Anyone using Heartland & Net E-pay on Point of Success?

Rather than hijack an earlier thread about Mercury/Point of Success…we’ll start this new one.

We have been Mercury/Point of Success users for over 6 years. We had a discussion with Heartland last week and it looks like they can save us about $1000 per month on our credit card fees if we switch. However, to do this switch would mean having to change over to Net E-pay to continue processing our cards the way we do through Point of Success. The cost for this would be about $1600 and Heartland is offering to pay half of it and give us a free stand alone terminal for our carry-out customers.

Do any of you current Point of Success users use Heartland or is anyone using the Net E-pay system? Before we commit to making this shift…we want to get input from our fellow pizza operators and not rely solely on the words from a salesman. We have contacted Mercury to get them to lower our rate, but what they have offered is not even close to what Heartland is quoting. Thanks for any help or advice.

I’ve never used Net E-Pay, but have used Heartland for a longtime. They’re a great company to partner with. Statements are transparent and easy to read. I think my CC processing is a little over 2% of annual sales.