Driver Compensation

I know that this has been covered before, but I was hoping to see if anything has changed in members policies.

The questions are:

How do you compensate drivers:

How much do you compensate your drivers:

What responsibilities, besides delivering, do drivers have:


We pay min wage plus $1.25 per delivery plus tips
theoretically they should do whatever is needed to help
but mostly they fold boxes, tend ovens, closing final clean up
some of them answer phones, and dayshift mainly does some prep work.

We pay ours a little above “tipped” minimum wage… + tips

Other then drive they help make pizza and clean everything in the kitchen area as they are not allowed up front in the dining area.

Guys I got a delivery job recently.

I am driving company vehicle and getting $2/hour plus tips (or whatever that numbre is… $2.15). It comes out to something like 12-$15/hour in this very well to do area.

I think it is a reasonable amount of money, but the thing is driving company car, insurance requires the driver to be 25+ and responsible (no tickets). How many 25 year olds with no tickets want to deliver pizza (I am doing this for “market research”).

FWIW, the company charges a delivery fee of $2, driver does not get this fee, and tips seem to be generous still.

IMO, I never understood this thing about $2+tips. Tips should really not be taxed or declared in my opinion. This is a separate issue entirely I guess.

When I worked delivery we got $7 an hour plus tips. Company charged $2 extra for delivery to help pay the delivery insurance. Our responsibilites were food prep, cleaning, and folding boxes. We were basically the grunt labor so the kitchen staff could just concentrate on making pizzas, we never had anything to do with the actual process. We just got the prep done for them

Do your drivers use company vehicles or their own cars?

they drive their own cars. We just figured out the average on what our drivers make with their hourly wage + tips - gas… they average $16 per hr. Minimum wage here is now $8

So your drivers pay vehicle expenses out of their own pocket?


A tip is the sole property of the tipped employee. If you are depending on tips to cover vehicle expenses, you may be violating minimum wage laws. Considering the number of cases being filed against the ‘big 3’ (Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s) I recommend you carefully evaluate your compensation with the assistance of a professional to ensure business expenses are not reducing your drivers income below minimum wage.

I’m sure you saw the other thread: Minimum wage and mileage lawsuits are becoming common. Do you feel certain that your driver’s expenses don’t reduce their wages below minimum wage?

“Common” seems a bit overstated. With none filed in my state that I can find, I would still still say that ‘common’ seems more hyperbole than actuality.

That said, class action suits will be NO FUN for the corporate entities living through them. Attorneys will make lots of money, insurance company will have to pay out some form of settlement in all likelihood, the plaintiff class will get to split some pot for crumbs, and then the rest of us will have policies forced down our throats from insurance agencies to legislators due to the actions and policies of a few large employers.

America is land of the free and home of the litigations. One day the smaller guys will create a whole new paradigm shift and things will progress in some strange and exciting direction.

your right, maybe i should change to what every place in my area does… pay the drivers nothing, and just let them work off tips alone, no minimum wage, no anything, technically they dont even work at all these places. Now, if i were smart, i would do that.

If employees steal from other businesses, is it therefore OK for them to steal from you?

I find it hard to understand why someone would work so hard and invest so much to create a business they are proud of and that customer’s love, just to risk loosing it all in a lawsuit that could easily be avoided by simply complying with minimum wage laws.

Why would someone do that?

Well, common compared to practically zero cases in many years. Common in that each of the big three are now being sued. These are FEDERAL lawsuits, not based on state law. They apply in every state those companies operate once the class is certified.

The payout will to the plaintiffs will be a pittance compared to the companies now being forced to comply with minimum wage laws and paying full IRS mileage to hundreds of thousands of pizza delivery drivers.

I agree that things will change for smaller operators too. When the big three and their major franchisee’s have been made to pay full vehicle reimbursement, two things will happen, drivers will go work for them instead (because the job now pays better then at an indy) and those that remain at indy’s will demand better reimbursement or threaten their own litigation. Once one of the big three is forced to pay out it will make national news and the dirty little secret of the pizza industry will be common knowledge. That will be the new paradigm everyone operates under.


Its strange what some people will do - why would anyone continue to work for a company who they regard as stealing from them day in day out. I take it you are still working for sub min wage? (and before you get on my case - I have posted my views on paying below min wage many times before.)

I continue to work at PJ’s because it is the best paying job that meets my schedule needs. Compared to Dominos, and Pizza Hut (which pay min wage, but much lower mileage) PJ’s, because its much higher volume still pays better than them.

gregster you make absolutely no sense with this statment. You say you are makeing more at sub minimum than you would at minimum.


I think he is saying that:

(MW + 1 delivery per hour at lower mileage rate + 1 tip) < (sub MW + 3 deliveries per hour at lower mileage rate + 3 tips)

HOWEVER, I guess that kind I’m confused by this as surely seeing as how Gregster has told us (just once or twice) his current mileage doesn’t cover the expense of running the car surely the extra deliveries (which are not covered by adequate mileage re-reimbursement) would kind of mean a bigger loss?? No doubt I’m really missing the point on this :roll:


Tips make up the difference. You can’t earn tips if you ain’t making deliveries.

nicely side stepped!