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I have been taking internet orders now for around 6 months. Last night we had a record internet sales of just under $1300 …this was not a total sales record day…but an Internet sales record.

Thanks to internet orders however our sales are trending towards new overall sales records. We are not quite there yet…but certainly on the way.

caveat> my store is in an urban setting with very high computer saturation.

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Congrats Sal !!

What does the ticket avg look like, online ordering vs. phone/walk-in orders ?

I’ve heard online orders usually have higher ticket avgs.

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I have info on avg tickets and internet as a whole is slightly larger than phone-in. I had an internet order of $738.42 yesterday. This of course bumps up the avg. and was the cause of the record.


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Do you think you would have gotten that $738 order if you did not have internet ordering?

I can’t imagine someone saying “Ah, I’m not making this big order here because they don’t have internet ordering”.

This is always my question when talking about internet ordering. I assume 99.99% of the orders would have still been called in. As far at $700 orders go, I’d much rather have those called in than done over the internet. I also assume you didn’t make a $700+ order without actually talking to the customer first?

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Yeah that’d be bad if someone ordered 90 large pies online and the online ordering system gives them a 30 minute quote time.

I agree that if someone wants to order from you, they’re going to whether you have online ordering or not. You may get a handful that feel more comfortable being able to take their time and not have to talk to anyone while placing their order.

The benefits I see are that it gives your customers another way to order, increases your ticket avg and frees up your inside people from having to take that order. It would eliminate the hassel of customers saying the order was taken wrong if they were to call it in. It allows customers to place a pre-order any time they want.

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One thing you miss is you can email registered users offers , updates, ect. We started this with our service in May and have seen sales across our portfolio by more than 100%…The stores were really not promoting so we started emailing out the coupons on the websites and sales became steady and more. However I am sure some of this is simply the fact more people are using the web to get information.

Online ordering is not huge yet. I think what is slowing it down are the Big Guys are going to have spend a lot on technology to make it work across every market. As they do that, things will change as suggested by the post because people will know mistakes stop, customers see the entire menu and order more and it saves the customer phone time. Papa Johns has it, but more will need to get it to force the service on the entire industry.

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From my own personal experience, I would rather place my order online. Before I got married and had to cook my own food, I was constantly ordering out. There was a company called that had websites for a handful of restaurants in my town. If I was having food delivered I usually only ordered from those restaurants. I liked being able to browse the menus online and being able to see the prices of everything. It’s also nice if you don’t have any menus on hand.

Some people also would also prefer to place their order online rather than having to deal with somebody on the phone. By writing this, I think I’m convincing myself that I need to add online ordering. Lol.

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PMQ is a great place to share ideas and info. Unfortunately not everything works the same in all locations however if you are reading this thread and think that internet ordering is not an important tool to raise sales,get new customers , and keep the customers you get , then you are sorely mistaken.

Obviously, who would make $1000 worth of pizza on an internet order unless you know the customer. On any large order will always call the customer ahead of time to let them know we have their order and they will be well taken care of. Office managers who plan large lunches etc…really do like to go online and order without having to spend time with anyone on the phone.

Plus many who order online then have saved our URL in their favorites section of websites…which they will run across on almost a daily basis.

Internet orders are not a panacea to solve everyones sales problems but don;t sit their and let your competition do it while you convince yourself internet ordering is not worth it…maybe you won;t gain 10% OF SALES per week…maybe what you do is prevent yourself from losing 10% a week…

just do a simple test…are your sales Positive for the same period as last year? if not ,then what are you going to do to change things…they will not change for the positive by themselves without outside action…

All the best SAL

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Keep in mind…people have drawers full of pizza menus and coupons around the house…My customers can sit on the sofa…browse my website and order without ever getting up to open a drawer where many of my customers menus are sitting. (most with specials that are discounted heavier than mine)

THAT IS also why they can call me at (202) Eat-Pizza and never have to look up my number or go to the menu drawer…IF you don;t make it as easy as possible to make a transaction with your company someone else will…

not a sermon …just a thought


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Just to stir the pot in the direction FOR online ordering.


  1. The order was placed while the store was closed.
  2. It was prepaid with a credit card, so no need to verify order via phone.
  3. It could have been a “split” order put in by 30 people, and the system might have made getting that order easy.

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I have harped on this on the PT Board because this is a new business and lots of people who don’t know what they are doing, or worse are scamming. Not sure what exactly Scott means but some thoughts…

  1. A good system can refuse orders when you are not open, some systems do not have this option
  2. I used to be stunned when an owner suggests having people call in after ordering online…Then the crew would be stubborn or weird about taking orders off the fax machine…Make sure the crew is involved.
  3. $700 orders are as rare, do not use them as a key factor in making any decision.

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I was just listing some reasons why the online ordering is a good thing. I would gladly take an online order at 4am, as long as the customer knew when it was going to get delivered. Or at 8am as soon as the secretary got to her desk, but before my staff got the store opened.

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Ok here are some real world numbers from tonight so far

online orders 22 totaling $528.77 avg order $24.04 believe it or not you get online carry out orders…today 1

all delivery orders today so far 114 for $2,499.98 or callin orders are 114 less 21 equals 93 total delivery orders that were called in…

total $2,499.98 less $510.32 equals $1989.66/91 = $21.86 avg call in delivery order today

avg internet delivery order today is $24.30
avg call-in delivery order so far today $21.86

There were no unusually large orders today to skew the results in either direction.
avg internet order was 11.16 % HIGHER than call-in

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oop slight math error

avg call in was $21.39

internet orders were 13.6% higher than call-ins so far today…we are open until 3am…but you get the idea here


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Good numbers, where are you located, what are your demographics?

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Washington D.C.

main zip code is 20009…

lots of professional young people…two earner couples …and a large alternative lifestyle community… this community treats my people with kindness and respect…more so than the straight community…

BIg Sal

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Is there a reason you do not want people to know who you are? It would be interesting for people to see your website, I am sure.

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look in a previous post on in this thread.


Big Sal

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I hate to rain on your parade but you are being duped by Either that or they do not know what they are doing.

The easy way to see is to click on your GoDaddy verify secure website. It is not your website and it says so when you click it. I was reading through the HTML code and they are mixing secure and non secure.

In most cases this is a flag for fraud. I actually spoke with GoDaddy and the person I spoke with had the same concerns. There is what is called a wildcard account that allows the certificate to be used on up to 6 sites, he was not sure they were doing this. I actually tried to do a count on their website and found they are using a number of differernt URL’s to make this work.

I get what they are doing, they are trying to save money, however, they are setting you up for one massive lawsuit God forbid anything ever goes wrong…

I harp on this to exhaustion because there are so many people out there who are winging it. The problem is the website people like me can get you the order to your place, but the costs with credit cards and converting to fax if not done right usually chase off most owners. In this case they are likely using shady certificates.

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On your system - when someone pays for their online order with a credit card - how does that person give the driver a tip?

So far, all of the online ordering services I’ve seen run the card on their own merchant account - meaning that the customer must specify the tip WHEN THEY MAKE THEIR ORDER - because the actual pizzaria has no access to the transaction to adjust for tips after the fact.

This is one main reason I don’t like online ordering. Who in their right mind asks for (or leaves) a tip for a service that has yet to even be performed? I’ve heard from more than a few Pizza Hut drivers (whose online ordering works like that) that say they are frequently screwed out of tips because the customer doesn’t realize that they cant put a tip on their CC when the food is delivered.

Does this make any sense to you guys? Ask for a tip to be given BEFORE the service is given?