Edge or Xlt oven

Hi all

okay, I’ve used mm360 for many years and I see comments from many unhappy users(including myself). I’ve been in pizza business for 19 years and read comments on edge but mostly xlts.

Any edge users here?

How is the baking? Customer service after purchase? Any Problems with parts failing?

In California customers of good pizzas :slight_smile: do not like white uncooked doughs. I know all about finger configs. Of oven , time and temp…however if the blowers are week (burners) you can configure fingers until you have many birthdays but it won’t be fixing anything.

Can any edge or xlt users please give some feedback so I can decide which one to get.
Our lg. Dough 20 oz.

Thank you

I chose the Edge60 over the XLT. I am very happy with them. If you want a great dealer to work with contact George Mills (a very knowledgeable Think Tank member) http://thinktank.pmq.com/members/george-mills.971/

I switched from XLT to Edge ovens a few years ago. Both ovens cook a great pizza but with the help of Mark from Edge Ovens I have gotten the exact cook I am looking for. The Edge ovens are quite a bit quieter and put a lot less heat out of the ends. The best part of Edge is the customer service given by Mark and Mike, the owners of the company.

Any problem with either ovens breaking down or after purchase support?


I have had my overs in service for about 9 months and they have never missed a beat. I would expect not to have many issues with them having a 5 year warranty.

2 double stack of XLT’s. Sitting at 7 years without a service call. Knock on wood.

Thanks all. I think there is not much difference. I thought there would be some since they are different companies(as far as baking).
We’re still unsure, called edge guys to see if they would come to us to demo but we were told we are too far (California).
Only thing I noticed was Xlt told me they would set up installation with one of their guys out here but edge said just have someone come out and install it.

I think for new oven be nice that the oven company connect you with a qualified company to install. Any comments from Edge users?

I’ve only been open 3 weeks and I love my EDGE oven. I posted a couple of experimental pctures on Facebook if you want to see how the crust looks Facebook.com/unclericospizza.

I live waaaaaay up north so to have an installation done by Edge would have been out of the question. I spent a bit of time on the phone with Mike to determine the most likely finger configuration for my style of pizza. They set up the oven but also sent extra fingers so I could tweak the final bake once I had things up and running. I had my gas fitter come in to make the necessary changes to the connections once I had placed the ovens myself. If memory serves me correctly I had the ovens operational within 4 hours of them arriving at my store. My experience was great and I would recommend Edge Ovens without any hesitation.

Thank you, although NY and CA are so different as far as pizza making goes but that pizza looks great. Installation? How did that go?

Thanks, that really helps.
So just connect gas line and that’s all?
Here I was told I have to get specialist to come out do a bunch of stuff. Yours sounds nice and simple.

The gas fitter had to do a test to make sure the pressure was correct but that was the only “special” thing.

XLT or Edge - anyone cook a Detroit Style pan in them with good results?

Installation went great. I don’t think it took them more than 2 hours. They stuck a pipe through the whole you see in the picture while the oven was on its side, cranked it up with what looked like a couple of engine lifts, bolted the legs on, turned it over and placed it down, rolled the belt in, hooked up the gas line, adjusted the pressure and they were done. Also left a couple of block offs for the fingers if I wanted to do some adjusting which I did. They were great with helping me adjust the oven I think after 4 phone calls I had it cooking to how I like it.
photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG

Is that a 40 or 60?


I have a double edge 360. I personally love it.

we’re getting ready to purchase and already got a quote from xlt which is quite a bit more than Edge oven. are you still happy with edge and if you had the choice all over again would you buy the Edge?

Yes, I’m still happy with my Edge ovens and happy that I made the switch. The ovens cook great and are efficient enough to have very noticeable savings on my utility bills. When I call Edge Ovens, an owner of the company either takes my call or calls me back. It is a small company that treats their customers like family. I really don’t think you can go wrong purchasing from them.

I will also vouch for George. If nothing else, give him a ring and pick his brain. He gave me some great advice a few years ago and I am thankful.