Anyone making their own ice cream?

Sure, I can sell Haagen Daaz like our competitors or I can make my own. Anyone else doing this?

when we first started out we made our own, we had 5 little one gallon machines, but it was soon evident that there was no way we could keep up with the volume, we have a cinnamon ice cream and a french vanilla ice cream. so we contracted a local ice cream parlor that makes there own to produce ours using our recipe and im glad we did, we now go through 30-60 gallons of vanilla a week(ice cream pies and drum sticks sell like crazy).

i think its a great idea to make your own ice cream, its a good way to show your culinary creativeness to your customers. plus who doesn’t like ice cream:)


People who are lactose intolerant?I dream of one day having a commercial ice cream freezer or two set up to sell my own flavors . . and some take-out frozen dairy products as well.

buddy if you got time to make ice cream you better be out door hangin :smiley:

I guess you work IN your business rather than ON it.

For that matter, if you have time to post in forums, you should be out “door hanging”. :lol:

just funnin with you :smiley: if we had doors closer than 1/8 mile apart id be door hangin :x