I know this might have been covered in an earlier post but what do most of you indies do about health care?

Blue Cross Blue Shield $330 per month to cover my wife and I. 80/20 till we reach our $2000 deductable

My local Chamber of Commerce has a health plan for members. Basically, all of the small business owners are pooled together for the policy, which reduces rates.

I am personally not on it because my wife carries better insurance than the Chamber’s program, but two of my full-time employees are covered by it. They’re both single, no kids, and their policy is around $110 per month each. It’s exactly like Paul’s - 80/20, $2,000 deductible.

It’s not the greatest coverage in the world but it will cover anything major. That’s the most important thing for two young, healthy employees. If they were married with children I’m sure the rates would be much, much higher.


I’ve never had insurance (after turning 18 ), and I’ve never even been offered it before at any of my jobs.

Steve, you need to pick up some insurance! Get a cheap policy at least that will cover you in the event of something major. You do not want to be saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills!

My cousin whom has been a pizza shop owner for approx 30 years has always gotten his health coverage for himself, his wife & 2 kids, through a plan run by & for a network of restaurant owners…Still not cheap though…

As for myself?..BlueShield HMO through the wife…50 buck (1 million$ of coverage per member) inpatient & 50 buck emergency room deductible…15 buck office visits, 10 bucks for generic prescrptions…

Myself, wife & daughter are covered under the plan & they deduct about 150 bucks a month out of the wife’s pay check for it…

Look into a HDHP coupled with an Health Savings Account. This is what I have and offer to my employees. For a single person it is a $2000 deductible / family $4000 and all cash that goes through your HSA is tax free and it can be used for over the counter medications, dental vision and so forth. No copays for anything, everything is your responsibility until you hit your deductible, then it is all paid at 100% even all prescriptions. Ours is through Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

It sounds scary - $4000 deductible, but it works out very well. It costs us much less than our old standard 80/20 with co-pay plan, but it does take some getting used to. You have to keep your receipts and fill out an extra line on your taxes.

Thanks everyone for the info, every one tells me that buying self insurance would cost me an arm and leg. After some of these posts i feel better about buying health care away from the corporate teet.

This is about what we have. $361 a month for my family of 4.

wow im gonna hit up my blue cross ppl i pay almost 700 a month for me, the wife and one child. and a 1000 deductable, and i know the owners throw in some towards it as well. maybe its due to having medical, dental, and vision.


Can I get your BCBS providers number? We are paying $900/month for my family of 3…soon to be 4.

self medicate with chicken noodle soup…LOL
seriously wife works 15 hours a week at starbucks