Loaded Potato pizza

We are trotting out a new concept pizza (for us anyway) that we all calling a loaded potato pizza.

It will run me about 225 to 26% food cost, and has as its sauce base, my parm/garlic cream sauce with powdered sour cream blended in. It really is an interesting sauce when done. I chose to try that powdered route since I don’t expect a high volume of sales, and sour cream is quite perishable. I can keep a pound of the powder around, and make my sour cream sauce base whenever I need to using the Cuisinart. Before anyone cries “foul” and carries on about fresh products . . . this is the flavor profile I am looking for, and the texture I want. So, no fresh sour cream ni this particular recipe.

Mozz/prov on bottom, lots of diced cooked potato, shredded bacon, and cheddar cheese on top. I may go into chives on top when we cut it, but not sure yet. Anyone else have a sure-fire “baked potato” kind of deal they sell like hot and ready pizzas?

Hey Nick,
There’s an outfit just north of you in Peachtree City and Newnan called Partners Pizza. They have an outstanding Potato Pizza on their menu. I haven’t had it for years, but it may be worth looking into.

FYI, I live in CA now, but lived in Newnan for three years.

I have to try a creme sauce. I use a light touch of marinara right now. That creme sauce you describe sounds perfect. After the bake…try sprinkling on some broccoli florets along with the chives. Superb pie.

We have a pizza that has an olive oil base…Light dusting of black pepper and parmesan…cover with a light serving of mozzerella…lay out slice on potatoes (irish nachos)…top with shreded bacon chopped onion and mozz and cheddar on top…on of our biggest sellers.

I’ve seen Perogie Pizza in Pittsburgh before. Garlic mashed potato base with cheddar cheese and bacon on top. I never got to try it though.

Youinzers love that kinda food.

We do a potato pizza and everyone loves it.

Potatoes, Sour Cream base, Cheddar Cheese, bacon and sometimes we garnish it with chives.