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Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

Could you have the customer pay while ordering?

There are inexpensive cash registers that have enough buttons…even a used pos like a sam4s sps 2000 on ebay or something similar will help you with lost sales and overcharges.

Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges


Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

Wait while I set up my soapbox…

Maybe the first priority should be to put the employees on the payroll for obvious legal reasons, namely federal taxes and workers comp.
Do you really want to tick off an employee who can hold things over your head? I bet the savings in payroll taxes and workers comp is far more than a few dollars of short pays an employee gives away.

I now am stepping down…

Get something, anything… better than what you have now. You don’t have to get the best, just something better than you have now. Assign certain people and only the same people to the register for order taking. Train them the way you want and when they achieve the level of competency you want, train the next person.

There are only 2 reasons someone doesn’t do what they are told…

  1. They don’t know
  2. They don’t care.

It is up to you to determine which one it is and go from there.

Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

i also thought a pos system was too expensive,after 8 years of pen and paper we switched and watched my sales increase 35%.Dont be stubborn and make the change…

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Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges


Point of Success…FREE version

Square credit card reader…FREE…

A used pc $125
Screen $75
Keyboard & mouse $25
Used Epson printer $100 (I’ll sell ya one of muni…lol)

Let’s see…looks like a winner to me…

Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

Stop screwing around and get serious about business. Buy a POS or don’t, but put employees on regular legit payroll or just go away. I am sick of places that pay under the table and add costs to unemployment and work comp for the rest of us that play by the rules. I am also sick of people cheating the system and using the leverage to lower prices.

As there is really no reason to pay under the table wages with declared sales, my guess would be that if you are paying under the table, you are also not reporting 100% of sales and paying the sales tax due… tell me I am wrong!


Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

A POS will pay for itself very quickly…

1 - Helps in making sure customers get charged properly…
2 - Assists in managing inventory and tracking food costs…
3 - Data base of clients is a gold mine…

Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

Why not? Are you worried it’s against the law? Why worry about that if you’re not worried about the rest of the labor laws?

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Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

I stand corrected on the sales tax issue. Sorry about that assumption. That does not change my view of paying illegal wages and therefor cheating on work comp, unemployment, employers share of fica etc etc. You have no monopoly on hardship. It is not OK and “everybody” does not do it.

In the end, since you declare all your sales, those dollars end up being income to you and taxable… (which is why, when I see cash wages, they are nearly always paid with undeclared sales) There is no reason not to pay legit wages and declare the related expenses unless you have a funding source for those wages that will not end up being taxable to you as income. i.e. Pay $20,000 in cash wages under the table from declared income… that 20K shows up as income to you and you owe the taxes on it. Why not declare the wages and pay the employer’s share of fica etc as it generally ends up cheaper.

Ask your accountant about it.

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Lol Bodegahwy. Her accountant is her mother. She is making bad business decisions all around.

Debbie - Nobody cares about your excuses. The economy has an impact on everyone. It is no justification to pay people under the table.

You are being penny wise and pound foolish.

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Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges


Um, the topic was EXACTLY about how you pay your employees - don’t you remember?

You asked if it is was legal to make deductions from their pay.

That is such an illogical question - it doesn’t make any sense for you to ask it, since their pay itself is illegal. So, I guess technically, the answer to your question is no, you can’t legally deduct it from their pay, because they are not legally getting paid.

Aside from that, you seriously can’t expect the people here who are following the rules to not get hot under the collar when you come here and tell us how you don’t follow the rules, which in turn costs us more money.

No need to say “screw you”, you are already doing it.

Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

Debbie, I am sorry you don’t like the answers you received, but they are right on topic:

“Now legally speaking my 2 employees are paid under the table SSHHHH!!! I know I know, but anyway, can I legally say to them " I will deduct out of your pay what you make me lose?”"

Yes, you touched a hot button and got more response than you wanted but the short and sweet answer to your question is “No” You can not legally pay people under the table and no, you can not deduct mistakes from hourly wages.

As a practical matter, since you are breaking the law anyway, the response you got from Paul “Why worry about that if you’re not worried about the rest of the labor laws?” was also on point as was the discussion of the risks you are taking by doing so. All it takes is one unhappy ex-employee to turn you in and you are kidding yourself if you think that will never happen.

So protect yourself, go legit on your employment practices and impliment proceedures and equipment that will not only reduce or eliminate the mistakes, but will also help your business and pay for themselves. There really is a lot of useful info in the answers you received if you will get off your high horse and listen.

After all that, I apologize for taking a combative approach… you caught me on a grumpy day and hit one of my hot buttons. I think that all businesses should toe the line on employment practices as it really does cost those of who do toe the line when others freeload on the system.

Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

Really? No one is bashing you. Everyone is saying do the right thing. Everyone is saying stop breaking the law.

As was already pointed out, you came here with exactly that question. What did you expect people to say? “Good job evading payroll taxes and sales tax?”

Just because everyone is giving you the correct advice, and you don’t want to hear it is no reason for the crappy attitude. You said screw you in you first post, because when you evade taxes, that is exactly what you are doing.

People pointing out your own blatant mistakes is no reason to get bent out of shape. No one has said it yet, but do you really think posting about your illegal business practices on a public BBS is a smart idea? The IRS has computers, and google is free.

It will be more productive for you and your business to say SCREW YOU to your bad habits and crappy attitude.

Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

yes, you are screwing yourself.

One injury to an employee on the clock, one ticked-off employee who realizes you aren’t paying taxes etc…you are out of business. Boom!

What you are doing is illegal. Your mother could also be brought in on charges, if anything should ever happen. That will certainly put a crimp in your cash flow.

You dock that employee, s/he gets mad and reports you…bye bye.

You will do whatever you want, but realize that the responses you have gotten do relate directly to your question. So, please don’t get mad at anyone here for answering.

Re: Lost Sales & Overcharges

I used to think we couldn’t afford POS. Used to suffer losts $$$ because of under charges etc.
Cost <$4K and $130 per month to put in a a 4 station POS with refurbished computers/touch screens.
Takings have gone up in excess of the monthly cost, plus more. POS will pay for itself in less than 12 months.
Find the $$ somehow to put in a basic POS and you can do it cheap and cheerfull with Point of Success and you will find the mistakes will vanish overnight and the POS will pay for itself over and over.

OK…I go out one night and look what happens! I even said Happy Easter to the delivery drivers today. :roll: