who puts deli or wax paper in their pizza boxes?

Anyone do this? is it only to keep the grease from penetrating the box?
how much a sheet?


i buy 12X15 dry wax. The case is like $45. I think it comes with 5 packages of 500.

Not sure…

why do you use it?

thanks RT just a hair under 2 cents a sheet…

Hello Sal,we use it and its costs are actually a penny a sheet.We use it for many things in the shop but we do put it under the pies to keep box from sweating.They’re called deli pop up sheets 12x15 great for wraping up hoagies and chse. stks. with also.


I use wax paper too. Mostly it’s a matter of presentation - the slices come out of the box better - it just looks better than greasy, cheesy cardboard…

I’m with MM, presentation and it keeps a little nicer. We have some other uses for the paper but I get it in bulk for my boxes.

Do you use actual wax paper? How do you keep the wax off the pizzas? Or are you using silicone impregnated baking paper type of product?

i used to but recently switched to dri-pie and have had good responses from customers…i think it helps alot with delivery

yes they help butgeez… 25 cents+ or more each…and they are plastic…

plastic is so “ungreen.”…many customers would hate it in my area…

how about those single faced cardboard sheets??


We started using dry waxpaper about two months ago and I actually had customers thank me for it. It’s not that my pies are greasy, but I think it really helps the presentation. I use 12X12 sheets that run about $12 per 1K.

Do you put the waxed side up or down . . . and I want to be sure we are talking about WAXED paper, right?

Dry wax is different than the wax paper that’s normally sold in the rolls. The stuff I use is semi-transparent. It does not appear to have much wax on it at all, but does a good job blocking the moisture from getting to the cardboard. This paper is microwavable, so it can withstand quite a bit of heat.

The paper I use is called Pac Wrap, although there are several makers (including Dixie) that make this stuff. I’ve also seen it called Deli Wrap.

its not wax paper per say, nor silicone baking paper, but is commonly reffered to as deli paper/wrap

Dont ask me if they are wax paper or silicone or what all I know is when I order them they are called box liners they come in 8X8 for 10" boxes, 10X10 for 12" boxes and 12X12 for 14" boxes prices range from 13.25 - 16.10 per 1000. I use them for presentation and ease of removing pizza from box.

i use 15"x15" dry wax sheets… i put the sheet down and a dash of corn meal on my 12" and 16" boxes… since i started putting the wax down i’ve never had 1 complaint about the pizza sticking to the boxes. Love that wax!

I got a sample of those dripies too… my customers had no idea what they were, couple people brought them back to my shop asking us if it’s suppose to be in the box :oops: i did not test the rest i had after that :shock:

At least no one ate the dri pi.

not as far as you know :lol:

I have some of the "Serva-a-Wax sheets…do not seem like they would make a significant difference under the pizza in the box, eventhough it must be cause a number of you seem to be using it.
corn meal sounds effective and cost efficent.
I have been sprinkling grated cheese in the bottum to keep it dry…
just a habit I have gotten into, I have not anaylized it’s effectiveness…
it "seems’ to work, a little taste.
I have tried the dripie, effective, but customer satisfaction, I’m not sure.


I started with corn meal as well… just a bit though. however more and more pizzas were sticking to the box so i kept adding more cornmeal until it got overbearing.
i then tried the wax and never had 1 complaint since (almost a year now using the wax)… i still add a dash of cornmeal on top of the wax just for the novelty.