How was it today?

Lets start a thread with how everyday is? For example today Saturday December 1st.

Beautiful weather outside, had few deliveries and 1 inside and 3 take outs. Its almost 4pm

Temp is ZERO degrees F with 3" of snow. It is almost 4:00PM so it will be dark within the next hour and we have made 40 14" pizzas so far today.

thats not bad

It was 36 degrees here today,sunny but windy. Had our towns Christmas parade today so we were extremely busy from 1 till 5.

Snowing all day here, done about 3/4 of normal business, which is actually suprising considering people around here usually lock themselves in their houses when it snows here, lol!

was buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy :smiley:

Today was payday and after a 3 day marketing blitz on post we wound up with a $650 dayshift. Night is still going but it’s looking pretty good… finally.


Extremely cold (-12 degress celuis) and windy. 9pm Dec 01 and at 29 deliveries

Sunny and about 60 here today. Only $75 short of Friday numbers so very good!

Sunny and high 60’s. Saturday finished 30% higher than last 6-weeks average.

This followed up a string of 4 monthly high sales records . . . August through November were highs for respective months. Only a 10% overage, but respectable to be sure. December is starting out nicely!

A bit cold for the start of summer with 25 o Celsius, but this bought the hungry hordes out. Ended up a good night doing just a couple of bucks short of $2,600, with only 1 driver. Best Saturday for about 6 weeks and up about 10% on our average Saturday night.


wow with 1 driver??? very good

4" of snow, frezzing rain and 40 mile winds, 12 delivery’s and 132 pizzas out the door. People are CRAZY or I just have great pizza :smiley: Best Saturday in 6 weeks $2250.00 for the day. Almost hiy my first $2500.00 day

Yesterday, we had our annual Christmas parade…and the first time this ownership of our PJ has been open.

We had a projected $2200 and by the time I left last night at 10 p.m., we were at $3600.

Temps were VERY mild…we had a warm front come in before a cold front (gotta love Oklahoma weather)…so at the time our parade was going, temps were in the mid 60’s and climbed up to 80º at 4 a.m. this morning.

Now (Sunday, Dec. 2), it’s very windy and cool, with temps in the mid 40’s.

TODAY Sunday

me and my wife and 3 drivers… opened at 11am and now its 7pm kinda cool did $800 till now we dont close till 11.30pm so maybe 200 more…

what do you guys think?? for me this is a ok sunday

This is just deliveriees we had 3 dine ins and couple take outs.

wow those numbers are great… if you dont mind me asking./… how long have you been doing it and how manyu drivers are you running and dine in alot or??


wow us to, we had a christmas parade that came right past our store, we handed out 200 hot cocoa…made such an impact for our new little store


A nice warm day. Visited the in-laws and had a nice cool beer with F-I-L and then realised had to get to work (no manager at the moment so it’s 7 days).

Started off steadily at opening at 5pm and then just stayed that way all night - no real rush but no down time either. Did heaps of sides today, selling out of ribs.

Ended up doing $1850 which is up about $400 - $500 on a normal Sunday. Again done with only 1 driver as the other called in sick about 4pm. Luckily only 11 deliveries for the night. A couple wanted deliveries but couldn’t wait 45 minutes so both converted to pick up.


How did you do that much with one driver… all dine ins? thats good