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Why would you want to meet a cranky old guy like me? I live in a charmed world and am angry with life :slight_smile:

Why would you want to meet a cranky old guy like me? I live in a charmed world and am angry with life :slight_smile:

Because you have managed to be both entertaining AND informative at the same time… which I have never been able to do.

And, I would love to hit the road for a while…


I find it missing as well, Ill ask PMQ in the morning. This thread makes no sense now… I didnt remove it, I dont think we even have that capability to remove posts… Nevertheless, Ill ask to have it put back.


Note to folks who asked questions:
Those folks who asked questions VIA email and or Think Tank PM, your answers were given back to you in the same manner they were asked. Thank you for the comments and questions.

Important Notes for people to remember when using this method of advertising:

  1. Use it to remind people of events or specials, reward them for engaging.
  2. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS give them a simple option of pressing a key to not receive these promotional messages.
  3. DO NOT over do it. 2x monthly should be the MAX.

This is not a Marketing Replacement. It should be coupled with other “Brand Awareness advertising” Think of this type of service like a Business INJECTION.

Have a great week everyone!

Could have been any number of tech glitches.

BTW, I am really curious how many hits you got to the linked page in your signature since this thread started? Iassumed that is why you created the /pmq location . . . tracking effectiveness of the conversation. We’ve done what we can to keep the thread in the top of the list for folks to find :slight_smile:


Alot actually.  These types of conversations, heated at times as they may be, usually attracts a lot of viewer/reader participation.  The /pmq directory was setup as a landing-Transition page from the digital version of magazine and pizzaradio areas of PMQ.  

For us, the pizza industry, is a newer market.  This thread shows us good feedback, marketer exeriences, and general marketing points of views from the Individual pizza shop owners.  Many times companies like us get so wrapped up in the MegaChains and assembly line type enivronments, its good for us to hear feedback, gripes, complaints, wishes from the individual marketers/owners.

Thanks for the comments, help, and feedback Nick!
Good luck with your restraunt.


You must have been having a good day when you came to visit me! I thought you were a lot of fun to hang out with at the food show and you seem like a nice guy lol

I was faking it. My real purpose was to steal all your secrets :o I got one of you pizzas so I could send it to the lab and get you recipes and copy you box and logo. That way when I open a store across the parking lot from yours I can say that DPs is just like JPs LOL

Well why didnt you tell me that. Instaed of going to all the work of setting up shop across the street you can just buy me out and I will come work for you, I am thinking I would like to work from 10am to 4pm Tues-Thur and i can work every third Friday from 9am to 5pm. Oh ya and I need 6 weeks holidays 3 in summer and 3 in winter…ah what a life that would be lol

You know I must say when I first saw this post I thought there is no way I would ever do something like this but after thinking about it I am starting to see this in a different way. I live in a small town (pop 11750) so my first thought was I wouldnt want to tick people off with a telemarketing style advertising but if this could be spun around to make the customer feel they are getting special deals only for them i think it might work. I know if the first words I were to hear was “Hey this is Wayne from JP’s we have a special offer for you because you are one of our VIPs …” I would probably listen and because it is a company I already buy from I would probably take advantage of it. I think most of the time we dont want telemarketers to call because they waste our time with irrelevent offers. I like it that my local automobile dealer calls me to tell me their specials or to remind me of an apointment even though I may not need the service or I remember when to change my oil but hey the remembered me, and the differece is the personal relationship we already have.


Here is an example of a message that was Broadcasted out to the Houston, TX area. In this example a Dominos Franchise owner wanted to let their customers know about their “Customer appreciation day”

Couple things to keep in mind on this recording, it is 16k 8bit mono (telephone quality) so will sound a little “tinny” on your computer. Also, this particular campaign did not want the “press 1” orders. They wanted people to come by the store instead so they opted not to say Press 1 to order now.

Also, notice the last part of the message… If they press 9, the DominoDial system will no longer allow that number to be called. (DominoDial DNC Compliance)

Link to recording:


ok so i guess im the Johnny come lately to the party, but heres my view, i hate getting those calls, but im in a fairly small city where word of mouth has gotten the company i work for where it is. we don’t do any conventional advertising, except for movie and concert times in the entertainment section of the newspaper. the idea of of cold calling bugs me though, maybe its the old school phreak (phreaking was to phones what hacking is to computers) in me, but i know when i ran a war dialer it was deemed illegal, but when used to solicit businesses for advertising apparently its ok.

note im older, wiser, and do not condone phreaking/hacking in any way shape or form as it is now deemed a terrorist act.

to me this type of advertising is a invasion of my private time, in fact while responding to this post i got a cold call from the the local newspaper wanting to know if i wanted a subscription. between running the kitchen of a high volume restaurant, a wife, and 2 kids, i value my own personal time, if i want to go out for food i will find a place to go, if i want a subscription to newspaper i will call them, ect ect.

well i hope i can be as informative as Daddio and Nick, because im pretty sure i came off just as grumpy.

And here is the perfect example of why it wouldnt bother me. My local paper orders food from me on a regular basis so when they do phone me and ask if I want to renew my subscription I am happy because I dont have to remember to call them. Is this different then what this company does? yes and no I still think people would like to know when I have a special going on and because it benefits them, they wouldnt mind a phone call, so really if the paper calls and says “hey Wayne you subscription is up soon if you renew now you save xxxx” its not much different I guess one way to figure out if it works or not is to just try it so if someone out there is doing it I would like to hear what the hang up rate is in a small town where you know about 50% of the people!

Is that 50% in Canadian or 50% in American measure. You guys still use the metric system, right? :slight_smile:

Thats 50% Canadian which equals about 54% American with the exchange :smiley:

How boring would my life need to be for me to take time to listen to a canned phone call? Let me paint a senario… reclined, beer in hand, watching (insert TV show) and phone rings, un-recline, swig beer, get up, answer phone, start to listen… do you really think I’m going to be receptive to a sales message or really even remember it as I hang up the phone. The “do not call list” was created to prevent exactly this type of interruption to my life. In my opinion you run the risk of gaining one customer for every 5 you torque off!

as a side note… I don’t own a pizza operation but do own a non food related small business dealing in a very competitive market.

Even if the ratio were reversed, it would be a bad deal.

as a side note…

Why did you register here?

I think you are missing my point. Small town-Everyone knows our business, Personal relationships-Most people know who I am, personal message- Your not going to hang up if you hear Hey its Wayne from JP’s I wanna treat you to…

I think it could work if it was marketed properly. I still say it is different then just a random call from some telemarketer in timbuckto trying to sell something you dont use, want or need. This is targeted to your customers and you make sure you give them a sweet deal and I think most people would not mind!

Yeah, somehow the purpose of this marketing technique became twisted. There are correct and incorrect ways of using a Dialing platform.

Communicating with your customer base is always a good thing. “In sight… In mind, Out of sight, out of mind…” as the saying goes. Im NOT saying call’em everyday, Im saying its always a good idea to stay in front of your customers. That is not an opinion, thats common business sense.

Using a Dialer to create new customers is typically not a good idea. They dont know who you are, and is against the law (FTC), if you dont have permission to do so. This is COMPLETELY different than communicating with your customers.

Instead of thinking about how many customers I can make tonight… Think about how many of my customers can I get to order dinner with me instead of ordering at another restaurant tonight. In sight, In mind.


In this market AND on this particular forum, it is twisted. Dialers might work for the Huts and Dominos of the world. Not here. Here you will find dedicated professionals with a passion for food and their business.

In the world of Indy’s and small franchises, there are marketing efforts beyond your “box”. That dialer and that reminder, so to speak, goes off the second a bite is taken. Perhaps the magnets and the toppers help but—
what small business owner with a great product would dare bother their friend, neighbor and customer with an annoying call?


Isn’t it illegal to call people on the DNC list, even if you have a relationship with them, if you are going to play a recorded message?