Ice Cream Delivery

I am think about offering ice cream by the pint for my del/co. Are any of you doing this and how does it go? I think it will go well, who wouldn’t want some ice cream after pizza, especially for delivery? The ice cream I am getting is from a local company with great branding. I am trying to find special delivery bags also, anyone know where I can get a bag that can hold 2 pints and keep it frozen for 1/2 hour. Thanks


We deliver pints and quarts. You can get an insulated cooler with a strap at Wal Mart for $15. It measures about 8" square.

Here’s the process:

  1. Order is taken, ice cream is a side item.
  2. The ice cream is scooped into the pint or quart container, the label is put on it, and it is placed into the freezer next to the driver counter.
  3. A mark is put onto the #1 pizza box for the order to signify ice cream is to be delivered with it.
  4. The pizzas are bagged by the driver. He grabs the ice cream and places it into the insulated cooler. He then goes to the fountain Pepsi machine and puts ice into this cooler, surrounding the pint or quart of ice cream. The cooler is then zipped up.
  5. The ice cream is delivered with the pizza. No problems.


ditto there…

we did soft serve nearly the same way…used blue ice & a small cooler