Wing Sauce

Does anyone out there have a wing sauce recipe they wouldn’t mind sharing?

Here’s one I make every time I do wings and it get’s rave reviews… It can be easily scaled for larger operations; and tweaked to your liking.

3 Tbsp butter
4 Tbsp Frank’s hot sauce
1 Tbsp paprika
1/2 Tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 Tsp black pepper

Put it all in a pot and melt over low heat mixing along the way…

we use Frank’s Hotter than Hot, 50% w/a butter substitute & 1 C. granulated garlic - make 2 qts @ a time (med sauce) play w/% for mild or hot sauce

i used to mix my own but have had better/consistent results from using Frank’s BUFFALO sauce

I might have to give that a try. We currently use Frank’s Red Hot 50/50 with liquid margarine and it’s list on the menu as the ‘Frank’s Red Hot’ option. Unfortunately people think that means “suicide” or “blazing” or whatever and call back to complain that they aren’t ‘hot enough.’

Or maybe I’ll just use what we are already using and change the name to “Buffalo” sauce… hmmmm.

For those interested in such things . . . . there is a suggested recipe right on the gallon bottle of Frank’s RedHot (use liquid margarine for the butter if you prefer).

Use that as a ‘mild’ sauce. You could then theoretically use Frank’s Hotter Than RedHot sauce in same proportion to get your ‘hot’ sauce. 50/50 the prepared sauces for ‘medium’. 1 recipe to remember, and three sauces. Just a simplified process idea. Heck, add seasonings and other flavors as desired, and you still have one MOTHER recipe for three sauces.

we use franks red hot sauce and if not hot enough we add daves insanity sauce seen grow men ,marines ,and other bad as* types cry for there mama with this .

liquid marg will separate if left out & will congeal if cooled…better 2 use a synthetic sub 4 butter/marg…the gran garlic will tighten up the mix

Can I get a couple product brand names or what to call it when asking my rep . . . is it just synthetic butter? Is this where things like “Whirl” fall into play?

if I recall, whirl is more for grilling…US Foods sends me something called Golden Award…its ok, but I don’t like it for my corn/rice etc…

Mine is called Butter-It. Which is from Sysco.

Hey blue sky.

Are you joking on your reciepe. i am not trying to be mean.

But i made your sauce today and i choked on it and could not breath.

and i like hot things.

This sauce is a joke. it was too salty and way to vingary

I am sampling Golden Award. If that doesn’t work for me, I’ll try the Wesson product. Thanks for the ehads up on trying this. May be a bust . . . may be a product enhancement.

Franks Red Hot & Cattlemans BBQ.


We use Shedd’s Liquid Margarine and Frank’s Red Hot to make a nuclear sauce. Its about 1/4 part margarine to 3/4 Frank’s Red Hot. Then we add about 3 tblspns of cajun seasoning and cayenne pepper along witha 4 1gram packets of crushed peppers. To finish it off we add between 6-8 drops of Mega Death Hot Sauce to it. I personally love this stuff, but I love spicy foods. Its just hot enough that you can keep eating while still providing good flavor.

Joker ditch the extra vinegar and salt - was going off of memory when I put it down on a break and looking at the recipe they’re not in there… do that then give it a try…

ok will do,

I am always down for trying new sauces,

When i tried that one i really almost started choking


In my last place, and in my new one if I can ever get it finished, I always used a habanero pepper mash product from and added it to Frank’s. I added it for nuclear 2 oz, fallout 4 oz, and hell at 6 oz. I added it straight to a container of Frank’s with some spices like pepper, garlic, and some worchestershire (I know I can’t say it, but I am not sure if I can spell it!) When the wings are about a minute away from coming out of the fryer I would put sauce in a S.S. tossing bowl, cut with some liquid marg and put on the griddle to heat up and combine, toss with the wings and plate up and serve. A five gallon jug will last you a very long time! If you have some real tough guy you can always add a tsp. or tbs. to his hell sauce as well for a bit o fun!

we sell honey glazed wings and they are our number 3 seller behind hot and teriyaki

26oz hot sauce
16oz liquid margarine
120z light brown sugar
1/2 tbs. granulated garlic
1/3 cup honey
1 tsp cinnamon


Is that by weight or by volume? I am assuming volume for the ounces, yes? 12oz of brown sugar is 1.5 cups or 12 weight ounces?

I’ve started weighing everything now that I have a digital portion scale. It will make scaling the recipes and sharing with other cooks much easier . . . no confusion about measuring technique with the cups and spoons. I got scolded on another list be a good friend saying, “Volume is for chumps!” I’m not so vociferous or obtuse, but am starting to lean toward weighing things since I’ll be doing it for dough anyway.