Wondering if I opened Pandora's 'Pizza box'.

I’m not big on coupons or buy one get ones.But I just had my new custom boxes made and on them has a coupon/cut out w/ 1.00 off next 18’’ pizza.If everyone starts using this I just lowered my pizzas 1.00.I’m currently getting 9.50 for the pie,now it will be 8.50,this is for an 18’'pie.Am I falling to the hands of the ‘coupon Gods’? :shock:
Any comments are accepted,I deserve it. Lol


i sell an 18" for $9.25 and my business is about 20% coupons. Do what you have to do to get them back in the door.

I don’t know what market you guys are in or what competitive pressures you face, but your prices for an 18" inch pizza are REALLY low.

Raise your price by about $2.00, concentrate on quality, and introduce the coupon. Everyone out there knows that cheese is up, gas is up etc etc

wow, i feel like i am raping people here my 14 inch are 11.99


The way I see it, if it becomes a snafu for you, then you can always order new plates and print new boxes. I think you may see this ‘bounce-back’ offer increase your gross sales at least initially. You have proven a shrewd and observant business person so far, so just keep an eye out and see if sales gross drops or increases. Check your POS for a report of customers who redeem the coupon, and see if they are ordering higher ticket totals, more frequently, etc. Could be a huge kick in the pants to step up sales for you.

Rest easy . . . We sell our 16" cheese/tomato pie for $11.00 . . . . you’re only assaulting them with that price. H#ll, people complain around my little village about our prices at that rate! I should get closer to $13, but I don’t want to be jumped in the streets some dark night.

Our 16" plain cheese pie is $14.00 and we charge a $2 delivery fee. We run about 18-22% coupons.

Of course, rent is high, labor is high and food is high in a resort market…

I’ll make you all feel better - I just got a complaint email from a customer that was charged $18 for a 1-topping 16" pizza for delivery. Obviously, someone new on the phones used the wrong buttons on the computer - our 16" is not $18.

Funny thing is, her major complaint was that the pizza was smushed and the toppings stuck to the top of the box. She didn’t call back to complain and get a replacement pizza but waited a couple days to email me.

my food cost on an 18" pie is running 25%.

what is everyone elses food cost running on pies? Just curious…

I’m running at 29% for 16" pie . . . 11.00 . . . that includes the box. Just food only is 25%.

<<<I know, I know . . . gotta make my own dough! >>>

I don’t have a 18" pie, but I do have a 12", 14", 16" and a 24".

12" cheese + 1 topping = $5.99
14" cheese + 1 topping = $7.24
16" cheese + 1 topping = $9.49
24" cheese + 1 topping = $17.99

We are not the cheapest in my market BY A LONGSHOT! Though I gotta say the cheapos just raised his price for a large cheese + 1 top to $4.29!

goomba, we’re in same general market. I just raised prices across the board. 16 inch 8.50 12 inch 5.75. I don’t do much discounting, Free 2 liter w/2 large. At my prices I don’t need to discount but at lunch we do alot of 5.50 lunch specls. Chst w/chips & 16oz fountain- 12 inch pie w/16oz etc. etc. You said you got best of Philly for sandwiches so charge’em up. Delivery is .75 flat rate also.

Hello Ramsey,we do charge them up my friend,on the hoagies that is.On pizzas we are just in the running of whats around us.Our hoagies and chse.steaks are much higher than anyone elses around us though.Check out my menu www.goombaspizzaria.com Primos hoagies aren’t loving us.lol

                                   Niccademo :lol:

geez, i feel really bad. I am in a small town, not much competition My 18" pepperoni is $13.50. no complaints. they go all the way up to $17.50 for what we call an any & all, all the toppings i carry on a pizza, or 5 items or more.

Jeenkies. Our 20 topping “Train Wreck” (all regular ones) 16" sells for $28. I do mean sells; maybe 4 a week. That’s plenty for us, and 12" sells a couple more ($19.50).

It’s a weird marketplace we work in with our shop . . . regarding pricing tolerances.

Cost to sales are real good too aren’t they Nick?

Didn’t you say a couple of weeks ago you collect all the spillage on the make bench and put into a container for the Train Wreck toppings? :?

We out all this in a bin for the local piggery for feed :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about pricing tolerances, but you customers sure have a tolerance for toppings :lol:


They draw the line at plastic bag tabs, though. I thought they got an extra topping without paying . . . they thought they got a piece of garbage. What they actually got was a free $19 pizza and a gift certificate for more.

BTW, we are way more cautious “about table swiping”. I set a timer and call out time to swipe for food safety. We also really push toppings drops into a pile and put in cooler every few minutes in a dedicated tub we keep time and temp controls pretty tight on this part of the operation. It’s not like we put our trash on pizzas. We do have standards. Besides, it probably saves me a 5# bag of cheese a week.

Wait until we have a special Aussie pizza. It has lots of toppings, tastes great but you can’t figure out how much it costs :smiley: Oh, and no delivery on this one . … only take out or dine in.

I am jonesing for those San Marzano variety tomatoes from that other thread, too.

Bro, what have you been known for up until now? Coupons are evil to me and perhaps great for different areas. I agree with some of the guys that say think about quality first. That has been my approach from day one.

Please remember this because many of us forget, but a $1 off is 10% off a $10 pie, but it is more like 50% of your profit!!! If you run a 20% net profit that is!

Doesn’t make sound financial sense, does it? Raise your prices and forget about it! Run nked around your shop and you’ll increase biz. :wink:


Believe it or not, I’ll go even one step further. I buy douhgballs for my garlic knots and backup crusts. However, for my normal pizza, I use a pre-sheeted self-rising crust (can’t afford a mixer right now and don’t have a dough press) that raise my cost significantly on the pizzas. I am thinking about buying a manual dough press as my experience with handtossing was less than solid. Do you use a dough press, and if so, are you happy with it? Thanks.


unfortunately this business is driven by coupon loving rabid bargin hunters looking for the cheapest thing they can get. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this happen… we run buy one get one free specials, and we see the same people every day we run that. Do we see them any other day? no we don’t. Pizza has been relegated to fast food as far as value goes. With companies like Dominos putting out tasteless cardboard crap for a cheap price people aren’t willing to pay a premium price for a premium pizza. Granted, there are those out there who are willing to pay good money for a good pie. But most people who get pizza are cheap coupon using bargin hunters who are more concerned about saving a dollar or two than they are with eating a good product.

You are correct sir!