Flour Prices: HOLY $*@T

Sorry if there’s another post regarding this subject, but I just learned my flour will be increasing to well over $30 per 50LB bag. Thats going to cost me around $700 per week more than I am paying now and well over $1000 per week more than it would have at last years prices. We just did a price increase but will probably soon have to do another one. How long does it take these increases to hit the big chains?

i have 100 bags coming tomorrow at $21…monday they will be over $30 here as well

i have a 3 week supply. after its gone, its $30 a bag. Food Cost from the dough will be 25 cents more when i have to buy more.

We haven’t hit $30 yet but its coming… This is getting ridiculous.

what is your actual price to produce say a 19oz doughball with your $30.00 PRICE??

ESTIMATE…with or without labor


what is your actual price to produce say a 19oz doughball with your $30.00 PRICE??

ESTIMATE…with or without labor


aprox 46 cents, not counting labor

You think it is bad now, look for about $50 sometime in March. Supply is going to become VERY VERY short.

Thank the “ethanol boom” mostly - farmers are planting corn instead of wheat…

Corn/ethanol-additives should start pushing the price of regular gas down any day now though… and day now…

/me taps his fingers on his steering wheel.

I got 200 50 lbs bag monday for 20.50

200 bags? Where do you put them? I can reasonably handle maybe 50 bags.

All Trumps - USFoods…$21.33

$18.66 Performance food groups. Was told expect a 3-5 dollar jump next week.

how long can you store flour

Here’s something to keep in mind regarding the recent increases in flour price.

  1. To make a pound of dough, it takes roughly 10-ounces of flour to make a pound of dough.
  2. To make a typical 12 to 14-inch pizza you will need to use about 12-ounces of dough.
  3. For every $5.00 in flour cost, your 12-ounce dough ball will contain 4.6-cents of flour cost (lets round that off to 5-cents of flour)
  4. With flour prices presently at about $20.00 per 50# bag, your flour cost in a 12-ounce dough ball is about 20-cents.
  5. If the flour price increases to $50.00 for a 50# bag, the same 12-ounce dough ball will contain about 50-cents of flour (about a 30-cent increase).
    The numbers that you are paying may look to be pretty hefty, but the actual cost increase per pizza really isn’t al that great, unless you are not passing the cost on to your customers. If you explain to your customers why you have had to make a price increase, and then pass on only the direct increase to them, you will be able to maintain profit margins and still provide a reasonably priced pizza to yuor customers.
    Here’s a quick and easy way to see how much flour your different size dough balls contain:
  6. Divide the dough ball weight (in ounces) by 1.63 This will tell you how much flour (in ounces) was used to make that size/weight dough ball.
  7. Divide the flour weight by 16 to give you the flour weight in pounds.
  8. Multiply the flour weight by the unit weight (cost per pound) of the flour and you will have your direct flour cost to make the dough ball.
    Flour price is $22.00 per 50# bag.
    Unit flour price: $0.44 per pound.
    Dough ball weight: 12-ounces
    Amount of flour in the dough ball: 12 divided by 1.63 = 7.36-ounces
    Pounds of flour in the dough ball: 7.36 divided by 16 = 0.46-pound
    Cost of flour in the dough ball: 0.46 X $0.44 = 20.24-cents (lets call it $0.21)

There are some excellent spread sheets available that will automatically calculate all of your actual ingredient costs, including flour, but in case you don’t have one, this will allow you to do a quick and dirty calculation of your flour cost.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you Tom and PAUL7979

TOM I have a question…is there a dough forumula or additive that would make a pizza crust more airy…maybe keep the same thickness but it uses less flour …

you know some kind of dough modification that would mitigate some of the price rises in flour…


my supplier keeps them in his warehouse and I get them as needed

you know some kind of dough modification that would mitigate some of the price rises in flour

Yes: “Would you like to try our thin crust tonight?”

HaHa, Funny. Funny Man :smiley:

“Try our new low carb pizza bowl! A delicious alfredo sauce pizza with mozzarella, sausage, bacon, and green peppers. All in a bowl with no crust!”

Brand new at Nick’s . . . 10" crisp thin pizza crusts. They are amazingly similar to flour tortillas, but they’re pizza crusts. Also available in corn variety.