Why is PMQ spamming my email?

I just received an email from PMQ advertizing a third party product. I take offense to this. I am ok with supplemental ads on informational emails but this was a blatant advertisement with no other purpose. I did not provide my email address to PMQ to get SPAM.

I got it, too.

I’m sure they got paid guys. Like everyone else they are trying to make a buck and keep the servers and the think tank alive. I also got it. I did request to take my address off the list though. I think you’ll could do the same. We follow the new products and trends in the TT pretty well.

Like I said, I have no issue with supplemental ads, but this type of ad makes me see red. Good deal or not I will never purchase this item from them because of the spam. I do get advertising email from other sources but they are ones that I have chosen to receive. If I receive unsolicited advertisements the sender gets blocked. Since this came from “webmaster@pmq.com” if I block the address I isolate myself from think tank notifications as well as the weekly news letter.

I would rather pay a subscription fee to PMQ than be spammed.

Well what really offended me was the subject…“Why you should use keytags instead of magnets”…Jeepers…Great concern to a fellow that makes a living selling magnets…lol…

should I be offended for NOT recieving it?

I wouldn’t care if they were giving us a special price or deal because of being part of the Think Tank. But, the pricing that they sent us is exactly the same as on their website. If companies want to send me actual deals thru PMQ, I would have no problem.

But they made some really great points, though…

[size=1]just kidding![/size] :smiley:

I have a couple loyalty tags on my keys (drug store, grocery store)…Most folks would only put a couple on there so there is only a limited inventory of space…So there there would have to be a catch to get me to put a new one on…Last year I sold a pizza place a punchable key tag that they pre-sold to customers…Each punch got you a slice and a soda…I can not find a sample but I think it was 11 for the price of 10…If the folks lost it or did not use it, the pizzeria already had the cash in their pockets…

On the weekend I was in the city and I saw a place that sold punch cards with the same idea…That place sold you 8 slices and soda and when you used the card up they gave you $5.00 off the next…This would be great in a school area to speed up service at lunch because you did not have to make change or argue with folks who wanted to use plastic for a couple bucks…

crusher makes a good point, If we were getting a better deal than average advertised price…like Chris from taradel…I would be ok,
one thing I think we should do is add a place for advertisers , something that guys like Chris and others who have products that we can reseach and try not neccesarrly in the think tank but someplace

Even if they do give us a good price I don’t think they should be spamming. Like the other poster said Chris from Taradel is on our board, Royster is on our board. They have an interest in us and our businesses. They have been recommended by other posters. These people came out of nowhere.

I think it is risky for PMQ to be putting this uninvited hat on. What is ironic is it did the opposite of what the intent was.


The bottom line is that “spamming” works and has a good return on investment…Even if 99% get pissed off and only 1% order something they make money…I try very hard to build my business the old fashion way, however, the economics of doing so are against me…Direct mail and traditional advertsing costs a pile of money and as such I can not always be a price leader…And it is a slow go…

The question I would ask, since I know you are on town council, would you think it ethical to use the email addresses you collect in that position to advertise your Glacierwind promotional products? In my opinion that is what PMQ has done. I gave my email as a form of contact for the purpose of receiving notices from Think Tank and the online version of the magizine. There is no opt-out given in this case if I still would like to receive the information for which my email address was given.

I have sent an email to the webmaster quoting my first 2 post in this thread but have not yet received a response.


I am glad to see we think along the same lines.

http://www.marshal.com/pages/newsitem.a … ction=news

Much ado about nothing.

Big deal. Something that is free for you to use sends you an email selling something. Hit the delete key.

Read the registration agreement you said “ok” to when you signed up. All it says is that PMQ will not give your email address to a third party.

Then this is probably okay, too.

no but that’s why we have moderators - but looks like these guys haven’t been checking that forum for a while - come on guys!!

Of course not. Two totally different things. :roll: