Sell more pizza, Spend less $$$ - Its Possible.

Is this like when John McCain or Barack Obama call me when I finally get home from a long day at work and interupt me from my family or reading the paper or whatever I do to relax to tell me how great they are?

PapaJoe - Good comment, but unless Obama or Mccain are making you money by selling pizzas I would have to say no.


in the past, we’ve used a broadcast call service…only to past customers…ya, we got a few complaints, but it paid for itself…

Actually, I’ve contemplated using a similar service just 2 get the new store off the starting block…

Golden Knights Pizza?

We have an office right off Alafaya Trail & University…

Send me a PM or email me, and Ill drop in, and taste your Pie :slight_smile:


Patriot’s if this system works, I can only think that the results would be much better if you used your own staff…Now I am not saying it would be as cost effective just that your clients would respond better…

First, Daddio seems to be asleep at the wheel, so I’ll say a sarcastic, “Thanks for showing up to and registering on our professional support forum for the sole purpose of trolling a free pool for prospective customers without contributing to our forum.” Not so courteous, but whatever gets your sales up. PMQ will cover the technical support costs of your promotions here so you don’t have to pay advertising like the sponsors do. <<Man, that came out more snippy than I intended.>> At Least Gorilla Key Tags paid to advertise and support our resource here.

Second, we would find something like an auto-dialer with an automated message offensive as customers, so won’t use it as proprietors of a pizzeria. We live in a small, rural community and have personal contact as an integral part of our brand. With so much unsolicited phone calling and email and junk mail floating around already . . . our customers would react not unlike I just did to seeing/hearing unsolicited marketing pitches invading their solace. Large, less intimate businesses who can work the numbers game for harvesting new customers, and may find this useful, but our customer pool will be alienated by this sort of advertising approach. We see mass mailings as less obtrusive in that it is part of a natural process of the day to pick up your mail . . . asking people to stop their life and answer my automated phone call would not fit our mojo.

Of course, WA Dave torques everyone off just drawing a breathe some days, so he’ll call anyone any time and shill his Marsupial Surprise Pizza for only $Pi/.15 this week. :lol:

I am still sore from the flaming I got from a first time poster so I thought I would lay low on this one. I really don’t want people to think that I live in a charmed world or am a negative person.

But now that I am here!!! There is nothing that bugs me more than marketing phone calls. I HATE THEM. I would never subject my customers or potential customers with something that I consider to but a rude pain in the postierior. Not only do I dispise spamming in what I consider a professional place I double the distain for those who enter my private space uninvited (ie telemarketers).

Yeah, that is probably one of the most irritating phone calls you can encounter. I wouldnt buy that service if it were a dollar.

Above Posters,

Although negative comments are never what a service company wants to have… Conversation about a marketing techinique is what this forum is all about. So thanks for the replies…

To address some of the above comments:

#1 Since we are a full page advertiser in this months PMQ magazine, a spot on Pizza Radio, and banner advertising (starts on Monday)… we were asked to introduce ourselves into the Think Tank.

#2 Yes, getting unsolicitited calls may be irritating at times, but if they did not work… they would not be used. The calls you hate may be like the commercial that comes on TV right at the best part of the game? Also, please for a second imagine taking your record sales day, and doing it again except this time on demand, whenever you want.

#3 Technique Cost Breakdown - Lets say a call (Commercial) is 30 seconds. @ $.05/min or $.025/commercial
Customer base of 1000 households @ $.025/commercial = $25
If 2% (EXTREMELY LOW) of the commercial listeners, press 1 that equates out to 20 dinners sold. If 5% (MORE NORMAL), pressed 1 and ordered that would equate out to 50 additional dinners sold.

#4 FACT is this type of marketing works, has been proven accross different industries, is completely affordable, and results are immediate.

Little about us:
Powered Marketing is a Telco (telephone) applications development firm. We also own Powered Telecom, which is a phone company like Vonage (Just smaller and dedicated to callcenters & businesses). Powered Marketing dialing applications are used in many different business venues but especially call centers, Mortage brokers, Insurance Agents, Service Companies, Mail Order companies, Warranty and collection organizations.

What we do with Pizza:
In the Pizza business, we work with Dominos Pizza Corp & Franchises, Yum Inc., Papa Johns and a multitude of smaller Pizza Shops. Our customers kept speaking about PMQ Magazine, and spoke highly of the Entrepreneur spirit that engulfed the whole “PMQ COMMUNITY”. Being the entrepreneur that I am, I decided to introduce myself and our marketing platforms to everyone here.

In Summary:
Whether its positive or negative comments as long as its in good spirits, conversation amongst fellow entrepreneur’s is always welcome and encouraged! Remember at the end of the day its about how much money was made.

Thank you,

Many form of marketing “bother” our prospective customers…some complain when I put a door hanger on as well…

Yes, most don’t care for tele solicitation, but it can be effective…many who might complain may not use our pizza services anyway…

I believe it works “best” if you already have a “relationship” with the caller - less likely 2 b “p$(@@d” off…

but 4 a start-up venture w/limited $$$ - an opportunity worth investigating…

While I will not doubt that this can be effective, I really have some strong feelings against such techniques. Its irritating and it offends me to get these type of calls. How does one go into this knowing they are gong to tick a lot of customers off but do it anyways for the extra orders???

The way I see something like this working is if customers sign up for it. i.e. you have a sign up sheet for customers to fill out and they can check off the areas they are open to receiving such offers – texts, emails, direct mail, phone calls. Then it makes sense and I would consider it.

Didn’t so much accomplish that until this post. Really, for anyone who searches the Think Tank in the future and finds my admittedly whiny and uptight rant . . . instroduce yourself if you are going to introduce yourself. Tell us why you think it is appropriate to be here giving your sales message. If you are a PMQ advertiser . . . say so. If you know you are just taking advantage of a free pool of professional, be honest and say so. Give us some idea why we should spend time and not get our tighty-whiteys bunched up.

Careful Nick you may get one of these!

Daddio, you must live a charmed life. You complain about the most insignificant things. Are you an angry person or just negative to everybody. I’m hate reading your post all the time because you know why? I love life and the pizza business!
Sounds to me like that new guy just wants to belong and help in his own way. I hope he or others don’t think we’re all like you.

You really don"t want that to happen, Do you? :slight_smile:

Most folks here know I can be an a$$, and will hopefully ignore me when I am.

We do project a much different image in town with our business. We work to be a “kinder and more considerate” sort of business. We are not in it just to make money . . . there is an element of community building going on here. We want to make a living and retire young, but not at the expense of the other part.

I do believe this sort of advertising could be a useful tool in an overall marketing plan. It just doesn’t fit our branding and market identity. Like Ben and Jerry’s adding guar gum to their ice cream. We may be leaving dollars on the table with this one, I understand. But, I gotta remain loyal to the brand and the business plan since it is a long term tool for us. It’s that hippy thing again . . . d@mn! And I am a really far social conservative, really . . . which is why I prefer not to infringe unbidded. Now, existing customers could be a reasonable consideration, but we don’t have nearly 1000 households yet to troll, and still that brand thing.

Part of the FACTs we don’t know is the negative impact on the marketplace, or how many of those orders are inevitable, and how many are additional due to the marketing attempt. How many people will order less frequently or stop altogether when our calls impinge on them. Maybe none, maybe more than new orders. We just don’t get to hear that information as it is not likely tracked data (totally understandable as it won’t sell the service). If it is available, I’d love to see it and the market characteristics.

At the end of the day for us, it is about what impact we made in the marketplace and on people’s lives. THAT is what will make loyal customers who make me money. One should not unload one’s body waste where one eats or slumbers. Not at all that this is equated to body waste, but creating negative impact s a consideration in the overall equation.

reckon I’m one of the few who’ll “stand-up” and use this method of marketing, but think of it not as an uninvited sales call, but a jovial e-card kinda thing…

make it uplifting, humorous & informative…recognize the inconvenience you may be causing offer an opt-out method…

I can imagine getting a cal like this…“This is hippy, crazy Nick from Nick’s pizza joynt downtown…don’t mean to bother anyone but this guy dared me to use this info service to tell you we now are featuring an awesome BBQ pizza that is just outta this world…come on by & try it & we’ll toss in some free garlic knots with each order this week - thanks for your patronage & look forward to seeing you all again!”

That may offend some, but may encourage others…

Nick I for one appreciate your posts, keeps my fingers from getting sore doing all that typing.



Gimme a minute to put on my flame retardant boots…
There is a local fellow in my town that does this exact thing. I know him personally and he promises to give me 1k minutes free and will do all the work, if I approve of his service. I have not tried it because of not wanting to make people upset. However, there is a lot of backdoor info that is derived from this venture. The first question on the phone is press 1 to opt out of future calls. It also has the ability to let you know who hung up on the message and who listened. Many other features with great info is available.
This guy uses the service for my son’s school. We will get a message on our answering machine that says when the next football game is and any other pertinent info from the quarterback club. Our public school system uses it to inform the parents of upcoming events for the kids.
I guess what I am getting to is this is a good service, with the right application. Nick obviously does not see the long term benefits, others might. So…the bottom line is that we alone need to determine our market niche and decide what is best for our demographics.

You are talking apples to oranges here. There is a big difference between the calls you discribe and those proposed buy this service. The calls you discribe are not included under the FTC Do Not Call List as they are not MARKETING calls by definition.

Who will be monitoring the DNC list to make sure you do not violate ther rules?

Paul from PowerMarketing, Where did your initial post go to? It vanished when I reread the thread. I find it disingenuous at this point to remove the post that started this conversation and the positive and negative feedback. NOt saying you did it or asked that it be done. Can that be put back on the forum if we are going to discuss this service and vendor? Let’s not unring the bell and revise the history of the conversation.

As to the above, I think this itches at my willingness to embrace this service and sing Kumbaya while cold calling my neighbors. It’s all the rage with the big corporate wonks, and would make me associated with them instead of the myriad creative independents out there. While Patriot’sPizza hit an exceptional point about how to theme the text and make it engaging, it will need to be someone else’s success story. I agree with Bubba that it is a decision that must be held up to each business’ brand and business & marketing plans. It will be brilliant marketing for other folks out there.

Heck, we may try this sort of technology for another venture of ours . . . just not Nick’s Pizzeria.

I swear when I get rich I am gonna visit all you guys starting with Nick and Daddio.

Marketing guy, don’t go away mad, just… go away.