Who's going to Pizza Expo in Vegas?

I just purchased my airline and hotel tickets and will be signing up for the expo tonight. My wife and I are very excited. Anyone else here plan on going?

As many of you know I do not own a pizza shop but plan on opening one in 2-3 years.

I’m looking for any advice for those who have been to the expo before. We are going all three days.

we are going look forward to it every time

There are a few of us going and we’re trying to put together a PMQ cocktail party! I think Indie was talking about it and a couple others.

I was really looking forward to going but my wife twisted my arm into a 2 week trip to Dominican Republic. I will have to catch it next year.

we will miss you Daddio

Thanks! I really did struggle with the choice. I even looked into the flight options to hit Vegas then go to DR but the price was just crazy.

Pizza Expo is a great place to network. I definately recommend going if you get the chance.

I will be there, I really like the idea of the cocktail party, should put someone in charge of that…bananas?

i vote bananas

Wow, OK then.
Since I lived there I guess I can muster up some fun :slight_smile: Just checkin’ in, off my feet for a bit busy tonight. I’ll get on it!

It’ll be my first trip (1st year as GM) everyone else has been multiple years … we have a commitment to choosing our POS by day 3 and making a deposit. Exciting, looking forward to getting out of the store for a few days and soaking in some fresh ideas!

this should be great for you, use the bear and bull to get real world experience, and find out whats going on and get great feedback

My wife an I just booked our flights and hotel. Still need to hit up a vendor for passes to the expo.

OT Pizza do yourself a favor and change your POS decision deadlines. While Pizza Expo is great to view many POS systems nearly side by side, it is not a good atmosphere to choose which one you will spend thousands purchasing and be reliant on to help operate your stores. The sales staff for the POS companies are quite busy out there and you probably will not get their undivided attention for any significant amount of time. Among the crowds and the activity you are also not likely to think of every scenario you will need to have your POS handle, so you may overlook some important aspects. I would suggest to get familiar with as many systems as you can while at Expo, eliminate the obvious ones and try to create a short list to look further into over the following couple weeks.

We have a booth so if anyone has a free second come say hi - we’re island #1449.

Here’s a pic of our team in front of our booth at last year’s expo.

mmmmmmmmmh!!! Free Meat

hey Rachel, how much Burke sausage and beef does one have to use to get a couple tickets to the event?

Darn Rockstar, I was trying to be subtle but I guess I should have come right out and asked! :stuck_out_tongue:

Still need to hit up a vendor for passes to the expo.

I figured since I spend thousands of dollars with a company MAYBE they would help me out…If I dont ask the answer is always no…

Just booked my tickets . Look forward to seeing you all out there. Where is the meet up taking place?

hey rockstar just talked with my vendor said to call him when we get to vegas and he will get us in i hope we still get the package at the door

hey paul look forward to seeing you