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    I wrote an article on oven selection where I discussed advantages and disadvantages of different types of ovens. Many of these have already been discussed here but one that seems to be missing, or maybe I just missed it, it that of being able to provide a regulated airflow to the top of the pizza in an air impingement oven (remember, not all conveyor ovens are air impingement) which can be a huge asset in a DELCO operation where we need to have the top of the pizza as dry as possible, or in the least, not a swamp pizza. Also, if your concept is that of putting more toppings on the pizza than anyone else, or making pizzas with a heavy load of vegetable toppings, the air impingement oven can work wonders at baking the top of the pizza while not over baking the crust and by having the correct fingers configuration on the top you can ensure that you are making the driest pizza possible while still maintaining the overall quality of the pizza.
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