Sell more pizza, Spend less $$$ - Its Possible.

You know my first reaction to this was much the same as yours but here is where I started to change my mind. Instead of mailing out to my lazy customers last week I printed all their phone numbers off and had my staff call them and had different offers for each group (30,60,90) I thought I would test it first so I called the first 20 (out of about 80) or so on the list and I didnt have one negative response to my phone call. In fact at least half of them were actually impressed with us calling them and giving them some sort of deal. Now is this different then an auto dialer? ya maybe a bit… the person is real time and alive but remember we are comparing this to a telemarketer that is also real time and alive I still think this could work if used right.

You said 'Dialers might work for the Huts and Dominos of the world. Not here. Here you will find dedicated professionals with a passion for food and their business"
What does that have to do with anything we are talking about? Does that meen you dont try anything new, different or out of the box? Come on give me a break I am as dedicated as anyone here and think if used right this might be a great product.

I think you are right.

A new rule passed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) promises to help cut down on the number of pre-recorded telephone solicitations that consumers receive. Starting in September, 2008 it will be illegal for telemarketers to call you with pre-recorded messages, also called RoboCalling, without your written permission.
You can find more information about the rule changes at … rules.html

Look, folks. Lets not get into a nit here. I would treat the auto dialer like any form of communication. It MUST be opt-in and there must be an easy opt-out. Just like using Constant Contact or the like for email. It is a simple matter to offer them a way to opt-in for “special offers only available to select customers”. Then let them choose email, text message, or phone. You could print out a personalized box topper with their name on it with every order… if your POS can handle that.

Not true at all. It has already worked from here. Just from this Think Tank Thread, the dialer is now deloyed in @ 28 establishments.

What on earth are you talking about? What goes off the second a bite is taken? What “box”?

Then dont make it annoying…

Let’s seriously consider this idea. It does seem to have the most merit in using this tool. We get our existing customer list and find a way to offer them opt-in for automated phone messages/commercials. What is my cost per contact when using their system? Am I just paying the $.05 per hour? That could be a cost-effective means of contacting the customer base on a bi-monthly basis. I couldn’t find info on overall pricing, though.

Pizzaguy is right that it is substantially different than personally taking time to speak to a customer . . . but it could have a different sort of merit. I can get a TV commercial filmed locally for $350 and run it for something like $.15 per slot through local cable TV provider on a range of stations and times. The exposure is far broader, with cost per contact being minuscule if done on a comprehensive basis over a couple months. It, too, is a different tool for a different purpose. How does my cost compare?

I don’t have an idea of any sort other than the per call info earlier in the thread. Is there a contract? Minimum charges? I missed the answer to the question about who holds liability for DNC and other FCC compliance?


DominoDial wont call folks on the DNC.

About the DNC guidelines…
If you read the entire guide, not just key paragraphs, you will see that you can still dial your customers with automated messages. DominoDial has eveything (legal) thats called for in the FTC guidelines.

I understand that the Independant guys on this board are Bitter(?) at Dominos and Papa Johns owners… Not sure why but it is very obvious in here. But, I dont see why small shops cant take advantage of what they are doing? Especially if its affordable.


Cost BreakDown:

PoweredNow Admin Account: Free
DominoDial License: $39.95/mo
Minute Usage: $.05/min

Calls/Commercials are usually @ 30secs. So communicating with 1000 customers would run you around $25

Nick I think there needs to be further consideration of the “cost per contact”…I am always willing to pay more to reach my existing client base versus potential customers…For example, I allow C$15.00 per year per client to stay in touch with my existing client base…That gives me a far better return than the C$3.00 I spend per year per potential client by using “unaddress admail” that goes to every business in a target area…So even though the C$3.00 is cheaper up front, it costs me more in the long run because of lower returns…

Another consideration is the size of the market…In a large market you can blast flyers out every so often and not be too worried that you do not engage a very large portion of the recipients…You just keep sending out volume and can get enough even if you lose lots…But in a small market you only have a limited number of potential and existing clients so your purpose is to get a higher number to respond…

For example, if you have only say 1,000 homes you need to engage as many as possible to be viable…To do this you may need to spend more per contact because in a limited pool you can not afford to lose too many…

My customers give me their phone number in case I have a question about their order or if the driver has a question. I am sure if you were to ask when collecting the phone number
“hey do you mind if we use your phone number to put on an automated call so you can here about future specials the majority would say no thanks” I wouldn’t even give my number and I own the places.

People cannot stand these calls that is why a dnc was put in place,just because you think you have a relationship with them your gonna bother them with this crap. Give me a break.


Yeah I’m a brand new business and hurting pretty bad right now. But I would never use these forms of “marketing” even if they were free. There are such better ways to get your name out there.

Its like today, I came into work, tired as heck, getting ready for the day thinking about what I got to do, and the phone rings at 9:30 and its one of those calls telling me that my cars warranty is expired or bout to expire… Yeah I listened, but I did press the DNC button opt 9. It would be the same exact thing if papa johns called me using that method to say they got a great deal on pizza or whatever. Don’t mean I would ever consider ordering from there. In fact, it would make me want papa johns even less (whats less than 0?).

First forgive me as I have read some but not all 40plus postings so if I am a bit off…

Anyway, got me thinking about when someone posts here trying to “sell or educate us on the latest gadget, marketing ploy, etc” Think of how annoyed we are. And we COME to this site specifically for ideas etc. Think about when we are placed on hold or try calling someone and we get some automation system. I personally get annoyed.

Now adays everyone is trying to make a buck or in this case a nickel…why not put those nickles together and do useful advertising.

We have few chances to impress our customers…this will not impress them, nor am I impressed.


Kris it all depends on how many folks you can afford to annoy versus the results you get…Door hangers annoy some folks…junk mail annoys some folks…auto telephone calls annoy some folks…spam on ThinkTank annoys some folks…But it is all aobut averages…If you are still left with enough, the marketing pays for itself…Now do not get me wrong, the auto telephone call thing does not work for me and I would never use it…

For me and some people I have met here, it is not about bitterness, but about differentiation from the large corporate machines. We work in my business to be lots of things the large and impersonal mega-corporations (the Big 3) do not use in their business model. We emphasize quality product, personalized service, personal recognition of customers, making kids feel important in the shop, and personal participation in the community and neighborhoods. We tend to hesitate to use things that group us in and could mistake us for the cheap and quick guys. For me, it is specifically about never using “intrusion marketing” . . . and that has been cleared up in your recent post.

All marketing marketing tools have real costs, potential benefits and potential drawbacks, and the wild card unintended consequences (good and/or bad). I have to balance these when I make decisions what to invest time and money into with my marketing plan. The wild card unintended consequences is the least predictable, and the most risky. This marketing has some risk for the unintended of actually impacting the marketplace negatively. What has me exceedingly unsure of the pitch here is that there are no figures for the number of hang-ups and/or negative feedback . . . the potential risk for this marketing. Given the technology, it seems particularly possible to get data on % of opt-outs and % of hang ups. That would be very useful in objectively evaluating the tool for us who are resistant.

I can ill afford an unknown negative impact. I know the results of the door hangers, the direct mail and the email newsletter. This auto-dialer is new marketing . . . and my primary experience previously with them was doing Credit Card collections for Associates National Bank. :shudder: Many folks these days get collection calls, businesses get automated phone solicitations, . . . lots of chance for negative associations out there. Not a huge number of overly positive associations with this style of marketing yet.

While door hanging and direct mail may annoy some folks WE NEVER ring the door bell and hang the door hanger or ring the door bell when the mail is in the box. I think that is the difference worth mentioning.

As the other poster posted, if I am sittin, napping on the couch and the phone rings and I have to get off my lazy bottom to answer the phone I am already annoyed I don’t care if it is a free pizza, I would be ticked.

When I go to the mail box or walk in my front door, it really isn’t a big deal. You keep it or throw it away. Now if people were door hanging and ringing my door bell, man I would be flying off the deep end.

edited to include: Nick you are absolutely right substantiate the fact this is good marketing, and yes it would be easy to track (and I am sure they do) but if they included it in the sales pitch it would go to show this kind of marketing is absurd! :roll:


Wow, this topic hit a nerve!
I have several philosophies in life. One that comes to mind is “Past performance is a good indicator of future expectations”.

What I would like to know is who on the Think Tank has signed up for his service, and then have them give us feedback on a weekly basis as to their experiences with this service.

Now I know that their location and demo. will need to be told to us so we can understand their customer base, but it would be nice to hear first hand what they have experienced.

It would also be nice to have the author of this thread to offer an initial “marketing rebate” to the skeptics on the TT who would like to try his service. If it is as good as he says…he should be willing to back his product-just like we guarantee ours.

What’s the saying—Quid pro Quo?

4 Pages of replies later, Id have to agree on the nerves… Its NOT for everyone. Its only a marketing technique. Some like it, some dont Not trying to PUSH this on anyone. Merely just intro’ing myself. Which Im sure I will be known as that guy who…

Dont worry, you wont be getting calls about this system at home… Unless you give me your number?

Regarding people who are now using this system that read this board. Uh? Would you? Id be afraid of the rape and pillaging to follow. But I would be happy to see some stats posted. Its up to them.

Regarding Guarantee:
Anyone on this board who has been participating on this thread, call me directly and Ill set you up. Leave your wallet at home.


FYI - I met w/Paul 2nite, as he is just a stone’s throw from the new shop…

We’re gonna give it a little test shortly, as a kick start…

Considering I’ve used a similar service before & this market is most different from the many others out there, I, too, am curious as to the potential…

A local/competitor PJ’s use them & they are one of my “targets” so to speak…

we’ll keep ya posted…

Once again I have to dissagree, this isnt the same as someone trying to sell you something you may never need. It is someone from a business that you already deal with telling you they have a special deal just for YOU


I can ill afford an unknown negative impact. I know the results of the door hangers, the direct mail and the email newsletter. This auto-dialer is new marketing . . . and my primary experience previously with them was doing Credit Card collections for Associates National Bank. :shudder: Many folks these days get collection calls, businesses get automated phone solicitations, . . . lots of chance for negative associations out there. Not a huge number of overly positive associations with this style of marketing yet.[/quote]

I wonder what people thought about door hanging when it first was tried?

I ask myself the same question as I think about this issue. I keep coming back to the same resolution . . . it doesn’t matter to my decision to use or not use door hangers since they have been in use for years and years and years. They have been so frequently used at this point, and their effectiveness shown time and time again in many different markets. Someone else dealt with setting the trend and shifting the paradigm.

It is by no means a cut and dried sort of thought process we have to go through, I can admit. Each marketplace is different, community expectations, customer relationships, general receptiveness to marketing of any sort, availability of multiple media marketing tools, economic trends in the local market, size of market, style of business business branding, and population density to name just a few.

Someone may find this is the next best thing since the rocker knife. I cannot in my business afford to be the one to try that out and see if it is. There will be others more stable and more courageous with the marketing plan that auto-dialing campaigns fit into. I am am just not seeing a fit right now for me. BTW, door hangers are also not a fit for me in my market . . . we tried them and found them less than effective.