why enforce registratrion

Without a word the TT has slipped in enforced registration to post.

I’m really not too sure what the purpose of this is:

a) if its to stop the usual spam postings it OBVIOUSLY doesn’t work in fact it looks worse than ever here today
b) if its to to stop people posting anonymously well we’ve been here before on this one also.

Before anyone shoots me down with ‘if you don’t put your name down’ etc etc We’ve seen plenty of times that ‘guest’ has rather hit the nail on the head so the posts aren’t always invalid (on quite a few occassions Nick, JrokK and DFW have commented that I’ve summed it up quite nicely so people do take the comments on board).

I’ve posted most of my entries as guest it allows you to post what a lot of people think without carrying around the baggage of others always wanting a pop at you - remember Chris on the old TT who if I recall got banned?.

So go on then web master why the change?

definitely agree also took me awhile to re-register something was wrong w/ my pass had to remember old question and change, but im not complaining it is wat it is.
Ill deal w/ it 4 the priceless info I have received.` :wink:

I’m going to drop my hat in the ring for a moment here. The reason for registured use of the THINK TANK is in an attempt to control the spam. That’s it, pure and simple.Webmaster, please correct me if I’m wrong or off-base.
As for the anonymous postings by unregistered “guests”, I have been a “guest” many times. My log-in had expired and I didn’t take the time to re-register. I found this out when I couldn’t submit a posting with an e-mail address…Oops! Since I was short on time, I just reworded my posting and deleted the e-mail address and submitted. My name still appeared at the end of my posting since I sign all of my posts, but I was identified as “guest”. I know the guys are trying to keep this web site as used friendly as possible, but we’ve got to work to control the spam, and if registration of users, and PROSICUTION of identified spammers helps, I personally, am all for it. Aside from censoring each and every post before putting it onto the THINK TANK, I don’t think we will ever achieve 100% elimination of the problem, but hopefully, we will be able to eliminate the majority of it. Please be patient and don’t let a few social currs spoil the best web site this indusatry has ever had.
Now, I’ll take my hat back, thank you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom L. hit it on the head. Even with the new registration, some junk will slip in and we are working on closing those doors that modified robots have managed to sneak into, but without registration even more junk gets in. Trust me, I didn’t want to add this requirement, but having been online as long as the TT has and with the activity it gets, its time has come. This is all an attempt to help make this forum even better.

and then a few hours after registering to post a message - you remove me so I have to register again, nice one!!!

So…Whats the big deal?
Everytime I go to an airline web site to BUY A TICKET I’ve got to re-register with name, rank, frequent flyer number, and my PIN. I really don’t think it would be all that cumbersome to register each time you go to the THINK TANK to make a posting. You should be able to go there without registering to read only, but then when you go to post a question or submit a reply/response, you should be prompted to register, then you simply register and hit “submit” again and your post is accepted. You are then registered for the remainder of that visit. When you leave the THINK TANK, you would lose your registration. This wouldn’t be overly cumbersome, and it might cut down on a lot of the spam. I ain’t no computer genious so you’ll need to take this with a grain of salt.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


I’m not talking about logging in if thats the ways its gotta be then so be it.

I’m was actually talking about registering, providing details, providing email, acknowledging the email etc etc.

I registered this morning, posted a message, tried to log in and my registration has been deleted.

Why I’d been deleted is a mystery!

As we’re all fully aware of, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

How many people bitc* about all the spam?
Now you want to bitc* about registering.

There’s no middle ground.

Mystery, in case you forgot, you don’t pay a penny to access this board. PMQ spends a lot of time and money to maintain this board. They don’t owe anyone an explanation for anything they do.

I do not think anyone “removed” you, just part of the system,
when you do it again, you can “check” the “login me in automatically” box and you should be logged on automatically each time.
It works for me about 99% of the time, today though I had to login again and check that box.
It’s a great site and any consciensious imput is appreciate.
Try it again and check that box, and it should work well.

Now I gotcha. I would agree with you. Possibly your name/registration might have been right next to one that was deleted and yours got mixed in the bag by mistake. I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve gone to delete an e-mail communication and I deleted the wrong message. Thank goodness for the “trash bin”, that intermediate stop between save and whereever deleted things ultimately end up going.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

no matter picked an easier name now!! Lets hope the ‘webmaster’ doesn;t decide to hit delete again!

Delete Him!!!

Totally kidding, couldn’t pass it up. You would think I have work to do but nope instead picking on the mystery “guest” :lol:

Happy Day!

I don’t feel that requiring registration is much of an inconvenience at all. The next step if this doesn’t work would probably be a bot checker, and THOSE can be a pain! Another thing I might humbly suggest is the use of invisible form fields in the post and/or registration pages. These fields would be labeled with something that the bots would be looking for, but would not be displayed on the screen. If data is entered in to the invisible field the post/registration is automatically discarded without any inconvenience to legitimate posters.


I wasn’t bitc*ing about anything at all. I asked a perfectly valid question as to why TT had gone registration bearing in mind the board was full of spam at that time, and then I asked another question as to why my registration had been deleted.

As to ‘owing anyone an explanation’ PMQ obviously do think they do hence why they answered me and posted a notice at the top of the board so go figure!

I’m well aware that this board is free and also well aware of the contribution PMQ and many many other make to this site.

‘Guest’ have had a real hard time on this board but you know a response like your shows there are plenty of other people on here just looking to pick a fight without thinking.


I like the idea of people logging in. It’s annoying getting attacked by a “guest”.

Nobody has been lazier about logging in than me. But I still made sure every post said DFW, even if it was not from my official account.

we actually already have a bot checker, and are in the process of trying to modify it in order to avoid the spam, thanks for all the suggestions and help.

but what’s the difference between a message posted by ‘guest’ and someone called ‘wizzle wassell’?


Okay, I’ve been following this thread for a little bit. You make some good points but now you’ve crossed the line:

The difference between posting as “guest” rather than “wizzle wassell” is because Wizzle Wassell is wayyyyy cooler. Don’t ever forget that.


Because when I prove what an idiot they are for attacking me, they either must admit their idiocy, or change usernames. Guests don’t have to do either. They just stay a “guest” and pretend like they never said anything.

As always your advice is just sooooooo spot on.
WW :lol: