Serious Diamondtouch POS needed

My Diamondtouch POS system is acting haywire. The POS freezes anytime I try to run a labor report or any other report. I cant change or edit timecards because it will freeze. I also cant close the day on the POS because it freezes up . ANyone have any suggestions? I have had a nightmare with Diamondtouch support and regret using this system

Thanks for the post. I’ll be sure to stear clear of this product. Their testimonial says: "Amazing Results!

"Since adding DiamondTouch to my store, we’ve been able to increase our sales over 30%! "

Tell support that they need to manually go into the database and find the corrupt or invalid data that the software doesn’t like. Bascially when you run a routine that requires the whole database to be updated or searched (reports, closing, etc), it will hit read something invalid in the database and that will cuase it to freeze due to the poor development on the product. We had many similar problems with an old werehouse system. It would work partially and we couldn’t close the day.

post up what version of Diamond Crap that you have… it will say on the main login screen under your name, like “v.4.2.6” or something of that nature.

I may have some files cough that could help.