Why is no one talking about the price of cheese?


because the price is stable at the moment? im at a $1.72 brick weight.

I’m stoked! $1.61/lb woo!

Shhh! If you verbalize it, low prices go away!

Really though, just enjoy it until too many dairy cow get sold off for beef and prices spike again.

Yes the lack of exporting (thanks to the Russian conflicts and the extremely weak Canadian dollar) has really brought down the price of dairy in the U.S. Feel bad for the U.S. dairy farmers but mozz prices have been thru the roof for years. What are you paying in Indiana?

I agree, we are just under a market correction for prices being to high for too many years. But i also feel the price has dipped below what is sustainable for the dairy market, i expect the prices to start coming back up and then stabilize (but don’t get me wrong, i am loving these prices).

we were at 13 cents over block until sysco figured out how much money they are loosing on cheese, Now we are .01 over there landed cost. Which sucks ass.

works out to roughly 25-30 cents over block. It was either that or they dropped out account. Still cheaper then anyone else

but ya cheese is getting cheap for sure!

1.69 !

The Canadian Dairy Commission implemented the annual price increase. I am now paying $5 per pound.

Shhh! Don’t wake the sleeping giant

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2.37 Grande 50/50 diced


Block market at $1.2725. If it holds there all week I’ll soon be paying under $1.50. Pretty sweet timing as I’m having record month after record month so far this year.

Don’t jinx the cheese!

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$1.56 on today’s delivery woo!

1.51 for lmps blocks, should be under 1.50 next week.

What cheese brand do you use?

We paid 1.50# on our last delivery

What brand?

$2.46/LB Grande Whole-Milk Diced,
Ouch, but not,
Oddly enough cheese is one of my less expensive toppings, the continuing volatility of the beef market is a thorn in my side right now. last years usage well exceeded 20 tons