Big Mistake choosing my POS Company

I’m so fustrated with my current POS company that i’m at my breaking point. I can never get a hold of them and when I do I’m put on hold and hung up on. Apparently they have landed a big account with a gourmet sandwich shop and whenever they call in everyone is put on hold so they can be accomodated. I will not give my name because if I do I fear I will not be helped at all and I can’t afford that since I just got this system and paid 14K for a 2 station system. I have looked around after the fact and noticed there are some many companies out there that sell POS I feel that I over paid. I was sold on the fact that this company has a call center, on site techs as well as loaner equipment and this POS company hasn’t delivered on anything. The thing that gets me hot under the collar is that if you have a problem in the morning or at lunch or dinner time the busy times of the day you can never get a hold of someone at this company it’s not rocket science but you would think this company would be staffed properly during peak time. I have left numerous messages for the owner and have yet to get a call back so I can see why his employee’s don’t call anyone back it starts at the top. This company is such a mickey mouse company I don’t know how they been in business since 86. The funny thing about it all was when they where looking for the balance of the sale they where calling left and right looking to get paid I had numerous fights with my sales person and he promised me don’t worry where here for you once they got paid they disappeared. Boy have I learned my leason I should have knew from the beginning when they sent out their top tech who had no idea how the system worked or how to do menu work. The tech was so lazy that I had to clean up all the wires and do half his job and his personal appearence looked like he just rolled out of bed everyday and and came straight to my shop very unprofessional. I’m giving them to the end of the week until I seek legal action and then I will give everyone on this site their Name.

I hope you’re talking about diamondtouch.

Sorry to hear about your issues. If you are talking about an Aldelo system, ( and I hope your aren’t), we will be glad to help you through your issues at no charge. If one POS dealer shortcuts a customer, it gives all of us a bad name. Best of luck, hope it works out for you.

Sorry for your trouble,

My question to you is, why did you post the same thread 3 times with different titles with no names or a means for a resolution to your problem. Not to mention 14K for two stations is highway robbery…didn’t you research all the other companies out there?


…didn’t you research all the other companies out there?

obviously not, 14k for two stations, you say that you were sold on the fact that this company ‘has a call center, on site techs as well as loaner equipment’ if I’d have paid 14k for 2 stations I’d have expected someone to be in my shop every other day for that price!!

I agree. It seems kind of fishy that that he posted 3 times in 3 minutes. Maybe it’s to build suspense for the big reveal of “who is that POS company”. Oh, I can’t wait! :lol: