why enforce registratrion

cool - beat me to it!!

Thanks Wizzle. See guys.


99 more posts and you get keys to the corporate washroom! :lol:

Personally, I love this change. It is a way to control all the spam. Even with the added moderators to help control spam, a lot still got through. Trust me, this will be a lot better. Hats off to the PMQ web staff!!

I agree with the decision to enforce registration.

Why enforce it ? It’s their site… soooo they can.

see? people having more fun here already. long live registration

One other great thing about having to be registered to post is that there are no “accidents” where someone posts a long message, gets logged as guest and the person has to log in and reply saying “that was me, sorry”.

Also, post count (as much as I hate them as a metric) can lend some insight into how valuable a particular oddball idea might be. We’ve had some off-the-wall ideas before, but if they come from a known poster, they are trusted a lot more than something by an unknown “guest”.

There you go picking aon the Auzzie and the Canadians again, LOL

I think I posted as a guest no more than 15 posts. The name I registered never activiated with email and it became annoying. So, when I saw a post I thought I might be of some help, I guest posted with a guest name.

However, the spam that has hit this board is disgusting and hopefully, this change will be for the better.