POS Systems... Diamond Touch VS. PDQ

I’ve looked at all the POS systems out there and have come down to going with either Diamond Touch or PDQ.

Has anyone had any problems with either systems?
Whos customer service is better?

Any info would help…
Thanks all!

and Speedline and Firefly and Revention…

While we’re at it…

Speedline and Firefly comments too.

No need for feature reviews or input from vendors - what I am really interested in at this point is:

Installation/Delivery experience
System Reliability (downtime)
Service and Support


Re: and Speedline and Firefly and Revention…

I have speedline.Install was pretty good they didnt have my menu done when they got to the store because of the complexity of it but they made sure before they left everything was done even though it ment an extra day that they had to stay (no charge) Never been down so far! Service abd support has been great very few times where I have to wait or have them call me back

I have a system that i we have and it works Great. It is easily tailored to each and every store. I am not a sales man for this software, i am a pizza shop owner who does help other owners with affordable POS system. If you want i would love to get your email and talk to you about it. It is alot more affordable than all the others out there and in my opinion much much better.

Re: and Speedline and Firefly and Revention…

thanks for jacking my thread MM :smiley:

I tested Speedline and Firefly… thats why i’m asking about Diamond Touch and PDQ.

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Seeing as we are PDQ, i’d like to see what we can do to get you even more interested in us. Please contact us.

Mike Reinecker
Signature Systems

You can have your Managers/Sales Reps return phone calls and e-mails, that would help.
Plus give a good break down of your systems in your quotes. My quote only says “1 system: $xxx.xx 2 systems: $xxxx.xx” and so on…
While ALL the other POS quotes give me detailed information about each computer and other hardware involved.

I’ve been waiting on one of your people for 2 weeks to give me a detailed quote…
Diamond Touch has been non-stop with the info i request so far.

Let me know if you can fix the problems i’m having.

give me your contact info, i’ll personally make sure you get a return phone call. as for quotes: we try to keep things simple. i have seen countless quoptes from other POS guys, while some like the overly detailed quotes, most people we have been dealing with feel like that type of quote is far too confusing and misleading. for instance you may see 500 feet of wiring but they are not the ones actually doing the wiring. i’m not singling any one company out on this technique, but that is why we quote like we do. why show you a bunch of things on a quote that your NOT getting? if it is a detailed quote you’d like, rest assured we can do that. you may contact me with your contact info by email: mike at pdqpos dot com.

thank you.

slorry about that last quote, the new forum here doesn’t keep the username for me. the above quote was by me at signature systems.

Mike Reinecker

Sure it does. Click on Register at the top and you’ll have a username and password you can use. Additionally, when you first log in, there’s a check box that allows a cookie to log in on every visit automatically.

That’s a much better system for pricing just pay us X dollars. I know when I look at cars I just get confused by all the writing on the windows who cares if it has air conditioning or not i just want to see a price and not worry about what I could or could not be getting. Also all of those competitors who are too busy to be posting on the board and busy returning the calls must have the inform the customer idea all messed up. Mmmm oh look my if I wanted to I could add wiring maybe I should have him add that. Here I thought that came standard. Yea second thought just give a total.

Hi all,
If you would like to see how we submit a proposal to our customers please take a look at the sample quote. If you need any further information please feel free to contact us at 877-738-7444.

Pete Riesenfeld
Sales Engineer
Revention POS

Re: and Speedline and Firefly and Revention…


You missed my point entirely. we don’t quote people by saying its X. but we also don’t tell you that your going to get 4 surge strips and a keyboard and mouse with each station (model numbers xxx) to make the quote look more detailed than it need be. yes you get that stuff with our system, we just don’t feel it necessary to mention everything.

In a humorous way (i hope) i provide this example:

it’d be like describing someone doing the laundry in two ways:

our way:
i did the laundry today

others way:
i took the clothes to the basement, i opened the door, went in with the clothes, opened the washing machine door, poured in detergent, added clorox, carefully spereated out all the whites and installed those clothes into the washing machine, then closed the lid, reached for the dials, turned to the proper setting and finally pressed start.

I could go on with my experience with the dryer but i think my point is made.

my main point which i think i made was that we keep the quote as easy to read as possible. some people like detailed quotes, we can certainly supply those people with detailed quotes as well.

Mike Reinecker
Signature Sytsems

Proof that some companies just don’t get it. What kind of car did you get? The above company’s reply would be: a two door
What me and my buddies want to hear: A deep gorgeus red that goes 0-60 in …with dual overhead twin cam twin turbos it even has a navigation satellite radio and those doors that unlock when you walk up to it.

Yep when I spend 15-30 grand on something I just want to know the least info as possible

and please you describe buying an object and compare it to doing an action like laundry. The laundry anaology is something you do it can be summed up but when you buy someting specific and ned to compare it with another more superior product you need to know what went into the product.

does your menu you give to customers explain every ingredient? or does it say “hawaiian pizza: a pizza with pinapple and ham toppings”

well heck, i wanna know what type of cheese, what type of sauce-is it cherry red with air conditioning, what recipe are you using? oh i see, thats a bit overboard huh? ok same COULD apply to a POS system. we choose to keep things simple…UNLESS the customer requests a more detailed quote-this issue keeps getting lost on your replies.
you clearly would prefer a detailed quote. let me ask you a question regarding a typical detailed quote: say it says 16 hours of training for xx
what happens on hour 17? when does the 16 hours start? what is the price should it go over 16 hours? does the menu building count toward the 16 hours?

the more detailed it is the more locked in you are, not the POS company.
our quote says “training” why? cause we are not sure how long it will be, when your trained, we leave. if your not, we stay longer. doesn’t this general line make more sense than XX hours? to me it does. we even follow up at a determined time down the road to train a bit deeper, should they want it. thats still part of the original quote. perhaps it hurts us with some people like yourself, to most of our customers they seem to prefer it.

best of luck with whatever you decide. please don’t be insulted as it appears you may be, this discussion was meant to explain why we do things the way we do them, nothing more.

Our purpose to supplying a detailed quote is to ensure there are no surprises or assumptions.

When you make a POS purchase you need to see what you’re paying for.

Also make sure that your investment in hardware is good one. I have seen a lot of companies that choose to sell Celeron versus a Pentium 4 Processor which can be around $200 per machine in most cases.

Make sure the equipment is name brand with good manufacturer’s warranties. We compare competitor’s quotations everyday and sometimes see a hardware value difference of -$3000 on a standard 4 terminal system.

You can buy a Pentium 4 Dell with a 3 year onsite warranty for $900 or buy a machine that the POS company assembled themselves with less expensive parts and limited to no warranty for $325.

When is it a good idea to purchase the cheapest product?

Another item to consider is to check out the technology that the company uses for their program. Most people don’t even consider this when shopping for a POS system. If a program was built on technology from 10 years or longer that’s like buying Windows 95 on a brand new computer. Technology changes so much every year and it’s a software company’s job to keep up a deliver the most user friendly and feature rich application available.

Thank you again for considering my comments.


If you have not already made up your mind, I would be happy to put my two cents worth in. Prioir to buying a PDQ system in March of 2005, I also considered the Diamond Touch system. I actually know two other shop owners who have a PDQ, and a Diamond Touch.

The clincher for me was service after the sale. The location that used Diamond Touch was having a heck of a time with the Dell Hardware. The PDQ hardware is more rugged, and is designed with a Pizza Shop in mind. We did run into problems with the touch screens, but the PDQ folks always took care of us.

I own one little store in Northwest Indiana, and have always been treated like I own one hundred.

The system has performed as advertised. Sure you have little glitches here…but hey…who dosent? No doubt one of the best invenstments I have made.

Hope this helps.

If you want any additional information, email me.

Best of luck.

pete raises a good point, being around since 1986 we have had our software evolve a great deal since then. heck, we still have DOS based systems from the 80’s out there and still supporting them, but as newer technology comes along, you make changes or you drift away. We have been one of the industry leaders making changes that many have followed. we have also been rock steady over those 20 years. what people should also look for in a POS company is one that has a solid track record behind them and will be there in a year, 2 years and more down the road.

Thanks for pointing that out pete, much appreciated.