Who uses paid facebook advertising?

What kind of bang do you get with it? Also is there an easy way to offer a special that can.be clicked on to interphase with point of success and big holler?

The only time I pay for Facebook advertising is when I give something away. Once a month a will purchase an amazon fire tablet or a night stay at a hotel and post it on FB to give away. I will say something along the lines like.
Share this post and place an order online at www.PadronesEast.com to enter yourself in a drawing for a Amazon fire tablet. Winner will be announced on January 24th at 1700. Don’t forget to like our page for future coupons and giveaways.
I will invest $5 to the Facebook advertising and in a week I will have roughly 250K views and my sales almost every time double for the week.

I do tons of it. It is not good for promoting special offers so get that out of your head. People want to click on things that are interesting… not on deals. Be sure EVERY promoted post has photo or video.

What FB IS good for is name recognition and positioning your business as a part of the community. You can also drive traffic to your own website where you have more of a chance to promote a deal.

I tend to set my budget around $20 per post and let them run two days. Be sure you use the demographic tools to limit your reach to the ages you want and to your local area or you will be wasting money. We generally get around 2000 eyeballs per post at a cost of 1 cent per. Click through varies but I am not always looking for that.

Great insight ,thanks so much for the insight. I like the prize giveaway . I think there are lots of ways to do cool stuff with that.

This is what I teach my clients to do, Boost images to feed/join their text club and get the most out of their offer. That way they can directly text their special to their text club all year long and reach 98%. Facebook on average reaches 10%. If you boost you are boosting to get likes from people you have to pay to boost to again. Facebook and social followers are looking for entertainment. You can weed out window shoppers this way. https://www.facebook.com/sentextNE/photos/a.1483645845265727.1073741828.1483102631986715/1517495368547441/?type=3&theater

I personally hate getting texts from companies but still interested. Do you recommend any apps for this? Not exactly related but I have tried MavSocial, looked at Wishpond and Short Stack.

I use a program called slicktext.com for the casino were i run the marketing. Its just a small neighborhood card room but we have 1200 text club members you can actually set up a free text club with slicktext thay gets you 50 texts a month to see how it works. We currently send about 7500 texts a month to our 3 lists.

I just want to pitch in here, I sell text marketing and have over 70 clients and several pizzeria chains and independents.
Slicktext is pricier and more limited than what I offer. Also, you do not want to use an app based text marketing platform. Ours, you send broadcasts from a pc and has the faster delivery rate. You can run text to win contests in all of your media assets to promote your VIP Club. All non winners also getting a consolation prize like coming in to redeem for free bread sticks with purchase on slow days you choose. You can also get a birthday club, text to vote, text to ? We also design ads for signage for free. You get unlimited keywords, and messages for 99.00 per month per location. If you have 100 people sign up, you will use up 50 messages on the first 10. The reason is there compliance messages that have to be sent when someone opt ins in from their own mobile device.
By Law a person can only opt in from their own mobile device, they cannot check a box, fill in on a kiosk, and you can not upload a list. They also have to double opt in. I do not see how you can get any conclusive result from getting 10 people to sign up on a “free trial”. People LOVE this type of paperless marketing, they do not miss out on offers, and they never lose their offers. they know they will be getting offers. 75% of smartphone members prefer mobile offers to social media offers. Who cares about a free trial? I offer them too but get subscribers and start raking in the sales! It works, so as long as you have a good company and a good agent, and you are consistent with your signups… you will succeed! https://www.facebook.com/sentextNE/

The 50 free texts is basicly just so you can see how it works. If you do 99.00 a month for unlimited that is cheaper we pay 179 for 5000. They do have fast delivery though if i send one I hear every phone on the property go off in 10 seconds. For 79.00 i thi k you get 2,000 any well run club will be over that in no time. We recently lowered our program with them and are starting a club interphased with our players club. Send them offers with a code tied to their account,and prints coupons specific to that player.

I understand that the 50 texts are to see how it works, but I can demonstrate that easily. It just seems like a waste of time because you are signing up 10 people then you wouldn’t get a true result from that. Well, even better… we also offer a free month for any business you refer, so if you refer 12 businesses over the year, you can get it for free:) I can be reached at 716-909-2601. if you care to look at some of my examples you can click here… https://www.facebook.com/sentextNE/photos_stream

We are members of some great local groups which I promote 90% of our posts on. In terms of paid advertising I use it probably 10 times a year to push something specific - just promoted our heart pizzas for valentines day and we were killer busy. I almost always see a difference - substantial sales and we usually gain about 5 likes per paid promo (we live in a town of 4000)

I recently ran an offer which Im liking the results of so far and am eager to give another one a go after we take our vacation in the beginning of March. The redemption process was quite seamless - I am happy with it and will certainly be using it in the future.

I generally get the best views when we offer give aways which are aimed at getting views/action so we get tons of views and hopefully give away to a new customer (win win)

Seriously? Are you in a major city with the 16-35 year old ages being heavy?
I have a friend who has done p[aid FB advertising, and he was not pleased.
But we are loaded with retirees, and tourists

Push Trip Advisor or the like - this was really helpful for us with tourists - we were ranked #1 last summer and lots of people were saying they came because they saw us as the top restaurant in town - or the top pizza place.

The key to any advertising that you do, be it Facebook, Google, flyers, text-message, email, billboard ads or any other kind, is being able to track your results, to help you determine if that method of advertising is paying for itself or not.

If you are spending money on:
[]Facebook ads
]Box-top flyers
[]A Loyalty program / or text message marketing
]Google ads
and you are growing your business very quickly, with lots of new customers, but you have no idea which of the above are cost-effective, meaning bringing you more than you’re spending on it, you’ll continue to spend money on all of them, eating away at your long-term profits.

If you are tracking the results of each, meaning providing unique tracking phone numbers to each form of advertising, unique links to each back to your order forms, or similar tools, you may determine that Box-top ads, Google ads and Loyalty program are your most cost-effective ways of reaching your customers, allowing you to free up the funds you were spending on Facebook ads and Etc. and place those funds back into the methods that are working, bringing you more customers.

Next, please don’t equate “page views”, “open emails” or “open texts”, etc, to successful marketing. Successful marketing results in a new or returning customer, in the retail pizza industry. There are two kinds of Advertising:

[*]Institutional Advertising - Coca Cola billboard with an attractive young woman or man, holding a cold, sweat-beading can of Coke, wiping the sweat from his/her forehead, with the caption, “Coke, it refreshes.”. The purpose of such advertising is to associate your product / service with a feeling. It’s not intended to produce a sale, at least not today. Institutional Advertising is usually only employed by companies with large advertising budgets, focusing on the long-term.

[*]Direct Advertising - Coca Cola billboard with a 12 pack on it, with the caption, “Get your 12 pack of refreshing Coca Cola at Bob’s Convenience Store for $5.99. Take the next exit.”. This kind of advertising is designed to produce a sale and when done correctly can be tracked for effectiveness.

My point being, don’t be afraid to try new things, as long as you can do so with a limited investment and with a way to track the results. Without both, your investment is more like a wishing well, throw a few hundred dollars in and make a wish.

Hope that helps someone.

I use facebook paid advertising.

I recently ran a Facebook campaign for a client. Got them swamped to the point where they couldn’t even take a break. Started the campaign on a Wednesday and the Saturday the owner texted me extremely happy about what was happening.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we did for him. We ran a campaign locally around them for about 5 miles radius. Selected the age range, that was the only targeting. The offer was purchase $20 worth of food for $10.

We used the Facebook leads Ad. So we captured the email first and added them to a special list in our email autoresponder that automatically sent the prospects the coupon after paying the $10. Then we had a drip campaign set up after 3 days letting them know they had not redeemed the coupon. That fell on a Saturday. When the first set of people opened the email they got reminded about the shop. So they head on down with the family or friends and ended up spending more money at the shop since they were between 4 to 10 people. Same thing happened on the Sunday and so on and so on.

We created awareness in the area, they shop had recently opened and barely anyone knew about them. It was a snowball from there on out. We added online ordering to their website, SMS marketing, etc etc.

This can be god to gain momentum is you have a very small number of likes. Become a master of their demographic targeting features because that will make the difference for you. Some $ spend here is fine as part of a general marketing and branding budget that doesnt require direct measurable ROI, but make sure you put a cap on what you want to spend if results are mediocre. FB is best for event-based marketing in this industry IMHO.

Just as an update, the pricing for text marketing is going up and is the sign of an emerging trend as carriers have seen the number or b2c texts and identified a new revenue stream. This is going to be where it is at! Here is something new I am working on. https://tinyurl.com/proximitysms

Our company has used paid Facebook campaigns in the past. The really neat thing is being able to target across a variety of different demographics. This includes distance, gender, job titles, etc. For a pizzeria, I’d imagine you would want something hyperlocal with a pretty broad reach. if it were me, I’d likely set up a sponsored campaign to target anyone within a 3 to 5-mile radius from my establishment. It’s also very affordable.

The best method would be to tie the campaign to a unique offer not available in your other advertising streams. You will be able to track conversions and campaign success fairly easily based on the number of orders tied to the unique special. If you’re opting to promote a special that appears in your other advertising channels, you’ll want to ensure there is a way for your establishment to track referral sources. Alternatively, you may run a campaign and notice an uptick in business over the same time period the year before. If nothing else has changed (other than implementing the new Facebook campaign), you could then assume your Facebook campaign was a success. I hope this helps!

Check out our New Branding and learn some key stats on Paid Social vs. Text Marketing. https://www.sentextsolutions.com/agent-profiles/shannon-panaro/