XLT Ovens. Price?

I am looking into these ovens and I am wondering what the best way is to purchase them. Should I go direct through them or is it better to go through dealers?


14,000 to 40,000

In addition to the actual cost, you must factor in energy savings, labour savings, quicker production times, etc…You may find that it pays for itself…

There is always a lot of talk about “paying for itself” when talking about these new ovens. Does anyone have any hard evidence (or even supposed evidence) that new ovens “pay for themselves”?

When we say that, how long are we talking? 5 years? 50 years?

My savings based upon others I know using deck ovens is about 50 to 60 percent less. My gas bill runs about $450.00 per month and the deck users I know run about double plus. That is around a a 5-6k per year savings ,3 year pay back on ovens.

I upgraded from lincoln 1000 double stacks to the XLT 3255 at 2 locations about 2 years ago.
The total price was about $55,000. So far we have saved about $16,000 on gas, electric and repair bills.


RG, my gas usage has decreased by 20-25% since putting in my Edge ovens. I have a long record to track this and gas is only used in my pizza ovens and hot water heater. Is 20-25% of my gas bill enough to pay for the ovens? Of course not. My electric is down, I would guess because my Edge ovens fit better under my hood and put a lot less heat out of the ends. My A/C system doesn’t struggle to keep up anymore. I still would struggle to say that they pay for themselves in savings.

Jimmy D: Why wouldn’t you spend the time to price them out both directly and through dealers. I don’t think they have very many dealers, just George Mills and Northern Pizza Equipment that I’m aware of. Be sure to include delivery costs in your quotes, as when I purchased an XLT directly from the factory, I had to arrange and pay for shipping. I think the dealers will include shipping in your quote.

Hey…I bought two of their largest units for my other store and my gas HAS gone down…I was able to cut out one employee since the units manage themselves…and BUY DIRECT…Call gary Goodson at XLT.


Thanks for all of the replies. I spoke with Gary Goodson today and traded emails with Mr . Mills. I didn’t know the northern guys sold them. I have bought from them many times before. One question though. Why purchase direct if the other guys can beat them on price? I am not asking to be a smartass, just wondering if there are any advantages.



Does anyone have a leasing plan on them?

Glad you asked. My price to the user is less than factory price. It only Logical. Why would anyone be a dealer if the factory was selling for less.

We do have Leasing plans.

The saveings quoted above are typical.

George Mills

George or anyone who has done it in CA,

Thinking of switching out my rotating deck oven for a 3870-TS Double Stack. My current oven just has a direct flute to the roof. Could you just ball park the cost of putting in a hood to handle it?

Plus, with George, you get to help out a really nice guy and valuable contributor here.

Hi pizzapirate;

Getting some specifics on the hood will respond shortly.

George Mills

Hi pizzapirate:

There has to be several hundred XLT installations in California I have done 30 or more my self, and the factory has done a lot of Domino’s and Little Caesar’s.

If you would like a list of some Send your Email address to pizzaovens@aol.com
And I will send you one.
There is more than just a hood to consider. The code calls for all exhausted air to be returned at a temperature not less than 10 degrees below room temperature. The common way to do that is to have some metal bender make a hood and install a make up air unit to bring back air to the building The make up air unit will contain a furnace to heat the inbound air. The cost of operating a make up air unit that is constantly heating several thousand cubic feet of air every minute can amount to several thousands of dollars per year.

In addition to that contingency, make up air units almost never include a system to cool that make up air in the summer. Therefore in order to keep your shop cool enough to work in, additional air conditioning is required.

Because of the operating costs the ventilation system we use does not require the instillation of a make up air unit. Our system brings all but 7 or 8 hundred CFM of the make up air required directly into the hood. More than that small amount of air is most always being supplied by even a 5 ton A/C. That small amount of air going out the hood does not usually effect the cooling of the building. Our system is certified by Equipment Testing Lab to perform as listed.

That system, hood, full rear plenum, Intake and exhaust fan and curbs is about $6,300.00 Plus shipping Duct work is supplied by your installer.

That is about the same or just a bit more than the cost for a hood and make up air system and it saves usually several thousands in operating costs every year.

George, I’ve seen you post this several times. Can you explain this to me? I was under the impression that A/C units did not bring in any outside air unless outfitted with an economizer, and even then the economizer is only open when the outside air temperature is in the ideal range.

I know both of my restaurants and my home are outfitted with A/C the only draws air from the internal returns. How does that supply 7 or 8 hundred CFM?

Just to be clear. $6300 does not include installation? If that is the case, about what can I expect to pay for installation?


Regardless of the price of an XLT oven, I strongly advise against the purchase! We recently purchased an XLT oven directly from the factory, and we’ve experienced nothing but problems… Uneven bake, extreme temp. fluctuations.

After calling the factory rep., a tech. was dispatched to our location to work on our oven, only to have it go right back to malfunctioning later that day. We call again…same deal. and again, and again, and again! Same story, same problems.

What a mistake we made buying this oven! Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for an oven. We spoke with Gary Goodson, the service techs., the service manager, and the pres. of the company. We still sit with a poorly performing oven. if you want to verify any of this, please email me. david@myhappypie.com
Better yet, call XLT! Ask them about our story. We are in Greenville ,SC.

Good luck to you.

Whilst I’m sorry that you’ve had problems there are plenty of guys on here (including me) who will sing the praises of their XLT ovens. Not that this helps you.

I’ve had issues with one of my 2 xlt ovens in the same way I had issue with both of my MM ovens. As many have posted here the joy of having a double stack leaves me in a slightly better position if one oven goes down but even with one we didn’t fair well on the Friday night that one stopped working. Luckily I’ve got a good service deal and got mine fixed. If your running out of options then maybe a lawyers letter might be in order for an unfit product?

We have a double stack of XLT’s in one of our stores. Generally nice ovens - bake is good.

However, they put out an unbelievable amount of heat from the ends of the oven. I’d guess there is more than twice the heat blowing out as there are from my much older MM360’s.

We recently had a customer appreciation day, cooked about 500 orders about 1000 pizzas. Tending the oven for 13 hours was like standing near the sun.