How was it today?

1st Our prices are somewhat higher than yours in the US. Average price for a 13" in $15.50

2nd Deliveries are not that much of our trade - about 25 - 30% tops. We have had a constant battle to get drivers since I have had the store (2 years) and we have educated our customers that it is easier and quicker to pick up than wait for a delivery

3rd Dine in only accounts for less than 5% of our trade. We would like to expand this but our demographics and way of life sees a lot of alfresco cafe dining. People don’t normally go to a pizza place to dine out, unless it is a Italian restuarant type outlet. We mainly get people who are going to the cinema in our complex who want a casual eat before / after the movie, or people coming home from the beach or sporting event.

On Saturday we did almost $2,600 with 1 driver and he did 16 deliveries between 5.30 and 10.00pm, roughly 4 per hour.

We have had to kill the reliance on deliveries and educate the customer to pick up. I think with the numbers we are doing we are doing a fairly good job at it, especially since we have grown the business from mid $7K to low $11K per week in just 2 years.


Tango, I’ve only been working for PJ’s for 3 months.

I am just a cook, but former manager style roles at other Pizzerias is what helps me “talk the talk”.

We had 5 drivers, BUT, we have a VERY large delivery area…much larger than the others in town.

We go to 3 different cities other than ours…it’s nothing for a driver to average 100 miles a night.

When things like the parade are going on…that gives us the edge over the other stores in town…they don’t stray from our city limits.

We have no dine in, unless people buy a bottled drink and eat at the little “bar” table at our front window with a paper plate or their pizza box.

It’s carryout and delivery only.

tahnx papajgril

TODAY I AM DEADDDD>>>> its monday night foobtall and its dead now had a good lunch crowd few deliveries and its 6pm dead :frowning:


Normally a quiet day but tonight we did $850, up about $200 - $300 on average.

Good thing The chinese restaurant the other side of the service yard between us has closed until 17th December. They have gone on holidays to Hong Kong for 2 weeks. (gee I knew I was paying too much for their food). With them being closed we might have stronger sales for the next 2 weeks. People doing walk ups to order and seeing them closed may come to us?

Bad thing: We had 2 drivers on last night and only did 4 deliveries. It’s a shame but one of the drivers can only do Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. He works another part time job at the major Supermarket in our centre as well as doing Medicine at University (I just hope I never have to see him as my Doctor :roll: )

Really Good thing: Had a out of the blue call from a guy asking if we had any drivers jobs going :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: He came in an hour later for an interview and starts Friday. His availability is preferred for Friday and Saturday, our weak nights for driver availability. Not getting too excited though as I had a guy sign up a couple of weeks ago for any shift available and didn’t show on the first night or any there after. :x When and if this new guy starts I will be real happy.

All in all Monday this week was a pretty good night for me. :slight_smile:



Steadily seeing increase in sales. Monday was up about 30% for me over a normal Monday. Just hope the momentum continues over the rest of the week and month. Had about 5 customers come in a tell me how good our food was. I do know that Dominos is starting to hurt from my momentum.


I was off so I cannot vouch for sales, but I expect with it officially being December now, that all of us should see some increase, because it’s too easy to buy a pizza and everyone in the family be happy while you’re out shopping for the holidays and getting ready to travel.


and nothing new all my bills came in and its slow for the 2nd day in a row… little better then yesterday… I HATE BILLS …

Just imagine how much more money we’d make if we didn’t have to pay them ! :smiley:


Seemed a dead night with phone barely ringing until 7pm.

Got lots of prepping done following a busy Sat and Sunday (with staff shortgaes).

M.I.T. and myself did heaps of prep as did the driver while he was in the shop so we caught up.

Had to double dough make due to $tuffing (mod won’t allow this word ??) up a batch, but that’s OK (oh yeah).

Ended up about $200 - $300 over our average Tuesday of late which was surprising. Did a fair few dine-ins due to being “Tight Ar$e Tuesday” (half price tickets) at the cinema a couple of doors down from us.


Cold and snow seem to make people want pizza -25o C and 6 inches of fresh snow put me about $300 over the average Tuesday sales. Day prep help off being a new grandma and night staff consisting of 2 14 year old who can work a total of 2 hours each.

The good news is I got 2 driver applications tonight.

Only get excited when they actually start. I’ve been let down by drivers saying they will start Friday and don’t turn up - ever.



Just got home from the store and feel pumped.

Had the night off only going in for the close up but ended up on the makeline for 45 minutes.

We had a sell out of dough tonight, doing $1,470 our biggest ever Wednesday - up about $300 - 400 on a normal Wednesday. Last order from 6 people who came in the door just as we were about to close ordered 4 large pizzas. We had 3 Jumbo bases left so we cut two down to Large size for 2 Gourmets and the did a half half Jumbo for the other 2 larges (about the same size equivalent). Nice end of night sale of $59.

Just hope the Chinese restaurant stays closed for more than the 2 weeks holiday they are on.

On track to hit $12K this week for the first time.


We have been really slow the past few days. It has been raining here and the weathermen keep mentioning ‘freezing rain’ but it hasn’t been getting cold enough. Unfortunately, everyone thinks it must be freezing so they are not coming out to eat. :frowning:

Was hoping for bigger holiday business…anyone else out there been unusually slow? (Someone please say ‘yes’ so I can feel a little better… :slight_smile: )


I had some large orders today…the night shift was slower than last week…Im only busy because we did like $1000 lunch,…
so I was busy daytime,but the night was quiet…

all the best
BIg Sal

Bit of a catch up

Dough roller broke and had to part hand roll rest of weekend.
New driver started … YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE One actually turned up to start

New driver turned up AGAIN. Like the looks of this one. Does a real good job of every task, plus he is intelligent (we need someone with brains around here to keep me company)

Just above a normal day.

Due to vast volumes needed to be rolled over the weekend we only did small and large sizes
Had so many asks for Jumbos (normally only do about 6 a night). We suggested they get 2 large for same price, but 1 customer only wanted her 6 Jumbos and wouldn’t take 12 larges :roll: Thing is she would have got them on the large deal prices, got more square inch of pizza for less cost, but “NO, I WANT JUMBOS” and then slammed phone down. Lost about $150 order

Didn’t get to $12K for the week due to lost income from dough roller breakdown (long story to explain), but still ended up around $11.5K which was real pleasing.

Dough roller in for repairs and total hand roll including using rolling pin !!!
Very HOT and HUMID. Big storm was brewing and drove the flies in swarms around the shop.

Got dough roller back and now rolling out the more humane way 8)

Visit from Health Inspector and got A1 clearance except for some old mice droppings (she reckons they are but were way to small and no smell to them - found where we store and fill our spice shakers up. I reckon its some herbs/spice. HI reckons they were from “Baby Mice” - where the hell was mum and dad sh1tting then ???) :?

Had the night off and went to a restaurant for someone to cook for me. :slight_smile:

Great sales figures, double a normal Tuesday

Got home and had a Driver position enquiry on email.

Having Wednesday night off too - catching up on bookwork :cry:


Nice steady lunch. Early dine-ins and some folks in for happy hour. Delivery SUCKED. We actually only did 2 deliveries, sales were dismal last Tuesday though, so when I hit last week’s sales number at 6pm, I was happy and thought we were going to have a great night… but it looks like everyone just ate early. Still finished off way above the 3 week Tuesday night average, so I’ll take it. I guess everyone was already out trying to do some holiday shopping and picked up the pizza or dine-in tonight.

If only i could get those delivery driver wages back for tonight…

Dave you are hilarious and glad to see you got a driver!

Monday day was awesome. Monday Night slow. (we are experiencing rain also and the news is making it out like we are about to experience the worst freeze in history…please!!!)

Tuesday DEAD!!! Worst lunch I can remember having!


Huge snow storm 6-8" 37 delivery’s 67 pick-up best tuesday ever :smiley: 1900.00 day busy all day. did it with 1 driver 1 first day pizza hut guy, just started, and my wife, great day.

Not a bad week at all

Sunday 1700
monday 1900
tuesday 1100
today well its 6pm we’ll see how we do until 12

Tony - you’re really starting to kick butt… Great to hear and keep it up.

Don’t you just love doing it with 1 driver :roll: