World Cup affecting pizza sales?

I just saw a statistic that says in 2010, 94.5 million Americans watched at least some of the World Cup. That compares to about 110 million for the Super Bowl.

Ok so it’s still not as a much as the Super Bowl, but it’s obviously a serious sporting event! Has anyone seen the impact of the World Cup on their sales? What kind of steps have you made to promote it? Or have you promoted it at all?

No impact.

We did see a bit of an increase yesterday timed right for the USA World Cup game. Our Mondays have been dreadful lately and our dinner rush has generally been starting later and later but yesterday our 5:00 and 6:00 hours were quite busy. Being in the south as well as a college town we have a few more European and Central and South American soccer fans here than most areas. Today’s game between Mexico and Brazil will fill up every seat in every Mexican restaurant in town but probably won’t help the pizza business much.

Dang right about that. I predict the same in Oxford, MS today. I didn’t realize until last night when I was trying to watch the U.S.-Ghana game from France at MIDNIGHT that you have to have a special sports subscription on your cable to watch the game! Is that true in the U.S. as well? If the average person can’t watch it from home, I can see why most people would opt to go out instead of ordering pizza in.

All games on regular ESPN where I’m at so pretty much everyone with cable or satellite TV have it.

Unfortunately for us the games are played between 1am - 8am when we are shut.
Shame of the timing because where we are around 45% of the population come from England (soccer in their blood) plus there is a strong South African population (soccer mad)

zero impact,

No impact on business and very few customers are paying attention the the world cup at this point.

That’s because Canada isn’t playing :wink:

With winter 8 months of the year how would they be able to form a decent team? :stuck_out_tongue:

Next thing you will tell us is that you deliver to people living in igloo’s :smiley:

we are in a mostly Spanish area and they love the world cup. We got a little bump.

My friend was in the Italian section of Edmonton for the Italy / England game and it was “nuts”…

Looks like a classy place and complimentary breakfast! I’m all abooot it!

They might need a map…


It just occurred to me that I haven’t phrased my poll question in the best way. Some of you referred to your Latino or European customers being the ones who are most into the World Cup and I asked exclusively about the US/Ghana game. Any increase in sales as far as you can tell for any of the other games?
Mexico vs. Brazil for example?

I told a friend in France that I was shocked there is not too much of an increase in pizza sales for the World Cup in the U.S. and he goes, “there’s not!? wait - Americans eat pizza when they watch sports?” LOL I think he must have been surprised because pizzas are usually individual sized in France, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for a group gathering.

We have been getting crazy busy during the Mexico games

Next game Monday afternoon

You’re reading the information wrong, 6.3 rating vs a 34.4 rating. The WC match isn’t nearly as big as the Super Bowl. In fact, it’s more like an NBA Finals game.