bit interesting that of the 2 voted ‘most trusted’ so far, no one has left a comment about them.

Didn’t this topic state the least trusted POS company a few days ago?

I have been using Firefly and I am quite happy with it. Customer service has been good and they send me updates whenever they come out.

Point of Success is the one I chose after looking into most of the others. The drawing point for me was the easy setup for both the hardware and the programing

We have a Firefly system and we love it. We also like the support from the company.