Installed Edge 60WB's last night. Stoked

Well after like 2 years of talking about it I finally orderd my Edge 60-WB ovens. Cooking test pizza now

I can say that both ovens running is quiter then 1 MM-PS360WB. Got the cool walls powder coated red to match my store. they look amazing. Can wait to get them dialed in. thanks Mike for the help at MF&B on sunday during the install. Took us 3 hours to remove the old ovens and re-install the new ones

I got the same ovens in a triple stack installed in February. You are going to love everything about them. Mine are not the cool red though.

Looks great!

Who prints your boxes? I’ve been looking to find someone that prints more than just the typical small “printable area”

We probably need a triple stack. We will see how it goes. These should be 20% more volume then my MM360sWb. Cause they are 10% larger bake chamber and I shaved 30 seconds off my cook time

We will see, we definitely maxed out the MM WBs in rushes.

We get the boxes from a large buying group over seas. They have a huge minimum order though

Look amazing, are those electric/gas ?

Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

They are propane

We’ve got double stack edge from MF&B as well at one of our locations, we love them. Really like the red powdercoat!

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About 5 years ago, I bought a double stack of edge 60’s. A year later, I figured adding a 3rd oven was a 12k insurance policy. God forbid if one of our ovens broke on a Friday or Saturday night we would be screwed. Well edge ovens just don’t break! I figured it made sense to have it for big orders and just in case. As we got busier, we started using all 3 on Fridays and Saturdays. Then on Thursdays and Sundays.
We recently bought the wide body 60’s as our business has continued to grow. Great problem to have, and a great oven company to do business with! Go ahead and add the third oven. You will grow into it.

Looks awesome!

I can’t imagine what it’s like running a triple stack during a 2500-3000 dollar hour. At least with a double you max out and can handle it

I feel we would need 3 people on oven. A tender to check and pull, a cutter and boxer and a router/ sorter.

We cut on a board not in box. Adds another step as we use the rocker knife

I can’t believe they are with in 1 degree on temp. thats crazy my MM was +/- 15 lol

Remember the mantra that all ovens are a law onto themselves and only onto themselves. So don’t think that there is something wrong if you need to tweak one oven or the other to achieve a like/similar bake, that’s perfectly normal.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I mean the MM360 fluctuate from the set point about 15 degrees

The edge is within 1.

With MM I would be at 500, it would swing from 485 to 515.

The edge at 525 goes from 524-526 degrees

Do the controls on these ovens allow you to set for a 30 minute bake time? We need this setting for our wings.

Also how does the bake compare to the middleby? We use PS555 that are about 15 years old. I need to replace them but I am too worried that it will change our bake and run off our customers?

Do they let you do a self install? Our local installers will charge us upwards of 3K to install ovens. They basically just plug them in.

Our edges atleast go to 23, that’s how long we cook our wings

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Ovens are very nice, although I am just as much interested in looking at your kitchen setup! Thanks for the pics

Red does look cool! Your kitchen reminds me of those fancy rooms where you’d see an exotic car parked. Nice!

Here is a panoramic picture of the kitchen setup the walking is in the middle everything flows around the walkin cooler

I will look tomorrow about the bake i think it will goto 30 minutes. they cook much better then my MM ps360-wbs that we replaced. Much more even back and the Temp is always within 1 degree.

yes you can do self install i did them myself with the help of the crew and a friend or 2

i am going to order another set for my wife shop in a couple weeks here, would recommend them for sure and you can get a triple stack WB for like 40k

Kitchen temperature has dropped 10 degrees overnight with install. We were mid 80’s before now mid 70’s in the kitchen