cheese,cheese, yes another cheese question!!!!

I’m sorry, I know that this gets discussed a lot, but I’m having trouble searching the archives. anyways, I just talked to the grande cheese rep in our area because we are trying to decide which cheese to go with, we have not tried the grande yet, (we’re opening sept or oct) is it worth the extra cost??? it sounds wonderful. but if there is something out there that is just as good, and cheaper?? we have tried, first street gold(not bad) north beach(not good) della vita(not bad) any others we should try before deciding??? thanks, and sorry for the repeats, oh we’re in oregon, that may have a deciding factor as to what we can get here too.

the claim is Grande is the best…it is good, but taste, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder…

I like to blend Grande w/another cheese, as too much Grande will leave more butter fat (grease/oil) on you pie…

the trick w/Grande is you don’t need 2 use as much…

Saputo/Lugano has an excellent mozz, as does Sorrento

I have been using grande for 8 years now. I have no complaints except the price. It is usually 50 cents a pound more then the cheaper stuff. I also blend it with a saputo cheese.

thanks, have you ever used there provo/mozz blend?? we’re looking forward to trying it, we were just wondering if there were other “premiums” out there we should be trying also.

Roma carries a blend such as that…comes in 2/15# sax - great for refilling the cheese bin…not a “bad” product…been a few yrs since I used it last - from Northstar I believe…

Grande has so many different cheeses. I use their Whole Milk Mozzarella & Contessa Romano Cheese. Ask the Rep for samples. The company dropped by samples of alot of things, and was very helpful in my needs. A+++ for customer service.

I believe Grande cheese is top-notch. I have getting it from GFS and the prioe has now gone up tp $2.93 per lb. So, facing an outrageous pricing quandry, I have decided I can no longer use this product. The tast is not worth the $.70 more lb I would continue paying. No way am I going to reduce my portioniong, and I have found a good Leprito blend to take its place. Again, $.70 a lb for cheese is too significant to ignore. I think the taste is great, but they have priced themselves out of the market.


ouch, I didn’t realize it was that big of a difference, we’ll have to look into the leprito??

I would guess its probably Leprino that Pizza Bob is referring to.

Ouch :shock: But then I’m paying 2.40 per pound for Roseli (USFoods house label) mmozz/prov blend. That’s up 23 cents since April 19th. Starting to creep a few cents here and there on me, too.

I too have used Grande since I opened, blending one part skim, one whole milk and a lesser cost part skim and have a great tasting product. I decided to try a few things and recently changed over to US Foods Roselli five cheese blend. I taste tested it on my entire staff and family before going public. Believe it or not NO ONE could tell it wasn’t Grande. It comes already shredded and right now is about ten cents a pound cheaper than Grande and I don’t have to shred it and I am able to use one less ounce per pizza for some reason. It spreads nicely, it doesn’t burn in my oven(all brands except Grande have a tendency to burn in my ovens for some reason). I hope this helps.

wow, thats interesting, when I talked to the sales rep, that was one of her selling points that it absoluelly won’t burn, she was even explaining that most of ny uses it because they cook at such high heat. hmmm…

oops, I read that wrong, grande is one that DOESNT burn, geez, I’m reading to fast, sorry